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Make Money with Whiteboard Animated Videos for YouTube [Free Animation Software]

Did you know that there are actual free software out there that you can use to make money on YouTube

You can actually start earning $200, $300, $400 a day or more by doing whiteboard animation videos

Anyone can create a whiteboard-style animated videos without any design or technical know-how. All you need is a message, an idea, or something to communicate to your viewers

So if you don’t have filming tools to shoot a video, May be you don’t know how to make a killing video or you are simply too shy to be in front of the camera? then this video is for you

In this video I show you how you can get started Making money with whiteboard animated videos for YouTube using a free whiteboard software

Free Whiteboard Animated Software

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Video Script

If you still do not know, Whiteboard animation is nothing more than an animated video that looks like this, basically tells a story in a video form.

The viewers can see the whole drawing process which is actually engaging because they see the story unfold IN front of their very eyes

whiteboard videos are actually easier to make than actual videos because you don’t have to shoot the video clips yourself…its all done with a software

The only problem is that, most of these types of software are paid services

  • But in this video I am going to show you how to get whiteboard animation software for free
  • I’ll show you example of channels creating and making money with whiteboard videos
  • Then we will quickly look how to use the free tool to create engaging videos that will start making you money on youtbe
  • Now if you keep watching this video till the end I will also show you 3 different ways of making money with the whiteboard videos you create

Explee as an animated video creation platform allows video creators to create powerful and efficient videos.

You can join Explee by simply creating an account or signing in with any of these account

After joining you will be asked to choose any of these options it doesn’t matter you can always change it, or ust go with others here

You will be taken to this dashboard, and here where it says start a new video, you want to click on start Blank here

Now if its your first time of logging into your Explee account, you will be prompted to start by getting Familia with the tools

So Explee will walk you through some basic steps on how to use these features and its really easy

Basically the platform provides a ‘whiteboard animation’ or ‘video scribing’ feature that lets users explain their ideas and information in an interesting way.

There are 6,000 animations available that reduce users’ extra work to illustrate their ideas and helps them gain audience attention.

With Explee just like most of these types of whiteboard features creators can bring any picture, drawing and even schemas into life.

You can, fade, pin, pop and transition effects in your whiteboard videos on Explee.

You can also add sound effects in the videos to make them more engaging.

Explee also includes a text-to-speech system with 5 languages that allow creators to add voice in the video.

I will drop the link to this page where you can get detail step by step tutorials on how to use each of the feature on explee effectively(

Now here are some examples of channels on YouTube that are creating videos using similar whiteboard softwires

You can go through channels like, After Skool which has generating over 2million subscribers


you want to watch through some of the videos like this just to get an idea of how you can start making whiteboard videos on your channel


minute Earth is another whiteboard channel you might want to check out as you can see this channel videos are also generating a lot of views with a very short time

Now when it comes to making money with whiteboard videos on YouTube,

lets start with the most popular way of monetizing videos, which is with the YouTube AdSense program

For that your channel needs to first reach at least a 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours these are recommendations set by YouTube for creators on their platform

So for example if you look at the After Skool channel on socialblade which is the site used for estimating how much a channel is making on YouTube,

you will see that the channel is making between €700 to €11000 euros a month and between €8000K to over €140,000yearly

So after reaching the set YouTube recommendations, you can be sure your videos will be monetize if you want to make money on YouTube that way

The second way of making money with these types of videos, is with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically, promoting other peoples products for a certain percentage as commission

You can join sites like clickbank, JVZoo or Amazon where you will fine different products from different niches

Select any of the products that relates to your channel niche from any of the platforms you join, get the affiliate link of the product and add it in your video description

When a viewer clicks on the link and make a purchase you get a commission

The third way of making money with whiteboard videos, is by selling your video skills on freelance websites

That simply means you can create custom videos on behalf of your clients.

But where do you get these clients you might ask, well, you can easily get clients that will pay you hundreds even thousands for creating just one whiteboard video from sites like fiverr, upwork, people per hour and even from your own website if you have one



The fourth way of making money with whiteboard videos, now this is a bonus tip I am sharing with you,

So fourth way you can make money with these type of video is by Share your knowledge in an online course

In the case of online course you are not just creating and selling custom videos, you are also selling your knowledge.

if you are an expert in any field, turning your expertise into an online course is not only easier than you might think but it can also be a great way to earn extra income.

Plus, whiteboard animations have been proven to improve knowledge retention by up to 15% and hold attention for a whole lot longer which means they’re often much more effective learning tools than talking heads videos.

Now don’t forget the added benefit that you don’t need to be on camera if you don’t want to, and there’s no costly film equipment to buy – basically making whiteboard animated videos is a win win situation