Make More Money on YouTube with Super Thanks[how to Enable Super Thanks]

YouTube just recently role out a new way to make money as a YouTube creator on their platform and the new money making feature is called super thanks

YouTube is currently beta testing the new money making feature and its available just to a group of monetized channel but YouTube is working on expanding it to more creators by the end of the year.

luckily for us this channel is amongst the groups of channels beta testing the new feature and In this video I am going to walk you through on how to enable super thanks on your channel

Now Super Thanks is a feature that youtube had tested before and at the time it was called Viewer applause, which basically allows viewers to pay money to support their favorite YouTube creators.

Viewers can pay creator anywhere between $2 to $50 and Viewers who buy super thanks will be able to interact with you the creator.

YouTube will highlight the comment made by the viewer in the comment section and that will make it easy for the video creator to easily spot out the comment from among the other comments to reply first to it.

Let me know after watching this video what you think about this new Super thanks monetization option on youtube

Now in this video we are going to look at which countries are allowed in the test the new monetization, The requirements, How to check if your channel is eligible, how to enable your channel for super thanks and finally what type of videos to monetized with super thanks

The only problem is that YouTube again allows only channels that have been or will be monetized

That means your channel needs to be first monetized before YouTube will allow your channel to have the super thanks feature and as you well know to be monetized on YouTube your channel needs to first meet the YouTube requirements

YouTube requires your channel to have at least a 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours before it will be enabled for monetization

So Now How do you go about enabling the super thanks future on your channel?

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Now if your channel is already monetized and you are in one of the 68 Beta testing countries

YouTube will send you an email letting you know your channel is enabled for super thanks

Another way to check if your channel is enabled for super Thanks is by signing into your channel studio page and click on the monetization option here on the left menu

Here is where you will see all the different ways you can use to make money on your channel

In this case this channel is enabled for YouTube ads, membership which basically allow your fans to pay a monthly fee and get access to members-only badges, like emojis and perks.

As a Creator you will receive 70% of the membership revenue after applicable taxes and fees have been deducted

The last option here for monetization is the super option, which includes Super Chat, Stickers and now super Thanks

These are all ways that gives your channel viewers new ways to support you and your channel for the efforts providing them with entertainment or tutorials as the case is with this video

So If it’s your first time in the Supers section, all you have to do is just follow the on-screen instructions after clicking on this button to get started.

If you don’t see the Supers section, that means you don’t have access yet

lets me show you the onscreen steps you need to follow, so click on the get started button and on the net page you you want to read through the Commerce Product terms

Then you want to accept the terms by signing with your name, your email address and company name because the Money you get from Super Thanks may be treated differently based on laws that apply to you and your activities.

Finally you want to check this box to agreeing with this this terms

Once you’ve completed this, if you see “Super Thanks” here on the top right with an on/off button next to it, you have access. If you don’t see “Super Thanks,” that means you don’t currently have access.

YouTube is not currently unfortunately taking access requests so you want to Stay tuned as they roll out the feature more broadly at the end of this year.

Now what type of videos can you monetized with super thanks?

So although you might have super thanks enabled on your channel, you still can not monetize all the videos you upload on the channel with super thanks

For a start Super Thanks is not available for Age-restricted videos,

That means if you upload your video or have already uploaded a video preventing any age group from watching the video, you will not be able to monetize the video or videos with super thanks

Ofcourse you will not be able to monetize unlisted and private videos too

Videos marked with Made for kids, Videos with Content ID claims, so if you have upload a video and it has a copyright claim on it, you will not be able to monetize the video

Fund raising videos and Live streaming or Premieres videos will also be handicaped with this monetization option,

But ofcourse after the livestreaming or premiere is finished and the video is archived as a regular video you will have the option to monetize them

Now before I let you go and start making money with super thanks its important to note that YouTube also has reserved the right to terminate access to Super Thanks on any channel.

Here is what YouTube had to say about that

Super Thanks isn’t a crowdfunding or donation tool. Options to fundraise on YouTube can be found here.

You‘re responsible for understanding and fully complying with all applicable laws. This includes whether you can enable, offer, send, and receive money from Super Thanks.

Youtube continues here to say that they use signals to identify potentially abusive or fraudulent behavior and If they detect any of signals,

They will terminate access to your channel Super Thanks monetization option.