How to Upload Audio to Youtube

You probably already know that Youtube wasn’t designed to host audio files on their platform. Only video files are allowed to be uploaded on youtube

If you try uploading an audio file youtube will display an error message like this with a link to learn how to convert your audio to a video file

the problem is when you click on that link, youtube tells you nothing about how to convert audio to video file

In this video I am going to show you an easy way to upload your audio files on youtube

Creating audio videos from clips of your show is one of the best ways to expose your audio to new followers and create even more engagement around your them

Take a look at this audio video example on youtube created with Wavve.As you can see viewers can easily notice how the waveform animation (created with Wavve) helps viewer understand there is audio included in the post

If you have An image with your logo or brand informtions on, An audio file, and a wavve account you can easily create a video like this for your business.

So how do you go about creating a video file from an audio file using wavve

Watch the video above to check out a short clip on how to use wavve to covert your upload your audio files on youtube in just 3 steps

Now if you will like to check out wavve for yourself for free you will find the link to that in the description box below this video and with that I ill call this video a wrap

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