Did you know you can post to TikTok directly from your computer without using the TikTok mobile app?

In my last video in this TikTok series I showed you how to create TikTok videos from your YouTube channel videos using the free Veed tool

In the video below I am going to show you how to post the videos you create with the veed tool directly from your desktop device

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Assuming you already have your TikTok video created its time to post it on TikTok

How to Upload Videos from your PC to TikTok

Now to start posting your videos simply head over to tiktok.com on your desktop browser and it will open up this page

Now it should be noted that this page doesn’t work operate like the tiktok app it self….I use this specifically only to upload my tiktok videos since the app doesn’t function on desktops

So all you need to do here is click on the cloud icon here on the top right of course after logging in using your tiktok account login info

Now when you click on the cloud icon, you will be presented with an upload page

Simply drag and drop the video you want to upload here.So since I already created some videos to post on my tiktok account in the last video, I will just look for one of the videos and add it here

Next is adding a caption. Captions on tiktok is basically a sentence or two about what your tiktok video is about and a couple of hashtags or tagging another person on tiktok

You have up to 150 characters to use in this caption area so you want to do your best to take advantage of that space for your hashtags because the hashtags is what will help your video get more views on the planform

Next is Selecting your Video Thumbnail.

You see when you upload a video on tiktok just like on youtube the algorithm selects a couple of images within the video and suggest them as the video thumbnail for you to select which is best for your video

Tiktok doesn’t yet have the custom thumbnail feature like on youtube but selecting the best option from the default ones here can help your videos get more views on the platform

Next is just clicking on the post button to post your video on the tiktok platform and that’s all when it comes to posting or promoting your youtube channel videos on tiktok using your computer

Now, just like any other social media platform to achieve any amount of success you have to be consistently posting on the platform

Since not everyone has the time to sit beside their computers to consistently post their tiktok content at different times of the day

I also though it might be worth sharing this new tiktok software I came across recently

The software is called videotik. basically the software does the samething like the veed tool I shared with you in the first video on promoting your youtube videos on tiktok

The only major difference between the veed tool and the this videotik software is the additional scheduling feature that the videotik software has

Checkout VideoTik Here