[Skilexa Review] How to Create an Alexa Flash Briefing

The world is moving toward “voice-first” content consumption and Alexa is at the lead, changing the way the world gets and consumes content.

Take the Alexa Flash Briefing for example.You can use Flash Briefing to tap into amazons millions of Alexa listeners.

Unfortunately, not everyone can’t create and send Flash Briefings to Amazon Alexa at this time, except unless you are a skilled coder.

However, Ben Murray and his team of expert coders have figured out an easy way to get Flash Briefings to Alexa in just minutes with no coding skills.

They’ve built a brand new cloud app called Skilexa which anyone can use to build an audience using Alexa fast and easily.

check out the video to watch a skilexa in action.

Skilexa is a new groundbreaking app that can help you generate traffic, leads & even sales from the Amazon Alexa listeners.

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