Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog for Beginners

Is pinterest affiliate marketing for real? Is it even still possible to make money as an affiliate marketer without a blog, let alone on Pinterest?

You may have been asking yourself the same question.

In this post I am going to not only share with you that Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is possible. I am going to walk you through some tips I picked up while digging into the Pinterest Affiliate Marketing strategy.

let’s start by Backing off a little, assuming not everyone knows what affiliate marketing is before getting into the basics of how it works on pinterest.

Although the word (affiliate marketing ) might sound business like, it’s actually something that we all have been growing up doing.

We usually go in great details explaining how we love or enjoyed using a particular product or service to our friends and families.

We usually do that because we want our family & Friends to get that same feeling or result we had when using the product. That is If and when they ever decide to get the product.

That is basically known as mouth recommendation, and we at some point must have done it and people are still doing it. That’s the same thing affiliates do online. The only difference is that they get paid for doing it.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

So basically affiliate marketing is simply referring someone to a particular product or service online using a unique link.

When someone click through that link and make a purchase, the product or service owner will pay you a commision.

Commissions can vary depending on the product or affiliate program.

Take for example, remember that thing you bought from Amazon that you liked so much? You can create a piece of content online and encourage others to try the product too.

The content you create to promote a product can be in the form of a video, blog post, or an images. As the case is with pinterest which we are going to talk about later in this post.

Now after creating your piece of content you will need a unique link. That’s the link the product owner uses to know who specifically send a particular customer.

That’s were affiliate programs come in to play.

What are Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are platforms that help bring product owners and people who want to make money referring others products together.

Affiliate programs manage the link tracking and money exchange. You need to register to an affiliate network programs, get your unique link and link it from your piece of content created.

That’s basically how affiliate marketing operates.

So if you decide to use images to refer people to your affiliate product or service then this post is for you.

Let me quickly give you a rundown of how pinterest affiliate marketing without a blog works.

How Does Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Work?

I like to look at pinterest as a platform where people come to pin images about their Ideas, Inspiration and information. That way they can always come back in a later day to take a look.

The platform is also build in a way that people without pins or an account on pinterest can go in and look at other peoples pins.

Pinterest is a visual platform. The more appealing and well optimized your pins are the more likely people will see it, follow it and in some cases pin on their own board on pinterest.

Basically pinterest is both an image search engine and a social site.

Why Pinterest is a great place for Making Money as an Affiliate Marketer without a blog.

When comparing Pinterest to Instagram which is another visual platform, the ability to easily add links is what sets Pinterest apart.

Adding links to pins makes it super-easy for a Pinterest user to find out more about the Pin.

Pinterest has over 200 million monthly users and drives 3.8 times more sales than other platforms.

When it comes to spending power, a recent survey by Pinterest found that 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases. 40% of Pinners have a household income of $100k+.

For affiliate marketing, that’s a huge amount of users, willing and able to spend based on what they discover on Pinterest.

Recently Pinterest priced its initial public offering(IPO)at $19 a share late Wednesday (April 17) raising $1.43 billion. Giving the company a valuation of $10 billion.

I don’t know about you, but that kind of ring some bells in my head as an affiliate marketer.

How to Create a Pinterest for Business Profile

To create a brand new Pinterest for business profile, just follow these steps below

First you want to make sure you are logged out of your private account, that is if you are logged in to one.

To create a business profile that is not linked to your private account, you need to log out of your private account first.

Head over to Pinterest for Business and register for an account.

(How to create a pinterest business account 2019)

Step to Making Money on Pinterest without a blog

Making money on pintrest without a website is actually a 3 step process.

Register in an affiliate program. Like I already mentioned there are many different affiliate programs that you can join to find products that you can promote on pinterest. In this post I will be focusing on Amazon.

(How to Get Approved for Amazon Affiliate Program)

Remember that amazon is just one of many affiliate programs you can join and start promoting products and services.

Here are other example of affiliate programs you can join

Step 1- How to do keyword research on pinterest.

Now one of the main ways to get your pins to be seen by many (which is what you want), is by optimizing them for search rankings. To do that you will need keywords.

That’s why it’s important to first do your research before you start creating a pin. If you want to create a targeted content you need to know the group of people you are creating the pin for.

When it comes to keyword research its important to keep in mind that each platform has it’s ranking algorithm.

Pinterest actually has keyword research tools that will help you get your pins ranked. All you have to do is learn how to use them.

It really doesn’t matter how you choose to do your keyword research, what matters is to always look for long tail keywords.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing keyword research

(How to do keyword research on pinterest)

Step 2- How to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins for affiliate promotion

Now I am no way near being a designer, but on pinterest you don’t have to be one to be able to post a pin that people will love.

Actually many people on pinterest use basic image editing tools like canva and picmonkey to greate attention crabing pins.

How to make Pinterest Affiliate Marketing pins using canva

(how to make pinterest pins on canva)

There is no particular way of creating a pin. If you have your dimensions right all you will need is to be consistent but not compulsory with things like your colors and fonts.

Find a style of pin that you like and stick with it. You also want to make sure that your image is mobile friendly. That way people will be able to read the text on their smart devices.

If the thought of creating Pins totally scares you off, You could pay someone to do it for you on

Fiverr is a freelance platform were people sell and buy services.Yo will find services like video content creation and in this case pinterest pins.

Just make a search for Pinterest pins on fiverr and you will get a search results of Gigs offering the service.

Here are some examples of

You’ll see from these Pinterest Pin examples, there’s no one right or wrong way. It’s all about creative expression and sharing your content in a way that fits what you’re talking about.

Step 3- Optimize your Pins for Search

Before you start posting your pins on pinterest you will need to categorize your pins. That Helps pinterest organise the huge content posted on their platform every day. Categorizing your pins  will also boost your pin rankings.

To be able to categorize your pins you will need to create what pinterest call boards. Boards basically let people organize all of their Pins around different ideas, interests and plans.

How to Create a Board on Pinterest as an affiliate marketer.

To create a board on pinterest, head over to your account by clicking on your profile picture above and then on the board tab.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing boards

If your are just starting out, you will have no boards below. All you have to do after clicking on the board tab, click on the red plus sign on the left.

Next, you will need to name your Board. This is where you start your optimization. You want to name your board with a longtail keyword that gets a lot of traffic.

Lets use as an example the keyword in the pinterest account in the image above.

The account is targeting the keyword “Home decor”. If you use the pinterest keyword tool for ads it will suggest other related keywords like “HomeMade Home Decor”, “Inspirational Home Decor” and so on.

Such related keywords can be used to create boards. The longer phrases that you can get from the pinterest search bar on the other hand, can be used to optimize your pins.

Now after naming your board and clicking on the create button, pinterest will open up your new board.

I have also learned from some of the top pinterest influencers that after creating your new board, you want to fist add the suggested pins that pinterest displays below before posting your pins.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing example

You can click on the more tab and add some more. These are pins that pinterest things are closely related to your board and these pins are already ranking for the keyword.

Adding these pins will also help with your search rankings on pinterest. That’s simply because when you pin them in your board they come with targeted keywords. The targeted keywords will indirectly benefit your board.

Now it’s time to post the pin and optimize the pin you created.

How to pin on your Pinterest Affiliate Marketing board.

(How to Pin on Pinterest )

Aren’t Affiliate links banned on Pinterest?

Affiliate links were not allowed in the past on pinterest. That was due to excessive spamming with affiliate links on the platform.

After developing a more robust spam filter, pinterest is now allowing affiliate links. However there is always the chance pinterest could banned it again.

Haven said that, there are platforms that do not allow you as an affiliate to put the affiliate link to provide you, directly on sites like pinterest.  

You have to find out, what the affiliate program rules are, so you don’t risk getting banned from your affiliate program.

Since, we’re dealing with Amazon in this post, here is a post by Amazon themself showing you how to promote Amazon products on pinterest.

So if you get accepted as an amazon affiliate you can link directly from pinterest.

(Does Amazon Allow Their Affiliate Links On Pinterest)

The Biggest Challenge on Pinterest Affiliate Marketing!

While there is no doubt you can do affiliate marketing on pinterest without a blog, there are still some challenges.

To be successful on pinterest just like any platform online, you need to be consistent.

Most social sites and search engines striff because of content others are creating. Most search algorithms, are programed to search for new content regularly on the web.

If the search engine algorithms notice you are consistently posting, they will start sharing your content to more eyeballs, which will lead to more traffic.

Pinterest being both a social and a visual search engine, it makes sense that they will also do they same.

So you need to consistently post new pins and interact on the platform. That is if you want to see any success with your affiliate promotion.

There are many tools out there, that will help you be consistent on pinterest. I use later but I have noticed many affiliate marketers using Tailwind.

Here are some Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Tools That will Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

I have been doing direct affiliate marketing for a while, but if you ask me now knowing what I know now about affiliate marketing, I will say having your own website putting all your efforts to nurture and grow it is the best way to start off like an affiliate marketer.

It will help you to be organise online

your efforts will be forcust

Total control and above all you will make more money with a website than linking directly from other platforms

Let me know what you think below.

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