How to upload audio on youtube from phone

How to upload audio on youtube from phone

How will You like to create audio video like this with wavve animations and your audio playing in the background

We all know youtube doesn’t allow audio files to be uploaded on their platform

and That has resulted to many people using video editing software to add images and their audio together to create a videos that they can use to post on their channel

The only problem with that method is if say someone is navigating through youtube with their volumes down they can easily by pass your video because all they will be able to see is a stansill image

You can see that in many podcast channels on youtube

What if you could add some animation waves like this to show viewers there is actually an audio playing

Video Transcript

Now with that the person who tuned of his device volume will want to turn it up and listen to your audio after seeing they animated waves

Lets now see how to create an audio video with audio animated waves before uploading it on youtube directly from your phone

So to start creating an audio video with animated waves you will need this tool called wavve it doesn’t have an ap vesion yet but the site is optimized for all devices I will drop the link to the site below this video if you are interested

With wavve its just a 2 step process to get an animated audio video, so first you want to create an account and login

The First Step is Creating Your Design

As you can see this is a simple design I tried creating earlier for this tutorial

But first you will need to tab on the green button here and chose your desired dimention

Since we want to create a video for youtube we I will go with this 1280 by 720 which is the dimention required by youtube

You can also upload your audio videos through this tool to instagram or facebook sing any of these dimentions

After selection your dimention Tab on the continue button below

Next is uploading your created background image. Thats the image your viewers will see when your audio is playing.

It can also be the thumbnail of the video

You can use canva which is also a free tool to create your background image. I am just going to use an image already created

After creating your image simply tab on the drag and drop area her and you will have these options to navigate to your camra or files to select the images you created

When you do that this page will open, you can add some text if you chose to

Drag the edges of the image to fit your chosen dimention

Here is where you can add your animated waves too by tabing on the wave form here and selecting from among these wave designs the one you will like to use

you can also change the color by tabing on the color tab here below. this may to show up completely on your device and that is ok because this site doesnt a mobile app yet

But if you are on a desktop device you can edit it better

For now I will go with the white color.

When you are finished with editing your design you can now save it as a card you can always use it for other adios if you chose.

The Second Step is Add Your Audio,

You can record your audio directly from this site or simply upload a save audio

now on the next page you can edit the start and end time on your video

For best results you willl want to upload audios longer than 5 seconds then hit the Generate video button below and give the tool time to generate your video

At this point you can go ahead and do something different when tool finishes to generate your video it will send you an email to the email account you used to register your acount

when you finally get your finished copy you can download it and simply upload it to youtube.

To upload it to youtube is very simple head over to youtube and tab on the camara icon on the top and select the video from the set of videos downloaded on your device

And thats how easy it is to upload audio on youtube from your phone.

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