My Best Clickbank Alternatives for Affiliate Marketing

If you have been having problems creating an account on clickbank because you are in one of the blacklisted countries

Don’t worry there is a way out, In this video I am going to show you other clickbank alternatives that promotes similar products and its available for any country in the world

A few months back I showed you in one of the videos on my channel how to create a clickbank account from a clickbank blacklisted countries using vpns

Since then I have received many comments with many other difficulties using the vpn which is why I decided to create this video to show you there are other alternative to use to apply your affiliate marketing strategies and start making money just like you would have if you created an account with clickbank

The main problem about clickbank is that not everyone can get it and even if everyone could the platform is almost saturated with affiliates which make competition very high

Find and using alternative of clickbank will give you an upper hand in the market because not many affiliates are promoting the products on the other clickbank alternative platforms

Let’s start with warrior plus because we all need that warrior spirit to make it online

Warrior plus is actually a platform made by digital online marketers for digital affiliate margeters

Most marketers who list their products on clickbank do list their products too on warrior plus

Here is an example of a product listed on both platforms

Warrior plus also have other money making digital products that you will not find on clickbank which greatly reduces the competition

Another advantage of warrior plus is that its for beginners which makes the approval process to promote products really easy

If you you think you want to focus on the health and fitness niche market health is a platform you might want to try

I still haven’t hear of anyone complaining being rejected or blacklisted on this platform although some of the products sometimes specify the type of promotions they allow

The commissions of the products are as healthy as that of clickbank. I did promote the African mango diet pills when it just came out and made over $400 dollars with just one text and sound video

The video is still online till date. again if you are interested in the health niche make sure to check out market hearlth

The next clickbank alternative is JVZoo

I have sold products back in the days as well as make money on this platform and its still growing

JVZoo mostly deals with marketing softwares which is another niche worth exploring

The only problem I have come across with JVZoo as an affiliate is that sometime getting approval will need you contacting the product owner outsite the platform for example on whatzup or skype accounts

So you might want to consider that before joing the affiliate network other than that its a greate platform

Another clickbank alternative I have used before is peerfly

Although Peerfly is an affiliate type of program it works a little different from clickbank.

Making money on peefly as an affiliate is much more easier because most of the products on the platform are cpa offers which mean all you have to do to make money is to send people to the product landing page and instead of buying the product they can get it by just giving their information

In some cases all that is asked for is an email address. So every time you send someone to a page like this and they enter their email adress you make mone

I also made some money from this with just one video promoting a gift card that paid me a commision of about a doller 50 cent for every signed ups

That might sound small but if the gift gard is for free and you rank your video on that the money will quickly add up

the only disadvantage of this platform is some of the product restrict linking every and any were as the case is with clickbank but most often they allow some reliabel social media sites.

So those are the best clickbank altenative I have personnaly used but there are also some I have registered on but never had the time to test it out

Sites like share link is one of them which has both digital and physical products which you can promote

You have maxbounty which is similar to peerfly but with a wider range of offers to promote. I will be droping the links to all the sites mentioned below this video if you are interested in checking any of them out

I will also link you to videos about how to join some of the platforms like peerfly, and amazon too

Now the trueth is joining an affiliate network is really not the problem, knowing how to promote the products on the platform is another case

As you have seen I have some expirience on all these site which make me better placed to help you with tips on making money yourself on any on the platforms so again you might want to subscribe on this channel by hitting the red subscribe button below this video if you will like getting update tips on how to make money on any of these platforms

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