Translate YouTube Video in Another Language [Revoicely Review]

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Do you know where your channel audience are coming from? Are you sure other people from other countries are not interested in your videos?

In the video below I am going to help you answer those questions so that you may start generating extra views to your videos in no time even if you are a small channel

How to know where your channel Audience are coming from

Now to answer the question on where to find your audience can be answered by looking at your channel audience.

Click on the analytic tab in your video creator studio page. and select the watchtime time option

As you can see from this channel by defoult youtube displays the starts within the first 28 days. so these are the most recent and current viewers or audience to your channel

To know where they are coming from simply click on the geography tab here and youtube will display the different countries your viewers are coming from.

In this case most of this channel viewers are coming from the US, india and nigeria and I know there are many languages sporken in Inda for example

Now if you click on the more option here and click on the video info language tab youtube will breakdown the different langauges in demand for your videos

Its rather unfortunate that youtube decide not to specify the largest chunk of language on this channel but you can still get a picture from the start below

Look at this I might start thinking of optimizing my videos for the Arabic language,German and Albanian

Only one thing can turn out of that getting extra views your videos

Now How do you go about translating your posted youtube videos in another language seems to be the obvious question

Thats where revoicely comes into play. With Revoicely, You can INSTANTLY generate Automatic Captions, Audio Translations and Voiceovers using it’s ever adapting Artificial Intelligence

Now if you decide to translate your video to another language using the voice over feature of the revoicely software, your viewers will be able to hear the original audio at normal volume when there’s no speech.

Slowly, the the original sound will fade out or it will continue at a very low volume level and the voice-over that is generated with Revoicely in your chosen language will take over.

Translating your videos to target the langauge spoken by your targeted viewers will help increase your views, clicks and sales with every video you create.

You will also be able to instantly Dominate YouTube and Google SEO for foreign languages

Watch the video above and learn How easily you can Transcribe videos and translate them into 30+languages and 270 different voiceovers in UN-Style

44 Views 0 Ratings Rate it