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Self Certification-Self Approve Videos for Monetization on YouTube

We get frustrated when the monetization icon changes back-and-forth between green and yellow. Thats because youtubes automated ads systems run multiple scans to determine whether a given video meets their advertiser-friendly content guidelines. we all know that

we all also know that the systems don’t always get it right, That’s why Youtube is at the verge of releasing a new feature called self certification to solve the yellow monetization icon problem

Watch the video to find out more about this new feature and how it will help you monetize your videos with ease

Tube Mechanics Note Guide
Free Download Link:

****Sample Self Certification Questionnaire:****

Audience: What audience is the video appropriate for?
[ ] Appropriate for all audiences
[ ] Only appropriate for teenagers and up
[ ] Only appropriate for mature audiences

Profanity: Does this video contain profanity or vulgarity?
[ ] No profanity, or light profanity used in a non-hateful, comedic, or artistic manner.
[ ] Moderate profanity used occasionally in a non-hateful, comedic, or artistic manner, or a music video with profanity throughout
[ ] Profanity used throughout or at the very beginning of the video in the context of comedy, documentary, news, or education
[ ] Profanity in the title or thumbnail image, or profanity used repeatedly in a vulgar or hateful context

Sexualized content: Does the video, audio, or images contain sexual content or nudity?
[ ] No sexual content, or content with romance, kissing, limited clothing in non-sexual settings, or general discussions of relationships or sexuality
[ ] Limited clothing in sexual settings, sensual dancing, moderate sexually suggestive behavior, or a music video containing sexual content
[ ] Blurred nudity, focus on sexual body parts, focus on sex as a topic, discussions about sex acts, implied or display of sex acts or sex toys without visible contact or nudity
[ ] Full nudity, explicit sex acts, exposed nipples, animal mating, sexual abuse, or sexual content in the thumbnail

Violence or graphic content: Does the video, audio, or images contain violent or graphic content?
[ ] No violence, or content contains mild violence or injury without showing blood or graphic content
Violence as part of video games, comedy, or music videos
[ ] Contains educational, historical, or documentary content related to war and conflict
[ ] Focus on blood, gore, and violence in video games, animal violence, or animation. Sports, accidents, pranks, or “fails” with serious injury. Blood shown in body modification or medical procedures.
[ ] Graphic content shown including severe injury, real death, harm to minors, and abuse of animals

Drugs: Does the video, audio, or images contain illegal, recreational, regulated drugs or substances, or other dangerous products?
[ ] No drug-related content, or content with humorous references, education, music, or statements without glorifying or promoting drugs
[ ] Displays consumption, fabrication, and distribution of drugs in the context of music, comedy, news, education, or documentary
[ ] Depicts abuse, buying, making, selling, or finding drugs in a graphic and detailed way

Hurtful: Does the video, audio, or images contain words that could be considered biased, demeaning, or hate speech against a protected group (for example: race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual identity, age, disability, military status)?
[ ] No. Any references to protected groups are in a non-hurtful, comedic context.
[ ] Yes, but used as part of news, documentary, or education
[ ] Yes, video is likely to offend an individual or members of a protected group

Firearms: Does the video contain images of real firearms or weapons?
[ ] No
[ ] Yes
[ ] Yes, and contains information about fabrication or modification of firearms to increase capacity, concealment, or lethality

Sensitive current events: Does this video discuss terrorism or sensitive current events like war, death, or tragedy?
[ ] No
[ ] Yes

Self Certification Sneak Peek:

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