How to Start Affiliate Marketing On Amazon

If you’ve been thinking of  making passive income online, You might want to consider affiliate marketing on Amazon.

Amazon allows anyone interested, to sign up as an Amazon affiliate and start promoting any product on the platform.

In return for the promotion, if anyone you refer makes a purchase, you as an affiliate will collect a commission.

Amazon affiliate commision ranges anywhere between 1% to 10% of the sales price for the items.

In this post, I’ll walk you through all you need to know when starting affiliate marketing on Amazon.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing On Amazon

But first, why should you care about Amazon affiliate marketing in the first place.

Why Become an Amazon Associates Affiliate?

You probably may be asking yourself now, why you should even care about starting with Amazon affiliate marketing.

Here are some reasons that might make you to considering it at least.

Doing Affiliate Marketing on Amazon is Affordable.

When Compared to the investment needed to start and grow a regular ecommerce store, Affiliate marketing on Amazon on the other hand is next to nothing. The Amazon affiliate programs is free to join plus there’s no product inventory to invest in.

Amazon Associates is Easy to Use

The Amazon Associate platform is easy to use. Amazon provides you a number of different ways to quickly create affiliate links for each product.

Beside there are some available third-party tools that will help make things really easy for you.

Example,To be able to create an amazon product comparison chart on your website(recommended)  you will need a third party tool.

Amazon also provides you as an associate some great and easy to read reporting tools. Tools that track your sales, the number of clicks you’re receiving. Above all how many people actually converted to buyers.

Great Conversion Rates

Due to the popularity of Amazon it’s extremely rare to find anyone who hasn’t heard it.

Amazon is a very trusted and familiar brand world wide and because of it’s popularity over 50% of U.S. households use the Amazon Prime subscribers. About 46% of the people also purchase something from Amazon at least once a week.

Almost Unlimited Products to Promote

No matter, how small your niche is there is a high chance you will find a products on Amazon to promote.

There are literally millions of products listed on Amazon. You don’t need to look that far to find products related to your niche.

Make Money on Other Products

You can refer people to a specific product on Amazon. However the people you refer are not limited to the products that took them to Amazon.  

For example, say someone clicks on your affiliate link to buy a mic, but end up buying a TV instead. You will still earn a commission from that sale or sales if the go on to buy other products.

However the purchase needs to happen within the first 24 hours of you sending them over to amazon.

Just imagine it for a second, Amazon sells everything from groceries to TV’s. That means there is a high likelihood that visitors you send over to Amazon will make a purchase. That means a high commission potential for you as affiliate.

How to Become an Amazon Associates Affiliate

To be able to become an Amazon Associate Affiliate, you first need to apply for Amazon Associate program.

Although amazon allows just about anyone interested to join their affiliate program, they don’t approve just everyone.

The main gold of Amazon is simply to make money online. That’s why they are looking for serious affiliate willing to promote their products. That’s what makes the affiliate approval process a little challenging.

Amazon  require you to have your own website/social or channel before accepting you as their affiliate.

How to get Approved for Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners

Before applying for the associates program you need to have a platform for promotion.

During the application review an Amazon staff will check if you have a platform to promote their products. If you did not add a link when applying you have a high chance of being rejected.

You want to make sure that your website has a good 4 to 10 post before applying.

If your main platform for promoting Amazon products is on social sites, here’s what you have to pay attention to.

  • Don’t use a platform or channel that is newly launched. A new youtube channel for example will not be accepted. You have to Build a subscriber base first. If you happen to exploded early with your first content say a video, that may not necessarily get you approved.
  • You should ideally have enough unique content (more than a few videos for example).

So just keep on making the changes on your platform and keep reapplying, you will certainly be accepted once you get things right.

How Does the Amazon Associate Program Work?

After officially becoming an “Amazon Associate”, you can now start searching for a products to promote.

At this point all you need to do is find the product you want to promote and get the appropriate affiliate link of the product.

How to get Amazon Affiliate product links

There are a few different ways you can create affiliate links on Amazon(text links, banner links and widgets). Amazon helps you with a range of tools to build links for products you want to promote.

Here below are the most popular ways to get amazon product links to promote.

Using Site Stripe on Amazon

SiteStripe is a toolbar that appears automatically at the top of every Amazon shop page.

Affiliate marketing on Amazon

You must be registered and logged in to your Amazon Associates Programme to activate the SiteStripe feature.

The SiteStripe toolbar enables you to create an affiliate Link for every Amazon page within a few seconds, and even share it on Facebook or Twitter at the same time.

You can also use SiteStripe to access the important functions of the Amazon Associates site without having to log in.

Here is how to use site stripe toolbar.

  • Search Amazon for the product you want to link to.
  • Click on item to get to Product Details page.
  • On Site Stripe, click on desired product link option (Text, Image, or Text+Image).

Using Associates Central Website

You can also use the associate central website to get amazon affiliate product link. In order to do this, log into your Amazon Associate account. From the main toolbar, select Product Linking.

Next, enter the product you’re looking for in the text box and click on Go.

Amazon will then display the relevant products relating to the keyword you’ve entered. Locate the product and click on the Get Link button.

A pop-up will now appear with the affiliate link, copy it and paste it on the relevant section of your site. If you want to shorten the affiliate link, simply click on Shorten URL with

Option 3 – OneLink

If you choose to promote amazon product from multiple countries, you will need to sign up to each Associate program individually. That means you will end up with different affiliate links from the different countries.

It can be challenging promoting product with links from different countries.That’s why Amazon has the onelink system.

With OneLink, Amazon allows you to link different Amazon Associate accounts.

For example, if you sign up to the Associate Programs of the UK, Germany and other countries, with the onelink system you will be able to link all the accounts.

When someone clicks on your onelink affiliate link, depending on where they are visiting from, Amazon will redirect them over to the relevant countries product page (, etc).

With the onelink system, amazon will allow you to earn affiliate commission from users who visit from several countries. Which means you get to earn more.  

How to Setup Amazon OneLink(video coming soon)

Before we get into how to promote amazon affiliate links it is worth stressing the important of getting the right affiliate link.

If you do not get the right affiliate link, you will not be able to make any commissions since your links will not be credited.

How to promote amazon affiliate links without website

If you’re interested in creating a long-term affiliate marketing online business you’ll definitely need to have a website.

On the other hand, if you’re still not ready for a website or you’re simply not interested in building a website, there are other ways you can use to get people clicking on your affiliate link.

The key to affiliate marketing is getting your affiliate link in front of those interested, how you choose to do it, is all up to you.

While there are a lot of financial benefits of using your own website to promote product on amazon, there are also many seo benefits that comes with publishing content on high authority sites like: Medium, Wix,,Pinterest, or YouTube.

Some Advantages of Using high authority sites.

  • There is high trust and authority from search engines.
  • Your content will get views and  rankings on the search engines much faster.
  • If you choose to do link building which is simply a ranking strategy, it is much safer to do it on a high authority domain than on a new website.

All you need to do to promote your amazon links without a website is by following these steps.

  • Pick a platform that you will like to create your content on (Medium, Wix,,Pinterest, or YouTube)
  • Research a group of people you want to target(I will talk more on this later)
  • Create Content in your targeted niche and post on your chosen platform
  • Add your Affiliate link.
  • Share the post on other platforms
  • Rinse and repeat.

Best Way To Make Money With Amazon

Most Top Amazon affiliates marketers have all confirmed on related posts on their blogs that Product reviews are the best way to get more sales and Traffic.

People love to be well informed before making a purchase. Let’s say you are thinking to buy say the latest smartphone, and you don’t know much about it. The next obvious thing you will do is to start asking for more information about it from people who have either used it or made a research on easn’t it?

That’s why many people love review posts. For you as an affiliate review post will give you enough space to fully deliver your reasons for liking or hating a particular product.

If its a product you have bought yourself, you will have enough to say in your review post.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t review product that you haven’t bought or used before.when it comes to the product reviews sections in most affiliate forums,I always come across this question

What if you have not bought/tried a product yet, how can you write a review post?

To answer that question, let’s look at it this way. If it took you one hour to research and write a review post about a particular product, you are saving anyone reading the post a full hour of research. Which is something anyone in this time crunching world will appreciates.

Think about this as if you are helping them out and if you do a good enough job at researching a topic/product you deserve a commission off that sale.

Planning Your Amazon Review affiliate Site

Before you rush off to start implementing some of these tips, take some time to work out what type of products you want to promote on amazon. It’s much easier to make money with the Amazon  affiliate program if your site’s visitors are searching for a specific product.

The first step of in the process of creating an Amazon niche site is finding or researching your niche, registering a domain name and selecting a hosting service.

Keywords Research

Choosing your Amazon niche is one of the most important decisions you are going to make in this process. So take your time and do your research.

It is a common advice that whenever you choose a niche for affiliate marketing, choose a niche that you have interest in and its profitable.

In the case of Amazon niche sites, this entirely depends upon whether you hire a content writer, write the content yourself or both.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when searching for a niche…

  • You need a niche that will cover multiple products, that will give you the opportunity to write more about the niche.
  • Check on Amazon if there is a market for your niche. A simple way to do that is looking for products that have thousands, of reviews. The number of reviews indicates that there is a market for the products and niche.
  • A quick Google search will give you a good idea of your competition.
  • You also want to choose a niche that makes you good commission. The commission you earn will depend on numerous factors, but the price of products, the market for them, and the commission percentage you earn per sale are key factors.

There are keyword tools (Free/Paid) you can use online  to help you get all the necessary datas you will need during your research.

Choosing a Domain

Many affiliates still make the mistake of choosing a keyword stuffed domain name. Some choose just too narrow niche domain names which makes it harder for them to expand to related topics in their niche.

For example, if you are thinking of starting a blog in “Living Room decoration”, don’t go for something like “”. Instead go for something like “” or something like that. Don’t make your domain name lock you down in a specific sub-niche.

The domain name you choose should not limit your site’s growth by any means. At any point in time, your domain name should give you the freedom to scale up and spread your wings across various niches and sub-niches.

So worry less about subnich keyword in the domain name, and try to make your domain names brandable and relevant to your niche.

Most businesses online prefer to use a (.com ) name because it’s the most popular and best-known extension.

Keep in mind that to get the best pricing for a domain name, you do need to pay for three years upfront. However, you can always cancel at any time within 30 days for a full refund.

Choosing a Web Host

A host is a service that “stores” your website’s files, and typically also allows you to register your domain name ( and business email accounts. While you can use most major hosts to set up a WordPress website,some hosting services have the WordPress CMS pre-installed.

Choosing a Hosting service is easily one of the most important decisions you have to  make at the early stage of creating a website. So what makes a good hosting company for Amazon affiliate websites? Here are some tips you should keep in mind when researching a hosting service.

1. Avoid Host Services with extended Down Time

You want to avoid hosting services that experiences frequent and extended periods of downtime, that will directly impact both your website user experience and SEO.Which will quickly result to lower number of visitors to the website and low conversion rate.

2. Look for Hosting services that do Backups

Normally a good hosting service should be able to regularly backup your site. Some hosting services do it  on a weekly bases, while others do monthly backups that are kept for much longer periods of time.

3.Easy to Use Hosting Cpanel

The interface of your hosting service (CPanel) should be easy to’s important to have a backend interface that allows you control over your website business email address and all the necessary files that is uploaded on your site

4. A most for Beginners is a Good Support Team

Starting a website can be a little too technical for some people. Things can go wrong and things do go wrong. When that happens it sometimes you can easily rectify the issues and at times  you will need help from the hosting service. If the hosting service support team does not respond quickly that’s how long it will take your site to stay down.

How to Set up an Amazon Affiliate Website in 5 Steps

How to install wordpress on cpanel

Once you have registered your domain name and purchased your web hosting, the next step is installing a content management system (CMS).

There is a good number of content management system (CMS) you can use to set up your Amazon affiliate website. For example Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc. WordPress is by far the most popular and most used CMS for affiliates. wordpress is  used by over 75 million websites.

It’s reliable and free to use,it allows you to easily manage your site without much technical knowledge. I will recommend that you use WordPress as your CMS for setting up your affiliate websites.

Most web hosting service now offer one-click installs which will allow you to install wordpress in less than a couple of minutes.

Selecting a Theme

After installing WordPress, you need to choose a theme. A theme is a predesigned website template that you personalize with your own text and photos. It’s much easier to use a theme than starting one from scratch. With a theme you can easily  follow a visual template that is editable.

By default wordpress themes  come with some free Theme but these themes are not particularly designed for Amazon affiliate marketing.

The theme you choose should only have the features that will help you accomplish the goal of your site, not unnecessary ones that clutter your theme and your website.

Before buying a theme, or investing your time in customizing one, be sure to read through this list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to selecting the perfect WordPress theme.

  1. Choose A Responsive Theme

Responsive design simply means making your site ultra-easy to use—not just on a laptop, but on multiple devices. This means that it’s compatible with mobile and has menus and other widgets that are easy to navigate.

2. Keep Color In Mind

Remember, most of online marketing is based on visual appearance, and colors increase brand recognition as well. If you have a logo, try to match your color scheme of that logo.

3. Consider Buying A Premium Theme

By using a free theme, you take the risk of it not being updated regularly, a lack of support, and the theme author abandoning the theme altogether.

4. Theme Font That’s Hard To Read

You want to make it as easy as possible for your audience to navigate your site. Make your fonts simple, sophisticated, and readable.

6. Test The Theme Thoroughly

A great place to start when testing out a theme’s efficiency is to install the Theme Check plugin that checks if your theme is up to all current WordPress standards.

Amazon affiliate wordpress plugin

Plug-ins are WordPress-specific apps that can be added to your website to give your site more functionality; plug-ins are available for everything from lead capture to secure payment processing systems. You can search these in WordPress under “Plugins”

Frequently adding new content not only keeps your website relevant but can also increase your domain authority.

Installing plugins on your site can add useful functionality to it. You need to be careful though not to install too many as these can slow your site down and they can also cause security problems if you fail to update them regularly.

Here is a short list of plugins that will help you manage the requirements of an Amazon affiliate marketer

WooZone – (Amazon Associates Bundle Pack) packs multiple Amazon Affiliates Advertising plugins in one bundle and throws in a WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates theme as well.

It includes a contextual advertising plugin and a discount finder. You need to install the pack, set up the plugins and fill out your Amazon Associate id. For this pack to work, you’ll need WordPress, WooCommerce, Amazon account for Secret Access keys and Amazon Affiliate account.

EasyAzon is the quickest way to create Amazon affiliate links from within your WordPress post editor. You can create text affiliate links direct to any product available for sale on without going through the tedious steps of manually creating links from within the website (huge time saver).

The Amazon Product In a Post plugin can be used to quickly add formatted Amazon Products/Items to any page or post by using just the Amazon product ASIN.

Boost sales and affiliate commissions by converting all your Amazon links into localized links that bring each shopper to the best Amazon store and product for their region in the world. Amazon Link Engine is trusted by thousands of Amazon associates who have been using it to maximize their revenue for years.

3 Most Important Pages Every affiliate Website Should Have

When starting any affiliate website, make sure you have these pages on your site. The reason for adding these pages to your site is to increase the trust factor of your site.

Usually, when you get traffic from the search engine or paid traffic, the user looks at many factors before taking up the call to action on your site.

If you want to maximise your affiliate commissions, you should build a level of trust amongst your visitors.

First is the “About Us” page.

Here you need to tell all about yourself: who are you, your business, your team, your commitments, your aims, etc. This page is like a boost to the customer’s confidence, as it gives the customer a reassurance.

Why should you have an awesome “About Me” page?

  • It defines the personality of the website
  • People want to connect with real people.
  • It builds trust and authority.
  • It’s a great landing page.

Next is the “Contact ” page.

You need to make it convenient for visitors to your site to contact you. For that, you need to mention your email address, physical address, or phone numbers.

The fact is, people, need great customer support and without that, you will miss out the word to mouth marketing opportunity.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Amazon requires that their affiliate/associates display an affiliate disclaimer on their site to make visitors to their site know that they are part of the Amazon Associates Program.

Here is the affiliate disclosure which Amazon provides;

[Insert name] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [insert applicable countries i.e., etc].

What to Avoid With Amazon Associates

Like most other platforms online,, Amazon reserves the right to ban anyone at  any time for whatever reason even its a mistake.

If you break any of Amazon’s long list of Terms of Service (ToS), all of the time, energy and money you’ve invested  into your Amazon review site could disappear just like that.

If you are an Amazon affiliate, or maybe you are planning to sign-up, it is important to read and avoid those things that will get you banned from the platform. Here below are a couple of examples.

The First 90 Days Tagget

As soon as Amazon approve your Associate account the clock starts ticking. Within 90 days you need to sell at least 1 product.Of Course Amazon is doing this to sift out those who are not serious about making money on their platform.

Follow the Social Media Promotional Rules

Generally Amazon does not allow you to share affiliate links on sites you do not own, haven said that social network sites are exempted. However, there are a few important rules that govern sharing links on social media platforms.

Avoid sharing links on a sexually explicit or violent Social Media page or using Amazon trademark info in your page titles. For example creating a facebook page with the name Amazon Discount.

Avoid using Link Shortener

The reputation of Amazon also depends on how affiliates are referring their site visitors to the platform. Amazon wants your visitors to know where they are being directed to when they click on your affiliate link.

If Amazon worns you from sharing links on sexually explicit or violent page, you should also understand that there is a way they are using to track that.

That’s why Amazon has its own link shortener service,

Are you just starting out with marketing on Amazon? Are you exclusive on Amazon or do you also use other affiliate marketing programs? I’d like to know what works best for you in the comments below.

Share your story as an affiliate marketer on Amazon. If you are already using Amazon to make money as an affiliate, how much money have you made via the platform thus far.

You are free to contact me directly if you face any problem signing up for the Amazon affiliate program

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