Top Affiliate Networks 2020

Choosing the best affiliate program can be a problem to many youtube affiliates just starting out.

You will need to understand what the verious commission structure are and the verious network cookie duration allowed.

In the video below I quickly walk you through the top affiliate network programs for affiliate beginners.

There are thousands of online affiliate programs and it can be hard to decide which one to choose especialy if you are just starting out.

It’s important to understand the difference between affiliate programs offered through affiliate networks and those offered directly by the product brands themselves

What is An Affiliate Networks ?

Affiliate networks will host hundreds or thousands of advertisers or product brands that you can choose any to market.

If you choose to market products for an advertiser on an affiliate network, you will be dealing with the network for example your affiliate links, stats and payments will, not the with the advertiser or brand, instead the networks take care of all that.

Some advertisers or brands also have their private affiliate programs.

If you’re interested in marketing a specific brand’s products, simply head on over to their website and if they have an affiliate program, you’ll usually find a link to an application form in the website footer some time some brand puts it at the top. but most often you will find it at the footer.

Some private brands also choose not to make their affiliate programs public, so if you really want to work with an advertiser or brand to promote their products, send them an email and ask what they can do for you.

Its also best to promot offers directly from the compainy or brand affiliate program because the compainy doesn’t pay any fee to advertise their product on an affiliate network.

The only problem you will get trying to promote products from private affiliate program is being accepted in as affiliate

Affiliate networks on the other hand is the easiest to be accepted as a beginner to start promoting a product.

lets now look at the various affiliate networks their commission structures and cookie duration.

These are all important factors to consider when choosing the best affiliate program, but hold on a second, why is cookie duration important?

Cookies are used by affiliate networks to track affiliate referral and Each cookie has an expiry date.

In essence, the shorter the cookie duration, the less time an affiliate has to close a sale. If the cookie duration is longer, it allows your referals to do some research and come back at a later stage to make a purchase.

That means if someone clicks on your affiliate link and doesn’t buy the product immidiately, if the cookie duration last for a month for example you still have an opportunity within that month to make money that is if that same person decide at anytime within that month to buy the product.

When the person returns to the product or store using another link within the cookie duration and purchase a product, you’ll get a commission but If they return outside the cookie duration, you won’t get any commision.

Here are a couple of top affiliate programs I have put together for you to get started with.

Amazon Associates is one of the most popular online affiliate programs for beginners. Why? well Because they have a huge range of stock that can service most affiliate niches.

This means that regardless of whether your niche is gym leggings or dog leashes, you’ll probably find it on Amazon.

Another great thing about becoming an affiliate of Amazon is that you’ll make money from any sale, not just from the specific product that you’re marketing.

For example, lets say you are promoting a mic and someone clicks your link and heads over to Amazon but changes his or her mind to buy a TV ste – you will still get the commission for the TV set.

It is Free to join Amazon, they have their own affiliate program although starting out the commisions are low I think its just 10% commision

They have a CPS (cost per sale) structure, which means you can only get commisions if someone buys a product and their cookies last for 24 hours.

The only problem most affiliate starting out face with the Amazon affiliate program is getting accepted into the program which is why I have a video on How to get Approved for Amazon Affiliate Program check it out in the cards of this video.

The next affiliate network is Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Similar to Amazon, Ali Express is a great platform because of its wide range of stock and millions of products listed.

majority of their stock comes from China, so you’ll find it often undercuts Amazon for many items.

They have a High commission rates up to 50% as compared to Amazons 10%.

They also have an easy application process which makes this affiliate program hard to miss for some youtube affiliates

just like Amazon they have a cost per sales structure and a 3 day cookie duration as compared to Amazons 2 days duration

Check out the link below to get started with the Ali Express Affiliate Program

The next is the Clickbank Affiliate Network

Clickbank has been in the game for long time and is seen by many as having one of the best affiliate networks for beginners.

Thats simply because most heavy lifters in the affiliate game don’t promote clickbank product which opens up an opportunity for beginners to compete with each other

Almost anyone can easily join the clickbank network except for people in clickbanks black listed countries. There is also a video on how to by pass those black listed countries if you are interested

On the clickbank network the Commissions rage from 50 Up to 75% with Cookie duration of up to 60 days

That means you have a two month cookie duration as compared to the first two affiliate programs

The last but not the list top affiliate network I will like to share with you is the commision Junction network

Commission Junction’s affiliate program is one of the largest and most established affiliate networks in the market.

Working with advertisers like Go Pro and Priceline means you have a broad range of big brands to work with.

Also, their support team is hands down one of the best for helping affiliate markets grow their commissions.

Its also Free to join but when it comes to Commission percentage it Varies with each merchant you are promoting

Their Commission structure also Varies with each merchant. now Although their Cookie duration is between 1-120 days you have to still check the merchants offer because it varies with some merchant.

hopefully this video will help you get started with some of the more recognized (and reputable) affiliate programs.

When you gain some expirience you can start going for the more high paying affiliate product

Again if you are interested in youtube affiliate marketing tips and hacks make sure to get the crash course on How to do affiliate marketing on YouTube (The Right Way)

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