Make Money Uploading Audiobooks on YouTube [without recording your voice]

Did you know Many people love listening to audiobooks, people listen to audiobooks when they are cleaning the houses, While running, traveling Or, even while cooking. It’s a lot of time for audiobook listening.

And that is why there are many channels on YouTube popping up with audiobook videos

With the type of audiobooks videos i am going to show you in this video, you don’t have to show your face or even record the audio books yourself

In this video I am going to show you how you can start making money on YouTube using just free audiobooks online

I am going to show also where to fine already recorded audiobooks that are free of any copyright claims

Now if you will like to take your audiobook video creation to the next step by adding this animated wave in your videos, I got you covered with a free tool
Here is the Wavve software:

Finally if you keep watching till the end I will show you how to dabbling down on the amount of money you can make with the audiobook videos on YouTube
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Video Script

Now as you can see Channels like The Audiobooks Worm, Greatest audio books are all audiobook channels on YouTube that has stood the test of time

By that I mean these channels have been uploading audio books on YouTube for years now going through all those YouTube content Id claims and copyright claims

There are also many audiobook channels being created every day on YouTube and that’s simply because many people are interested in listening to books being read to them than reading the books themselves

Take the CE Audiobook channel for example this is a channel that has uploaded just 6 videos in a month period at the time of recording this video and they have already generated over a 1000 subscribers

If you click on the about page here you will see that the channel was created on the 29 Aug 2021, so this is still a very new channel and they are probably already making money just from uploading audiobook videos

Now if you go to socialblade which is a tool you can use to estimate what a channel is making on YouTube,

You will see that the CE audiobook channel is has already started generating some money just with over a 1000 subs

but That’s an estimate of what the channel is making with YouTube ads displayed on the videos but if you look below the videos you will also see links to pages on Amazon

This is the real hidden way these types of channels are using to make money on YouTube

And all the channel creators do is, download and reupload audio books together with a static image and that’s it

So where can you find and use audio books like these to create your own videos and start making money from them on YouTube is all what I am going to show you next in this video

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So Where can you find Free Audio books to use for your videos

The Most common place to find free audio books to use in your videos, is in public domains and that’s because if you upload audio books of most recent published books there is a high chance that the video will get a copyright claim.

Public domain audio books on the other hand are allowed to be freely shared online and they are the types you can use to easily grow your channel with

Here are some examples of free audiobooks public domains you can use


Librivox   is a “non-commercial, non-profit, and ad-free public domain project” where volunteers record books that are already in public domain to audiobooks

They are then upload the recorded audiobooks on the librivox public domain for free.

So not only can anyone listen to them for free, you can also use the recording however you like.

To download any audio book on librivox simpley click to the audio book page and you will see the download button here to download the audio for free

Open Culture is another site that has hundreds of free audio books, including “works of fiction, poetry and non-fiction,

you can find free audiobooks available all over the web, even from other sites on the open culture public domain site.

To download the audiobooks on the open culture website, simply click to the audiobook page and on the right side here you will see the download button

Overdrive is also another free service that works in conjunction with over 30,000 libraries and countless schools around the US.

It “lets you borrow digital content (like ebooks and audiobooks) anytime, anywhere” With its Libby app,

All you have to do with the app is to sign into your local library and “borrow” books and audiobook.

You can then later upload the audio books to your device. It’s easy, convenient, and there are tons of options.

Now that you know a couple of places to download free audio books, the only problem now is uploading the audio on YouTube.

As you probably already know YouTube doesn’t allow creators to upload audio on their platform,

That means you have to convert your audiobook into a video file before uploading it on YouTube

Make sure to hit the like button and keep watching, if you will like to learn how to upload your audio books on YouTube and start making money with them

So when it comes to uploading audio on YouTube, I have made videos on this channel showing you how to use wavve to easily upload your audio on YouTube

Wavve is a tool that can help you turn your audios into engaging videos made for social media

What makes me interested in this tool is to be honest is this animated audio wave that you can add to any static image and it vibrates following the sound of the audio you add to it

Here is a short clip on how to use the software to turn your audio files into videos files.

Video here

Now you will find the link to the wavve tool here but the only problem you will likely face with the app is that

the app is free only for videos that are one minute long, That means if you add an audiobook that is longer than a minute you will need to pay to upgrade your account

But if you look at the pricing plan you will easily see that you can easily pay for the creators plan which is just $12. 99

Now if you don’t have the money to pay for any of these plans, you can also just use any simple video editor like the veed IO video editor and just upload the audiobook into the app

Then you want to download the audiobook cover image, upload it into the editor and add it into the timeline

Then you want to drag the cover image to match it with the length of the audio content and that’s it

Next it uploading it to YouTube and optimizing it with the title of the book.

Now when it comes to doubling down  on the amount of money you make with the video on YouTube, you might want to consider becoming an Amazon affiliate

Its really easy to become an amazon affiliate, all you have to do is click to the Amazon associate page and click here to apply to become an associate

Make sure to checkout the video link that pops up on at the top to help you make through the application process

After signing up as an associate all you have to do next is search for related books on amazon copy the affiliate link from the amazon strip feature at the top of the page

So after your account has been approved to become an Amazon associate you will see this Amazon link feature appear every time you log into your Amazon account

You want to copy the link and go back to your video in the description area, add a call to action and paste in the link

Trust me as your video gets more views you will be surprised at how many people will click on it and make a purchase on Amazon and when they do you will be making some commissions

Now to help you get more views to your audio videos I have put together some step by step video tutorials on how I get views to my videos on this channel

If you are interested, I will drop the link to this page in the description box below this video and with that I will wrap up this video

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