How to Write Script for YouTube video 2023 [Free Ai script writing software]

Writing video scripts for everyone of your videos can be a heck of of a job especially if you post more than one video a week on your channel

It takes me sometimes about two hours, just to write one video script and that’s nothing compared to other creators who post 3 to 4 videos a week to grow their channels fast

So, what are those other creators doing to be able to post 3 or more videos consistently a week, How are they doing it?

In this video I am going to show you a free Ai software some smart video creators are using to generate content, video script or what they have to say in their channel videos







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Video Transcript

Now it all depends on the type of video you are creating, and if you are new to YouTube

Not all videos will require a detail video scrip however they will at least need a video script outline

why do you need a video script, well for a start we all create videos because we want other people to watch the videos

One way of getting people to watch your videos is by Ranking the video on search engines like Bing Google and YouTube but usually is not a simple task.

You have to take care of SEO, keywords, thumbnail, and also script.

Now if the video you create is boring or out of content, most often your viewers will click off from the video immediately without any second thought.

You may be focused more on the SEO part of things to rank the video, but what you might fail to think about is what happens after viewers gets on the video, What happens when viewers start watching the video?

That’s when the importance of video scripting comes into play and that’s why YouTube script is more important than what you might be thinking of

In this video I am going to show you how to use an ai software, to extract video scripts from audios and videos

I will be showing you how to rewrite the extracted video scrip, article, blog or plr content

Now after generating your video script you will need to make it all come to life by reading through it and recording your voice or paying someone to do it for you on sites like fiverr

But what if you don’t want to record your voice or pay someone to do it for you, there is still a third option which I will be sharing with you if you keep watch till the end

Finally I will also show you an Ai software that will help put your recorded audio together with related video clips that will end up with a unique video that you can post on your channel and start making money

But before we get into all that, if this is your first time to this channel and you are interested in YouTube automation ai software and tools that will help you grow your channel make sure to check out my automation playlist that pops up on the top right of this video

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So this is basically what we will be doing in this video, I show you how to extract the scripts of other videos on YouTube, then we will rewrite the script before putting it all together to create a video using a video editor

Now here is an a plr article I can easily use a video script but its always better to rewrite PLr articles because you don’t know how many people have already used it

PLR are copyrighted free content that anyone can use however they want, there are many sites online offering free plr content

You have sites like Resell-right- weekly, PLRexperts and many more

You can also use articles from article websites like, or even Quora

Haven said all that, if you want to extract what is spoken in a video on YouTube and use as your video script you will first need a software like Rev

Basically Rev is a site where Humans are Working Side By Side With The Best Speech-to-Text AI software to convert Audio & Video To Text

As you can see here it is trusted by over 170,000+ customers and supported by all these companies

Now if you will like to extract the audio of any YouTube video and convert it to text all you have to do is first create an account on rev which free then go to the video you want to extract the audio from and copy the video link

then head over back to rev and click on the service option here at the top and you will get this list of services that the rev website is providing

Now although these are paid services you can see that the prices are reasonable

For example you can transcript any video for less than 2 dollars

you can either go for a transcription with 99% accuracy which is done by humans or the Raugh draft with 80% accuracy machine generated transcript which just cost 25 cents

You can also use rev to get your video captions, foreign subtitles and even live captions for zoom.

I am just going to place an order for this second option for now just to show you how it works

So lets get started with the Automated Speech to Text Transcription

Here is where you have the option to upload the video file you want transcript or just past in the link of the video if its posted anywhere online

So since I am using a YouTube video, I will just paste in the video link of the video I want transcript

as you can see it says here that as my first automation transcript order is free for up to 45 minutes

You can also add more than just one YouTube link but for now I will go with just one

And that’s it all you have to do net is click on the checkout button and pay for the service but again might might not have to pay anything if your order is less than 45 minute as the case is here

Now within minutes Rev will deliver the transcript and all you have to do next is click to open it,

You can see the transcript has been well written out with the video on the side…

what you want to do next is copy the first portion of the transcript and head over to the rewriting ai software

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So QuillBot is the Ai software we will be using, by the way you will find all the links to the tools mentioned in this video in the description below this video

Now its important to pay attention to the character limit here below because if you copy and paste any text that is longer than this number of characters QuillBot will mark the rest of the content in gray

So after creating a free account with the QuillBot Ai software you will get a maximum of 700 characters, if you want to use the tool without first creating an account you will get only 400 characters

After pasting in your text all you have to do next is clicking on the green Paraphrase button here below and the QuillBot will help you rewrite the content making it unique

The colored words here are the words that the QuillBot ai has changed, so you want to read through it and correct any mistakes made by the software, as you remember it it had an 80% accuracy

You can easy copy the rewritten script by click on this feature here below and still use the tool to rewrite the already rewritten text

So you can delete all these and past the rewritten text you copied from this side

Click again on the paraphrase button to rewrite the text again making it even more unique and original

You want to keep doing that until you completely rewrite the whole video transcript…I know that might take a while but its still better than writing a complete video script from scratch if you don’t know what to say

Now after you have the video script, you will need to record it and put it together to make a unique and original video that can easily be monetized on YouTube

For that you will need a third tool, A video editor that can turn text to videos

The invideo app can easily turn any text to a completely engaging peice of video that you can use on your channel

You will not belive the number of features this app is offering video creators all for free

Now depending on how you want to create your video you can choose from any of these options

In this case Since I want to turn the video script I got from the QuillBot into a video, I am going to go with the Text to video option and then select the video size here below

Then you want to select any of these story templates below and then click on the use this template button

Here is where you want to copy and paste the video script, starting with the Title, then check the Auto-Suggest Images/Videos option here and click on next

As you can see the invideo app has divided the video script into scenes with additional images and video clips

You can go ahead to start editing each scene as you see fit by adding related images or video clips that the invideo app is offering within the editor

When it comes to recording the script, you will need to move to the advance editor which is also free to use

You will have all the audio feature available only in the advance editor, so you want to click here where it say advance editor

After the advance editor open up you will see the voice over feature here below

If you hover your cursor over it you will see the different things you can use it for,

You can use text to speech option here to turn your video scrip to an automated voice over

All you have to do is paste in your text here, select the language and then choose any of these voice overs

You can use the second option to import a recoded audio from your computer or use this to import your own voice over

You also have the option to record a voice over directly using the invideo app

There are many other powerful features that the invideo app offers, you can checkout the video link that pops up on the top right of this video if you want to learn more on how to use the invideo app to create engaging videos for your YouTube channels

When you are all done click on the download and share button on the top right and download your video, then upload it on YouTube and monetize it its that simple

With all that i will wrap up this video, hope it was helpful, if  so hit the like button bellow share on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video