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Using Facebook Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing[Free Organic Facebook Traffic]

Now for this facebook traffic strategy to work best, you will need to have a facebook account created specifically for your business.

The reason for that is simply because on your personal profile you already have your family and friends as contacts

You don’t want to start removing them as contacts or posting your business stoff which will leave them scratching their heads because they can’t relate to the content

Which is why its recommended to have a seperate account just for your business stoff

Another reason for creating a separate account is because of the facebook algorithm

You probably know by now that the reach of post made on private pages is far lower than posts made on your account news feed.

So mixing your personal posts and business post in your news feed will only help in confusing the algorithm to send promote your content to people who will not even check it out

You need a professional account that inspires trust to your targeted audience.

Your business facebook account is like a business funnel, a funnel that takes all your targeted audience to your main target which can be your youtube channel, affiliate product, or website blog

Super Funnel Hero FB Material:

My Secret traffic methods:

In my case my main target is my youtube channel, I try to optimize my account to send people to my youtube channel

Now to start optimizing your facebook business account,…all you have to do is upload your account banner which should reflect your targeted niche… In my case its this image of a computer and a mic which are the tools i used to create my channel videos

Next is adding the necessary profile information about your business together with kinks to your main targeted website or channel and add links to your other social accounts if you have any.

That’s all you have to do when it comes to optimizing your business account

Now to be able to start generating traffic you will need to join groups that are related to your targeted niche.

There are two ways to join niche related groups on facebook

The first way is by making a search using a niche keyword

Selecting groups from the top options and then private groups from the left side bar options

Facebook will now display all the groups in your targeted niche that are private. The reason for selecting private groups is simply because most public groups are spam groups

Now you want to click through to check each of these groups and what you should be looking for are groups with many members and a lot of engagement

A high number of New posts per day and the number of posts posted within the last 30 in a group indicated how engaging people in that group are…so the lower the number, the lower the engagement

Now you want to join a couple of engaging groups in your niche, if you get accepted in any of the groups go in and set your notifications to all and may be pin it so you can easily find it when you want to make a post

So you want to do the same thing on all the groups you get approved in.

The second and most effective type of groups to join are product groups.

As you probably know most product creators do create groups on facebook for those who buy their products.

Which means all the members in the group are buyer leads that you can tap into….these are serious people who have already shown they are prepared to spend money to learn more about that niche.

Now after joining a couple of groups you will start see post from those groups on your account news feed.

When that starts happening then

it’s time to set a daily action plan to start generating traffic to your targeted web page

You can set a 20 to 30 minutes plan a day where you go through the post on your news feed and answer questions you know the answers to.

As you go through the post on your news feed, you want to keep an eye on posts with questions or problems on topics that you have created content on …..that’s an opportunity for you to link to the content in your answer

So if its a question I have created a video on, I will just give a short answer then link to the video

Another way of engaging during your your 20 to 30 minutes plan is by reacting to post…you also want from time to time go to the groups you joint and make a post.

Now I am not talking about making only promotional post, post with links no, you first want to provide value to give the members in the group time to get to know you

The post can be as simple as a sentence long post. The beauty of facebook is that when making a short post you will have the option of choosing any of these image templates which helps make your post stand out in the group

If you don’t know what to type into your post; Here is the link that will take you to Super Funnel Hero

Now super funnel hero is a free product that shows you how to make 6 figure side income with a free super funnel

So you want to start playing the video and this button will appear below click on it, and as you can see it will take you to this purchase page where you can get it for free

You don’t have to pay for anything, again 

Within the super funnel under the facebook method where it says “how to post on facebook for easy dollars” you will find a link below the video where you can download your set of 50 done for you Facebook post that will work for any niche.

So for example I can just copy any of the post head over to a group on facebook, make my post, select a template and post it…Here is an example

Then you want to come back after it has been approved and reply to the comments…. again a simple reaction will do

Now since I started testing out this traffic method and other free traffic methods my youtube channel, my website traffic and email list have been growing

If you will like to check out my other free traffic strategies make sure then to click the link below this video and it will lead you to this page where you can get My Secret 20+ Easy Ways to Quickly Get Targeted Organic Free Traffic

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