Make $100 per Day Online with Zero Money to Start

Ok let’s be honest here, there is no way you can make money without any investing something at the very least your time

In the case of online marketing for example you will need a device and an internet connection to be able to even start doing anything online and That’s investment,

So again there is nothing like making money with zero money to start however if you have already invested in a device and an internet connection you have the chance and in this video I am going to show you how

The truth is you can easily make money online as a ghostwriter or a freelancer on Fiverr.

Those are actually the most common way some people use to get started without investing a dime. But let’s be honest, this is really no better than having a job.

I know that because I have done some gigs on fiverr my self

I mean sure, you can work from home. But the moment you stop working, you stop making money.

In other words, you can never stop working. You can never truly relax. This is hardly living the “internet lifestyle” that you’ve probably heard about.

And perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t mind that one little bit.

But Becoming a content creator and earning passive traffic is a much better alternative. Doing so enables you to earn money 24/7. You can literally make money while you sleep!

What creating your own content really entails is at least one of three things.

You can create a video content and host it on youtube , you can create your own product, or create a blog article.

You can choose to do any one of the three, you can also choose to do just two together or all three at ones

Being a content creator can have you living life on your own terms. But it still has its downsides and One big drawback is the amount of work required.

That’s what sets many people back from following throw to make money with zero investment or from scratch

You may be unwilling to put in the effort plus the fact that it may take several months for the money to start coming in.

But if you try to get over that stage and you start creating your own content then things will only get much more easier as you grow

It’s really very possible to make 100 dollar a day and more passively if you try.

It will takes more than a few lucky sales or Adsense clicks to hit that $100/day mark consistently. it will takes a proven method

In this case We will be using the Affiliate Marketing Model

As an affiliate your job is to lead people to their solutions and if the people you lead to a product decide to buy the product you make money

That’s how you will start making $100 a day but how do you go about leading people to the product

For a start you will need to decide on a niche and find the problems people in that niche are facing so you can create content around that to attract them

An easy way to find the problems people in your chosen niche are facing is by just taking a look at the benefits of products offered in that niche

A good place to start doing your research is on affiliate networks where product owners list different product on different categories

On clickbank for example products listed on the platform are divided into different niche categories and subcategories

I will recommend you start with one of the 4 most profitable niches, you have the money making niche, the health niche , Beauty niche and the relationship niche

These niche categories are profitable because people will always be looking for more money, there will unfortunately always be people who are sick, people looking for relationship or trying to mend broken relationships and so on

After deciding on your chosen niche you want to also chose a sub-niche category to target, so for example in this case the health and fitness niche is the main niche,and diet and weight loss as the sub niche category

Clickbank will give you a list of products listed under the diet and weight loss niche

Now you have to understand that the owners of these products listed here have done the research on what people in the diet and weight loss niche are actually looking for which ofcourse they are providing the solution in their products

The cool thing about the affiliate model is that you don’t have to do the research yourself all you have to do is click through to the product sales pages list here and start looking for the benefits the product is providing and from that you will have a good picture of what people in the niche are suffering from and what they are look for

If the sales page is made up of just a video, you want to watch it through to the end and take notes of the problems and benefits or solutions the product is offering

In this case the product owner also provided a transcript of the video

Here you want to read through and again pay special attention to what the product is offering

In this example I will jot down these offers because within them you will find the problems people who want to lose weight are looking for

  • People in this niche for example are looking for ways to burning away unwanted fat while they sleep without even having to set FOOT in a gym
  • they are looking for ways to “turn back the clock” on their skin so they can have the same clear, vibrant skin they had as teenagers
  • Some are looking for solutions to their Pre-Diabetic condition and the list goes on

These are examples of topic you can use to create your content around

After gathering some of the problems people in your niche are facing, it’s time to start creating content around the problems again with the hope leading people interested to a solution

But first you have to decide on which type of content you will like or be able to create because creating content also need money to get started depending on which type of content you want

If you decide to create a text content like a blog post or a website you will need to have some basic amount to start with.

You will need money to pay for a domain name and hosting of your blog or website, however if you decide to create content that can be hosted on a social media site which in most cases are free, then you will be able to make money without any initial investment

So you might want to choose hosting your content on your chosen social media site

Now when it comes to social media not all are designed to make it easy for affiliates.

But youtube is an incredible opportunity, given the fact that the guys at Youtube give you plenty of ways to send people OFF of Youtube to your affiliate offers, sales pages

For newbies, there is no steep technical learning curve. You don’t have to setup a website, buy a domain name, or master complicated marketing concepts.

A simple decent webcam and a cheap mic is often enough to get started if you are using a desktop device

most phones on the other hand can do decent enough video for you to start as well.

More importantly, YouTube gives you access to tons of existing traffic through search, social and its own platform.

On youtube Getting video views is easier than getting website traffic since you will have access to YouTube’s massive built-in audience.

A Well-optimized YouTube videos will easily show up at the top of Google and youtube search results, the two top search engines in the world

All this makes YouTube a wonderful platform for newbies without an audience

Now how do you make a 100 dollars a day with the videos you create?

There are two ways to get to $100/day with your videos, you can make money through video advertising displayed on your videos, or through selling affiliate products.

Before you get qualified for ads to be displayed on your videos on youtube you have to have at least a thousand subscribers which leaves beginners starting out with just the option to either sell their own products through youtube or become affiliates to make $100 a day on youtube

For Affiliates all you need to do is add your affiliate links within your videos using youtube video cards or below your videos so interested viewers will click on and make their purchase.

Now if you are new to youtube and affiliate marketing you might want to check out my step by step video crash course which will show you where to get your video content if you are too shy to make videos, and how to promote them for more views

With all that I hope this was another helpful video….if so hit the like button below share on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video

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