How to Upload Tv Shows to YouTube without Copyright

We all have a favourite tv show or episode we like watching. What about just downloading and uploading the same show on youtube and make some side money from it.

Well, you probably must have tried that but youtube gave you a copyright strike.

But you still see others uploading the same tv or episode show and their videos are monetized.

So why would youtube not allow you to do the same?

In this post I will be showing you the ways others are using to upload videos on youtube without a copyright strike and above all make money from the video content they upload.

How to upload tv shows to YouTube without copyright

YouTube doesn’t take copyright issues lightly on their platform. Youtube will blocks or takes down any video content that infringes on copyright.

So, if that’s the case why are there still many youtubers uploading copyrighted content like TV shows or episode on youtube?

Unless you upload videos on youtube under the protection of “fair use”, uploading another person’s content without permission is not allowed.

So what is Fair Use?

Fair use according to youtube, is a legal doctrine that says that you can reuse copyright-protected material under certain circumstances without getting permission from the copyright owner. Take a look at the videos below for helpful examples of fair use.

So if you see other youtubers uploading video content that doesn’t fall under the fair use content , well that’s because they are using other tricks that youtube at this time can’t detect.

So what are the other ways to upload videos without copyright strikes you may ask.

Before we get into that I will like to start with a disclaimer.

The methods I will be sharing with you to avoid copyright to your uploaded Tv Shows, is no guarantee that youtube will not in the future catch on an penalize your content or the entire channel.

So, follow any of the methods at your own risk.

Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way here are three ways other youtubers are using to upload their tv shows without any copyright strike.

First is bypassing the sound detector

Youtube has an algorithm that detects the sounds of audio be it music or overvoice.

So if you upload the premier league video with the same sound, for sure it will get a strike.

To solve that you will need to either remove the commentary of the match and just add a copyright free music which you can get from youtube under the “Create Tab” in your creator studio page

Either you do that or you change the pitch of the football match commentary.

You can use a sound pitch editor to either change the speed of the audio which will change the pitch,or Uptempo the audio pitch

The second is bypassing the video Image detector

Video fingerprinting is a technique in which software identifies, extracts, and then summarizes characteristic components of a video recording, enabling that video to be uniquely identified by its resultant “fingerprint”. This technology has proven to be effective at identifying and comparing digital video data.

You can bypass the fingerprint of a video file by scratching the video..basically making it a little slower or faster

The best way to bypass the video detector is by recording your tv show or episodes directly from your computer screen using a screen capture tool like Screencast-o-Matic

If any branding appear on the screen while recording your TV show, you can edit that out during editing by blurring it out or cropping the video.

Now, Changing the audio, stretching the video , can easily help you avoid youtube copyright detectors, just until a viewer flags the video.

Many youtubers use this tricks and tactics, and it’s all good to a certain extent.

And that is because all of your hard work and efforts can be crushed at any time by getting your channel banned or suspended if the content original owners find out or viewers flag the videos.

So now that you know how to upload tv shows to YouTube without copyright, the next step will be getting traffic to your youtube content.

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