[YouTube SEO] How to Rank Videos with a Small Channel

YouTube creator Academy explains in their search and discovery ranking algorithm that

“Videos are ranked based on a variety of factors including how well the title, description, and video content match the viewer’s query”

Beyond that, They look at which videos have driven the most engagement for a query, and make sure it’s easy for viewers to find those.

To break that down a little, youtube is simply asking you to use phases that you think people will use when searching for the type of video you are creating

So keywords matter- Matching search intent is critical for youtube.

But the key ingredient to effective youtube video SEO is high engagement.

Here are the three things youtube needs from you as a creator to rank your videos high on their search results

They want you to first optimize your videos so youtube will know where to rank the video so that viewers will easily find it

They want your videos to be engaging so as to keep viewers on their platform for as long as possible

That’s because the more video views they get = the more ads viewer will see = and ofcourse you know the result of all that more money in the bank of  youtube 

What you do after the first 24 hrs also count when it comes to ranking your videos for more views

In this video we will be looking at the first critical thing youtube needs to help rank your videos on their search result, basically researching keywords that people will use when searching for your video

Search intent on youtube simply means the reason behind why people make a particular search on youtube.

In other words, why did the person make this search?

Do they want to learn something?

Are they looking to make a purchase? Or, are they looking for a particular channel or video?

So why does all these search intent matter for youtube?

Well youtube’s aim is to provide their users with the most relevant result for their search.

So if you want to make a video for example about say a wireless headphones under 50 dollars

you will need to optimize your video with that phrase wireless headphone under 50 dollars in your video TiTle,video description and tags as well as related phrases

That way youtube will know your video is related to wireless headphones under 50 dollars

If you’re not targeting keywords that people are searching for on youtube, then you’re likely not going to get search traffic as a small channel.

to make things worst unlike traditional keyword research tool provided by Google, YouTube doesn’t have an official keyword research tool.

As a solution to that problem a lot of third party tools stepping in to cover the void.

Before we get into some of those tools let’s first look at how you can start search for your seed keyword.

To do that start typing the main topic your video is going to be about

for example if I want to make a video on, let’s use the previous example wireless headphone

As you can see youtube provides other suggest phrases that people are using to search for videos that has to do with wireless headphones

All you have to do now is go through and look for a phrase that closely relates to what you want to do in your video in this case I can decide to make a video on wireless headphone for sports, under 50 or with no bluetooth you get the point

The only problem I face with the youtube toolbar sometimes is there are some hidden related phrases that will require me to go through all the alphabet letters to uncover them

As you see every time I type a letter a new set of related phrase appear. If I add n check this out it gives me this other set of related phrase I word not have thought of wireless noise canceling headphone for sport.

These are the type of long tail targeted phrases you should be looking to make your video about because these type of phrases are overlooked by many creators

They will end up with the first few letters in the alphabet.If I didn’t go way down to n I wouldn’t have found this phrase

so it’s important to look for long tail related keyword phrases to optimize your videos around

To get all the hidden related phrase all sorted out and placed in a simple copy and paste feature you will need to use the third party keyword tools

Tubebuddy and vidIQ are good examples of third party tools that will help you find the keywords that people use to search for videos on youtube.

Tubebuddy provides easy to access feature that will help you optimize your video with the right related keywords or phrases that people are using to find the type of videos your are creating

For example using the tubuddy keyword Explorer from the main TubeBuddy Menu that appears on any page you visit on youtube after installing the extension.

You can conveniently use it to search any keyword at any time

on your video tags area which is one of the area to add related keywords for youtube to know what your video is about tubebuddy also make things easy by adding this pop up tag suggestions in real-time as you type in a keyword

Let me now let you see how Andrew kan from Tubebuddy show you how to easily use the tool to find the best tags for your video using tubebuddy.

JUst like tubebuddy, When you search on YouTube vidIQ displays lots of great information regarding the keyword of a particular term.

This includes average views and average subscribers, The Keyword Score indicates a snapshot analysis of how hot (or not) the word or phrase is.

Vidiq just like tubebuddy also have many other feature that will help you rank your videos like your competitors subscriber number displayed on the search result of targeted key phrases

It really doesn’t matter which keyword tool you use what matters is that you are using it as a means to get the words that people are using to search for video on youtube.

Both tools have a free version that you can start with which I will recommend because even the free version is very valuable.

Check it out if its something you like you can keep using it if not simply uninstall it from your browser and you are good to go, I Will drop the link to both tools below this video

So that’s how you find keywords for optimizing your videos.

In the second part on this topic we will be looking at the key ingredient to effective youtube video SEO, which is high engagement.

with that I will wrap up this video Hope it you found some value in it, if so hit the like button below share on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss similar helpful videos like this

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