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YouTube Shorts Algorithm [Monitor YouTube Shorts Performance ]

You need to know how well, or not, your YouTube Shorts are performing.

This will help you to get the best results from your YouTube Shorts marketing efforts.

Fortunately, there are a lot of useful metrics that you can use within YouTube Analytics that will tell you how your YouTube Shorts are doing.

Views are Important but they are not Everything

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When you upload YouTube Shorts videos you will probably get a high number of views. YouTube users are catching on to the new shorter video format and will take a look at your YouTube Shorts out of curiosity. They know that they will not have to spend much time viewing your short videos.

While the number of views that your YouTube Shorts get is important, it is certainly not everything. There are other metrics that you need to check to form the right opinion on the performance of your YouTube Shorts videos. Ideally, you want your YouTube Shorts to have a lot of views and strong engagement metrics as well.

Review your Overview Statistics
Go into your YouTube Analytics and find the “Overview” page. Here you can view the overview numbers for each of your videos. There will be statistics about the numbers of users that watched a video, and how many of these viewers subscribed to your channel as a result.

As your YouTube Shorts are short videos, you should expect your watch time averages to be higher than with conventional videos that are longer. In the overview section, you can also see the moments in your YouTube Shorts that achieved the highest view count.

What is your Reach?
One of the major benefits of YouTube Shorts is that they are likely to help you expand your reach. They are more likely to be viewed by more users than your conventional videos are. To find out your reach statistics you need to go to the “Reach” section within YouTube Analytics. Here you will discover how many users see your YouTube Shorts in their feeds and search results.

In addition to this, you can see the percentage of users that clicked on your YouTube Shorts videos once they appeared in their feed in the Reach section. You will also discover the different YouTube channels that provided views for your YouTube Shorts.

Pay Attention to your Engagement Numbers
There is an important section within YouTube Analytics that will show you your engagement statistics. Engagement factors with YouTube videos are comments, likes, dislikes, and shares. You can find out what your engagement metrics are for each of your YouTube Shorts videos.

Also, in the engagement section of your YouTube Analytics, you will see the number of clicks on any links that you have added to your video descriptions. An effective way to increase your engagement is to respond to any comments left by users quickly.

Look at your Audience Demographics
Knowing everything that you can about your audience is important for success with YouTube Shorts. There is an “Audience” section in your YouTube Analytics and we recommend that you check this regularly. As your YouTube channel grows, your audience demographics will likely change.

Go to the “Audience” section to discover who is watching your YouTube Shorts videos and their location. You can also find useful data here about the age and gender of your audience. Use the audience section to find out about other videos on YouTube that your audience watches.