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Upload Relaxing Music and Earn Money

If you ask me to start a new channel on YouTube today, I will definitely start a meditational channel….

Why?…You may ask

Well, for the simple reason that its the easiest type of channel to start, grow and monetized

In this video, we’re going to be covering one method of using this weird niche to make money on YouTube.

Upload Relaxing Music and Earn Money

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Video Script

Today we're going to be talking about the meditation niche on YouTube.

Now if you do a simple YouTube search for the term "meditation music" , YouTube will give you dozens of channels making mediation videos with hundreds of thousands of views and subscribers. Some even as many as millions of subscribers.

Lets just start by taking a look at some of the search result here when we filter the result by channel

Now, if you take a look at this Meditation Music channel for example, you will see that you don't need to know anything about meditation to be able to start and grow a meditation channel

As you can see there is nothing outstanding in this videos, they are basically meditation music sounds in the background and a motion image both of which you can get online for free 

There are many royalty free sounds you can get online including the royalty free audio that YouTube is offering for free to creators

For motion images like these you can get them from free image sites like pexel, or pixabay

Now how much can a channel like this be making? well according to the stats on socialblade This channel for example, is making between €3. to almost €50. thousand dollars a month and that's money made just from youtube ads alone.

The channel also makes over €37 - to over €500 thousand ESTIMATED YEARLY EARNINGS, which is Not bad for making meditation videos.

Now you might be thinking that this is an old channel and has with time build this following ....

That may be all true but what do you have to loss there are example of channels in this niche that has not up to 20 videos but are generating tons of views and subscribers.

And Again if you look at the videos on any of the channels you will see its all almost the same, basically a meditational audio in the background and a motion image put together using a video editor of some kind(

If you wanted to make these types of meditation videos yourself, you do not need any high paying equipment actually.

All you need is to look for royalty music which I have already mentioned you can start with the free audios on youtube

Of Couse you need to have a youtube channel created before You can get to the youtube Audio library ...Then you want to click on your channel profile picture and from the drop down options select channel studio

On your channel studio page click on the Audio library option here on the left and you will be redirected to the YouTube Audio library

As you can see YouTube itself says here that you can browse and download free music fro your project. They go on to say you can use these audio tracks in any of your videos....

So because this is coming from YouTube, you can be sure you can use it with no problems.

If you make a search for calm sounds for example you will have a whole list of calm meditation audio that you can use to create your own unique meditation videos

You can listen to any of the audios by clicking on this play button or download it by clicking on the download con here

Now where do you get motion images to use in your videos, well again if you make a search for motion background on pexel, you will get tons of free motion images that you can use

To put your selected audio and motion image together you will need a video editor

There are also many free online video editors you can use, take wevideo for example you can sign into wevideo using any of these options

After logging in you can click on the create a new video option here and select the Horizontal option here, then click on the start editing button below

That will now take you to this video editor where you can import you downloaded audio by clicking on the import option here and the drag and drop your audio file in this pop up box

after your audio file has been imported, you want to do the same with the motion image file

On the left side here below you will see the different timelines for video files and audio files

Simply drag and drop each of the files in their respective timelines and then you can go ahead and add any text on the video screen by using this text feature

you can use any of these text motion templates to make your video text more engaging

There is not much to do next order than match the length of the audio and images together, you can add an intro and and outro to make your video stand out but basically this is all you need

When you are done click on the finish button here, give your video a Title and export on YouTube or any of these different options

Now wevideo here is just an example of a video editor, if you already have a video editor that you are used to using, well you can use that there are many different video editor you can use,

I personally use Sonny Vegas for editing my channel videos so any video editor will work just fine with this strategy

Now How can you go about Monetizing These type of Videos

Well since you will be uploading the videos on YouTube, you can keep adding more videos to grow the channel

When you channel reaches a 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours YouTube will enable your channel for ads monetization

Now While this can be a good source of income, I actually recommend a different way or an additional way of making money with YouTube even before reaching the YouTube monetization requirements.

You can start making money on your small channel on YouTube from day one by promoting digital products..

Digital products can be online courses, meditation audio files, and even PDF eBooks. You can make a lot more per thousand views by promoting a digital product that you can with YouTube ad revenue alone.

And you don't even have to promote your own digital products. You can promote other peoples' digital products through marketplaces like Click bank.

In the description of each of this channel videos, there is a link to this page were viewers can buy this meditational MP3 Digital Download Collection

You on the other hand can lead your viewers to a product like this which you will find on click bank

So as you can see you can easily start a channel like this and start making money from it in no time ...with all that I will call this a wrap ...hope this was helpful if so hit the like button bellow share on your preferred social site and don't forget to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss another helpful video

Click to add text or drag and drop element from right hand panel

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