How to Upload Anime Videos on YouTube Legally without Copyright 2021

How does channels like The Anime Lord channel, upload animated cartoon videos that are monetized without any copyright claims And how can you use copyrighted animated video legally YouTube?

Now if you have been thinking you can beat the YouTube copyright system by just editing copyrighted animated videos and upload them on YouTube, you have to think again

YouTube has fortify their copyright system now in a way that its simply too difficult to beat which is why there are just a few options available if you really want to start and grow an animation channel on YouTube

– The first option is creating your own animated content before uploading it on YouTube,
– The second option is getting permission from the content owners of the animated video
– And the last option is using fair use which will legally give you the right to use any animated content you choose

Of Couse unless you know how to create animated videos, the first option would be a difficult one to pick

The second option will require you to Obtain a license or permission from the owner of the copyrighted animation video

That means you will have to contact the the movie publishers and all the different bodies that made the video and have them to accept your request of using the their animated movie before you will be granted permission to use it

And ofcourse that will all depend on how much you are willing to pay for it

Now that leaves us with the last option which is using fair use, If you still do not know what fair use is, well fair use is not just a thing on YouTube its a legal doctrine that applies to copyright law

So what is the copyright law?

And the copyright law states that an excepts of copyrighted material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder

Now understanding how to apply fair use can greatly transform any copyrighted content to a Unique video that can easily be monetized on YouTube without any copyright

In this video, I am going to walk you through step by step on how to transform animation videos following the YouTube fair use guidelines, so you know exactly what to do, if you want to start uploading animation videos on YouTube without any copyright claim

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Video Transcript

Now because the copyright law is a legal mumbo chumbo, YouTube decided to break it down for us into four major factors

The four factors includes transforming the animated copyrighted content, The amount or portion of the copyrighted content as a whole, the nature of the work, and finally The effect of the use upon the potential market

These are the four factors that you have to consider when trying to apply fair use in your videos

Lets now look deep into each factor to see how you can start applying it when editing your animation videos

transforming the animated copyrighted content means adding new expression or meaning to the original material,

so what that means is if you are using the original content in a new way that is different from the original content not just merely taking the original content and posting it on YouTube

You need to transform the original content

So how do you transform the original copyrighted content which is the animated movie?

Lets look at an example of a channel that understands and use fair use the right way

The Anime Lord channel has over 160 thousand subscribers and all the owner of this channel does is upload animated videos

If you click to watch any of the videos you will also see that the videos are monetized.

And that’s simply because the videos are copyright free, So how is this channel able to get with it

The answer to that is all over their videos, for a start the titles of the videos already tells you its a list video which by the way is the best way to transform a video

They are taking short video clips from different animation movies and putting them together as a list video.

Take this video for example the creator has taken clips of animated movies where the Main Character is first Weak But then Turns Strong

Completely transforming the meaning of the original movies you just have to be a little creative

The second fair use factor that you should consider when editing your videos is The amount or portion of the copyrighted content you use from the original movie or movies

So by using small bits of video clips from an original work is more likely to be considered fair use than borrowing large portions.

Now if the portion of video clip from the original video is considered the “heart” or the core of the movie, sometimes even that small portion may be going against fair use.

again if you look at the videos from the Anime Lord channel you will see that the creator is using up to 10 portions of different animation movies to create the 10 listed animation movies where the main actor was weak and then became strong

So you want to use, short video clips from the entire original movies to create your videos

The truth is there is no specific amount set to remove from an original content but there is a common practice know as the 20 by 80 rule

and the 20 by 80 rule simply means you are allowed through fair use to use like 20% of any copyrighted material

So going over that 20%

the next factor you have to pay attention to is the nature of the work,

YouTube warning creators here that, Using material from primarily factual works is more likely to be fair use than using purely fictional works.

We all all know most animation movies are fiction, does that mean if you use animation videos you will automatically get a copyright claim?

Well No, and I say No because The nature of the work also applies to creators who are using animation movies for educational porposes,

So if your content is for non profit and educational purposes, your videos will be save under fair use

Now the last factor you have to pay attention to is the effect of use upon the potential market

That means if your video, the video you are creating using a copyright movie harms the original copyright owner’s ability to profit from their original work, that means your video is against the fair use low

Now you may ask if monetizing the video on YouTube doesn’t harms the copyright owner’s ability to profit from their original work,

Well again if you transform your video, which is what the first factor was all about, it will hardly harm the original work because people will still want to want to watch the entire movie

YouTube also states clearly in their help page that “Commercial uses are less likely to be considered fair use, but it’s still possible to monetize a video that contains fair use material.”

Now that you know all the factors that will help you make an animation videos on YouTube without any copyright claim

the next question now is What if you follow all the factors correctly and still get a copyright claim? Then what

Yeah that’s right, you can follow all the 4 factors to the teeth and still get a copyright claim

Why that happens and how to dispute copyright claim on YouTube fair use is what the second part of this video will be about so make sure to click the link that pop up on the to right of this video or in the description below this video

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