How to Upload your Podcast to youtube 2019

Most people love listening to youtube audios while they do some other else like jugging, cooking you name it.

It’s always a great idea to reuse your content if you want to reach your audience that may not necessarily be on your audio service.

Wavve Official link :

If you have been looking for ways to upload your audio be it a podcast or music the bad news is youtube doesn’t support audio on their platform however the good news is youtube supports almost all other file formats

Which means all you have to do is to convert your audio file to video file and you will have it on youtube in no time

Now there are many different ways to go about that, you can for example decide to just edit a still image together with your audio using any video editing software and export your content as a video file.

But doing that also have some disadvantages on youtube because the still images turn off some viewers and some simply skip the video because their computer volume is down and because they can see any actions will easily assume the video is working or something

Tube Mechanics

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