We all know anyone who has an internet connection has at some point bought something from Amazon or at least know its a platform they can get just about anything they need

Actually According to similar web Amazon is hitting over 2 billion visitors a month and as you can see most of the visitors are coming from direct linking
Build your own online business” solution without having to worry about creating a website, blog or have any tech skills by leveraging the power of YouTube as a search platform.

Now YouTube shorts on the other hand is already known for generating views on any topic or niche

with just over 5 million channels world wide, so there is is enough space to take advantage of this traffic or views generation machine

Just take a look at the number of views some of the shorts videos are generating and if i may add within a very short time

Your job as a creator now is to put these two power houses together and start making some quick commissions in just 3 steps

  1. – In this video I am going to show you how to find trending Amazon products that people are interested in buying
  2. – I will also show you different ways to find related product videos to use when creating your shorts videos….That means you don’t need to show your face or record your voice in the shorts videos you will be creating
  3. its all basically a copy and past video scenario and the best part is that the videos are free off any copyright claims
  4. – Now if you keep watching to the end of this video, I will also be sharing with you some cool hacks you can use to start getting views to your shorts videos

Video Transcript

To be able to start making $100 a day with Amazon you need to first find products that are trending on Amazon

These are usually product that people are actually making a search online looking to buy and all you have to do with your shorts video is to direct them to a page that they will get it

But how do you know which products are trending or hot on Amazon?

A good place to start of course is the amazon best sellers list

Then You want to select a niche category here to start with, in this case we will go with the electronic category to see the best selling electronic on amazon

Net is looking for products with high reviews, That’s an indication that people are actually looking for that product

One of the best ways to discover top selling items on Amazon is by analyzing customer reviews that have been posted online.

People usually leave clues to what they would’ve wanted in a product and sometime share an alternative which might be better

If you find out what others are selling, and which pages they’re focusing on on Amazon, you will be able to avoid wasting time on products that don’t sell.

Rather, you’ll be a step ahead in your quest to explore the best selling items on Amazon.

Now once you have identified what product you will like to promote its time to get the Amazon affiliate link you will be using to send people to what ever product you choose to promote

To get an affiliate link you first need to apply to join the Amazon Associate program

Make sure to hit the like button and keep watching if you will like me show you how to easily get approved as an Amazon Associate

So All you need to do to apply for this program is to fill this application form with your basic info’s like your name email and stuff like that

You want to pay attention to the area where you have to add a link, here you want to put a link that contains some kind of content, it doesn’t mater if its a website link or any social media account,

So for example if you already have a channel that you have posted some videos on, you can use the channel link

After submitting your application it will take a couple of days for Amazon support team to go through your application and hopefully approve it if done right

You can watch the step by step tutorial on how to apply for Amazon Associate program in the video link that pops up on the top right

After you have been approved as an Amazon Associate, to get your affiliate link simply go to Amazon dot com and on the top of the page here you will see the Amazon Associate Sitestripe

Which is a browser feature that amazon adds to your account if you have been approved as an associate

You can use it to get your affiliate link for any product on amazon by clicking on the get link feature here

So for example if I want the affiliate link of the smart security camera we looked at early, all I have to do is open the page and click on the text option here

This is the link i will use if I want to promote this product, and again you can do the same to any product on the platform

I will be show you later in this video how you how to promote your affiliate link so you can start making some quick cash but first you will need to find a related video that you can use

Here is the thing when it comes to making YouTube shorts all you really need is a minute long video and you can get that from any of the social media platforms

But the best platform to use is Tiktok because of the vertical format of the videos which is the same format you will need for your shorts videos

However sometimes you might come across videos that are related to what you want to promote but the video might be a landscape video just like the normal YouTube format

Take for example most products on Amazon do include videos, just like the case is with our previous example as you can see

Now let me quickly show you how to edit these types of videos so it will be accepted as a YouTube shorts video

First you need to download the video from amazon, to do that you will need to install the Video Downloader Prime chrome extension

If you are using another type of browser you will need another third party downloader

So after installing the extension, you will see it appear on the top of your browser, now you want to open the video page on Amazon and then click on the downloader and download the video

After downloading the video you want to open up canva and then select the Mobile video option

drag and drop the video or video clips you want to transform to a short video

Now depending on the video you are using, you will need one of these formats

The first option is to just make the video fit well in this template.

so when you use this first option you will notice that the video is the same as the original video, its just been made to fit in the template and because of that you will have space at the top and the bottom of the template

You can use that space to add some form of call to action that will lead your viewers to click on the link that you will later at below the video description

The second video option here is simply dragging and expanding the edges of the video so that it first fits the entire template and then adjust it so viewers will see only what you want them to see

Now if the length of the video is short you might want to add more videos and make a compilation. on the other hand if the video is too long you might want shorten it and you can do that by clicking on the time clip here and adjusting it to a minute long video

To add a video simply click on the plus button here and again drag and drop the additional video

When you are done click on the download button here at the top and save your video in a file that you will easily find because you will need it for the next step which is uploading it on YouTube

If all that seems too complicated just head over to TikTok and make a search for related videos and use them as your shorts video

Now shorts videos are uploaded just like any other video on YouTube but there are some things that you need to pay attention to if you want to get views to your video

First you want to give your shorts video an attention grapping Title or just go with the basic YouTube suggestions

Secondly you want to add hashtag shorts in your video title and in the description area below

You also at this time want to add the affiliate link of the product you are promoting, so you want to back to Amazon and copy the link

go back to YouTube and paste it in the description box

Then follow the necessary onscreen steps to post the video….Now you want to keep following the same steps and growing your channel

The more views you get to your videos the more money you will be making with your shorts videos

Now To help you promote your videos I have created a couple of free traffic strategies I have been using

You can check it out by clicking on the link below this video and with all that I will wrap up this video, hope it was helpful,

If so make sure to hit that like button and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video


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