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The SEO Metric Strategy

This metric is all based on getting views to your videos on your channel fast and organically. The keyword here is fast and organic.
The metrics strategy constitutes three other sub traffic strategies. Any one of these traffic strategies can get your 10k views to your channel in no time.

The SEO Metrics Strategy

The SEO metrics strategy is based on ranking videos on the search engine. You most have heard about optimizing video for search rankings, right…almost all YouTube channels have a tutorial video on this.
How you have to optimize your video title, description and tags.

Here is what you will go through in this strategy

How to get Video Ideas from;

  • YouTube suggests

Making a search on search engines like YouTube or Google will help you come up with video ideas in your niche.Type in any topic in your niche and the YouTube auto suggests feature will give you a list of other related topics that you can target in your video.

  • Communities and groups

People in communities and groups, are frequently vocal about want they want, their opinions and are generally helpful in these platforms.

That’s a good place to find great video ideas, especially if you join those communities and groups that are directly or indirectly related to your channel niche. As a creator you want to look at those problems people are posting as potential video ideas.

  • YouTube comments & Forums

You can also get video ideas from reading the comments under videos in your niche, the Forums are also a great platform to find video ideas.

How to Beat your Competitor ranking on the search result

Assuming you already have an idea of the type of video you want to make it is important to look for the right keywords to target.

Finding the right keywords to target will make or break any efforts you put into this strategy. So you want to look for keywords or phrases that you can rank for.
To do that you have to look for high search but low competition long tail phrases.

Here is a video that will help you find high searched but low competing phrases to target.

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