How to Upload Audio Files to YouTube 2019

You probably are watching this video because you know Youtube doesn’t support audio uploads.

However, Youtube supports video files, and that means all you need to do is convert your audio to a video file and then you can upload it directly to Youtube.

In this post I will be sharing with you the different ways you can upload your podcast, music or poem that you will like to share with others on youtube.

How to Upload Audio Files to YouTube

The only way to upload your audio files to youtube is by converting the file to a video file.

How do you do that? You may ask…

Well simple, Just put your audio file and your image file together using a video editor, render it for Youtube and Boom!!

You have just converted your audio file to a video file.

Ok seriously, that’s one way to go about it but there is another cool way I will like to share with you in this post.

But first let’s look at how you can convert your audio file to video files using video editors.

How to Convert Audio File to Video Files for YouTube Using Video Editors.

To create a video file in this case, here are the following things you will need.

  • A video editor
  • An image/Images
  • And your Audio of course

There are many free video editors you can download and use to. Some computers like the mac computers come with a free video editor.

Whatever the case you just have to make sure the video editor has multiple video and audio timeline.

That is because you will need it to align your Image and audio to create your video file.

Just follow the steps on how to add image file and audio files to your video edito and align the two file.

After aligning your audio file with your image file you can go ahead and render it for youtube.

The problem with using video editors is,

Looking for Free Video Editing Software Without Watermark 

Not everyone has a video editor that they can use without a watermark attach to the final product.

That is because most of the free video editors allow only about a min long videos without a watermark.

So if you have a long audio you will need to pay for a video editor.

Keeping Viewers Engaged

The second problem with using just an image is, your video will not be engaging.

Viewers on Youtube when watching your audio/video may not be aware audio is included since they are accustomed to seeing something engaging on the video screen.

Having a still image with audio playing in the background will not with engagement problems.

Sometimes viewers set their video settings to mute when scanning through youtube until they find something they are interested in, then they will unmute the video.

So What is the Solution

As a way to solve that problem many youtubers have started adding an audio waveform animation to videos featuring an image & audio.

I think that’s the best way to grab the attention of Youtube viewers with your audio.

Now you can use wavvy to create an animation waveform using your own image design to create beautiful videos that feature your audio.

Wavve makes it easy to combine an image, text, soundwave animation, and an audio clip to create a polished MP4 video that will grab the attention of viewers on youtube.

All you need to get started is a free Wavve account, an image, and an audio clip.

Fist click on the “create your own” tab and start creating a card which is basically creating a video file.

The second way to upload Audio file to youtube is with Wavv which is my preferred method.

The second step is selecting the right video dimension. Since the audio/video file will be hosted on youtube, you will want to choose Horizontal.

Click the continue button below to move to the next step.

Next, drag and drop your chosen image file and adjust the image to fit in the given space.

Now you can add text if you choose to…use the Text editing tool that appears on the top to edit your Text. Resize your text by dragging the edges.

Next is adding the waveform which is what will give your final product the animation while the audio plays on youtube.

You can also resize the waveform as well as change the collow to fit your image.

When you are finished designing your Image file click on the save button below to save your settings.

Now if you are satisfied with your image move to the next step which is adding your audio file or record one.

Below you will see your uploaded audio and you also have the option to adjust the audio start and end time.

Click the create video button below to create your video file.

Next is Logging into Youtube and upload the video file.That’s how simple it is to upload audio files to youtube.

Click here to check out Wavve

Now let me know in the comment box below if you think this was helpful

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