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Where to Find Movies to Download for Free

So have you been looking for websites to download HD movies? I mean be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean movies?

Well I have got your back In this video, we are going to go through some of those sites

Now before we get into all that The truth is, if you tread movie recap videos on YouTube as a business you can easily start making some real money

Here is a channel on YouTube that was created just in 2021 and it has generated over a hundred and 42,million views at the time of Writing this post

According to Socialblade this channel is making approximately €338 to €5.4K monthly and €4.1K to €65K yearly

Now the CPM of this types of movie recap videos is between 2 to 4 dollars, so even if we take the lowest 2 dollars which is the cost per thousand views

Take for example this channel here according to socialblade estimates has generated over 142 M views since it was created

So if you divide 142 M by 1000 and multiply that with 2 dollars which is the amount YouTube pays this types of channels per 1000 views

You can see that this channel has made approximately over 200 thousand dollars and more just from ads revenue generated from YouTube

Haven said all that if you are interested in making movie recap videos without any copyright for your YouTube channel

You might be interested in this step by step case study where I will show you how to split the movies you download, transform the audio and finally upload it without any copyright claims,

You will find the complete step by step case study link in the description box below this video

So here is the big Question for those who want to get started with movie recap channels on YouTube

Where do you first and for mouse get and download the Full movie you will like to use

Lets first start with the most common and widely used platform YouTube

Most often the movie or film you want to use to make a recap video on YouTube has already been done by someone else

Which means you can download the same video and use just the footage to create your own unique video

You just have to make sure that the video you create with the footage is unique and free of any copyright claim

so for example lets say I wanted to create a recap on the movie “Catch me if you can”

All you have to do is type in the movie title and make a search . You will find a list of videos related to the movies’ that you can download and use the footages

Torrent sites is another platform to download movies

Now We all know that torrent sites are illegal in the sense that they violate international copyright rights laws, however, there are still hundreds of torrent sites available, And that’s one source to use for downloading movies

[Public Domain Torrents] is one of the sites that host movies that are now part of the public domain.

Public Domains host movies that the original creators of the material fails to renew their copyright claim after a certain age limit.

Here you can enjoy classic old movies across different genres.

The site is very easy to navigate, you just select a category and scroll through until you find something you want.

Each movie is available in multiple formats and quality.

The Internet Archive is perhaps the best platform from where you can get legal movies and television shows absolutely for free.

Now if you don’t know, Internet Archives are none-for-profit digital library that carries millions of content ranging from books, images, audio files to old games and of course movies.

In its Moving Image Archive category, users can view and free download movies and videos.

There is a well-organized navigation bar on the left side of the Moving Image Archive category.

You can choose movies based on Media type, Year, Topics & Subjects, Collection, Language, and more.

After you find a movie you want, just open the movie, scroll down to DOWNLOAD OPTIONS on the lower-right side of the page, and choose a format and size you need, and hit the download button to save the movie to your device. I

Internet Archive doesn’t require you to register or sign in and enables you to free direct download movies without membership.

F.Movies is another top website that host both New and old movies in HD which makes it an interesting site to download movies from

F.Movies allows users to watch movies online without any registration, and in high definition.

On the Genre section, you will find genres of movies like kungfu, comedy, animation, drama, among others, which makes it easy to search for the genre of movie you want to watch or download.

To download any movies just click through to the movie page and  below on the right you will easily find the download link

There is No doubt, F Movies is one of the best websites to download movies online free of charge.

Now some of the movies you will be downloading from these sites will have expired copyrights but what about if you want to use one of the most recent movies with copyright claim

Can you upload these types of current movies on YouTube without any copy write?

Of course you can and I am going to show you how in the step by step case study I mentioned at the beginning of the video above

In the Next post we are going to be looking at how you can start editing the movies you downloaded so its free of any copyright claims before uploading it to YouTube