YouTube shorts if you still do not know is YouTube way of getting back to TikTok, I say that because YouTube shorts videos are the same as TikTok videos
The only advantage YouTube shorts videos have is the fact that they belong to YouTube and Google which are both giant search engines so there is a high chance your shorts videos will be getting more views in the long term than your Tiktok videos

Shorts videos are basically 1minute long vertical videos on YouTube, Now since this channel is enabled for monetization, I have the option to monetize the shorts videos with YouTube ads

You can also do so on your channel if you choose but the truth is shorts videos are good for generating views on your channel but they make your channel almost nothing in terms of YouTube ads monetization

So how then can you make $100 or more with YouTube shorts?

Actually its very simple and many creators are already doing it.

Its called micro reviews, You have seen a lot of long YouTube reviews videos based on any particular product, it can be based on digital or new tech products, Health products and the different Amazon products.

You can make a shots video reviewing something that you have been using or you have bought before, may be its a new phone, or health product like a weight lose product For example,

That means you have to become an affiliate of any product that relates to the topic or niche of your channel and start promoting the product in your shorts videos

In this video I am going to walk you step b step how to set up a campaign with your shorts videos, so you will be able to start making up to a $100 or more by just simply uploading shorts videos that you didn’t even create your self

Video Transcript 

So usually the first thing you want to do when starting a $100 a day YouTube shorts campaign like this, is to first decide on a niche to work with

Now to be able to know which niche is getting views on YouTube shorts, here is what to do.

Simply type hashtag shorts, give it a space and add a plus sign and then another space and finally your niche keyword which in this example is dog training

This is the search string you want to use when finding YouTube shorts videos in any niche

Now you can easily see the number of views and engagements from the displayed videos

That will help you judge if people are interested in the niche you want to target or not

As you can see from this example the dog training niche is getting a lot of views and engagements

Now depending on the niche you want to work with the next step is finding a product to promote.

there are many different affiliate programs you can join to find product to promote

you have the Amazon associate program which allows you to promote any product on amazon and make commissions from any one you send to amazon who ends up buying something from the platform

For digital product you have platforms like clickbank, digital 24 which is similar to clickbank if you can’t get into clickbank, there is also worrior plus and Jvzoo all listing digital products in their marketplace for affiliates like you and i to promote

YouTube shorts just happen to be one of many ways to promote products on these types of platforms youtube creators and bloggers have been doing it

So In this case we are going to use clickbank as an example and we are going to go with the dog niche

to find a top product on clickbank in a niche you are interested in, simple type in the keyword of your niche in my case dog training and then you want to sort it by gravity

Gravity on clickbank is a metrics that determines, how many affiliates have sold a particular product in the last couple of weeks

So when the gravity is high that shows that many people are buying the product.

That means the product converts and all you have to do is lead people to click on your affiliate link to get to the sales page of the product

So as you can see in the dog brain training offer, the gravity score is over 90 which is proofs that if you promote this product you can also easily make sales.

As you can see if anyone buys this product you will make at least $30 so you just need to sell 4 of this a day to start making a $100 a day, however there are other products that will need you to make just one sale a day

The truth is there will be some days that no one will buy but there are other days that more than one person will buy which will easily balance up with the days you didn’t make any sales

Now you tell me if your videos are getting views like these, will it be that hard for people o start clicking on your promotional link?

Will it be that hard to make a single sales per day from thousands if not millions of views not forgetting that we are sure the product converts based on the research we already did

To get the promotional link to promote any product on clickbank all you have to do is click on the promote button and you will be required to fill in your clickbank account id so that your sales will be tracked to you

You can also add your own personal tracking code to know what specific video for example that made you the sales but its optional

So when you click on the generate link button you will be given your unique product link

Now before we go on you first want to make sure you shorten your affiliate link because YouTube engines might look at this link as a spamy link

You can use any link shortener tool like bitl.y to shorten your affiliate links by just copying it and pasting it into and a shorten version of the link will be generated

This is the link you want to paste in your video description so viewers can click on…for now you want to copy it and save it somewhere you will easily find because you will need it

for now you need to create a video that will lead viewers to click on your link right? So how do you go about creating your shorts videos without making the videos yourself

Where can you download videos clips that are related to the product your are trying to promote, videos clips that will not lead to copyright claims

Now a good place to start is the YouTube creative commons videos, so for example if I make a search dog brain training on YouTube

Now to get creative common videos on this topic simply click on the filter feature here and select the creative commons from the options here

YouTube will now display all the creative common videos related to your search.

To verify if any of these videos is licensed under creative common simply click through and hen the video opens up you want to click here below to expand the description box

Below the description box you will see it says here License creative commons

Now what you want to do next is download the video, to do that simply copy the link and head over to

Paste in your link, select video here and download the MP4 file and save it on your device

Now that you have the video you want to use for your shorts video, Head over to kapwing and signup for an account

Kapwig is the video editor you want to use to create convert the video you just download to a short video

After downloading your shorts video from Kapwig its time now to upload it on YouTube

Then Give it an attractive and searchable Title, You also want to add Hashtag shorts as part of your video title as well as in the description and tags areas

In the description area here you want to go to where ever you saved your affiliate link that you shortened using bitly, copy it and paste it as the first or second line in your video description

So you can ask a question or a call to action that will entice your viewers to click on the link then add the link

Next is optimizing your video with the shorts tag, as well as related search keywords and then follow the necessary steps to post the video

All you have to do next is promote the heck out of the video because the more views the video gets the more money you will be making

If you don’t know how to promote your shorts videos make sure to checkout the link that pops up on the top right of this video

And with all that I will wrap up this video, Hope it was helpful if so make sure to hit the like button bellow share it on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video

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