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How to Share Private YouTube Videos 2021

Now since YouTube introduced the new Creators studio and steps for accessing the feature, its been a bit different but stay the same in the case of sharing videos privately.

So, If you’d like to share one of your videos with a select and limited audience, you can do so by setting your video to private. Once the video’s set to private you’ll are allowed to share it with fifty other users.

Let’s now look at how to do that

Now Private, unlisted and scheduled videos on YouTube all serve different but important purposes. Knowing why and when you can use these different option can benefit you and your channel business.

So when you upload your video to YouTube, you can decide whether your video is public, unlisted, or private.

Public; Which means If your video is public, it can be viewed by anyone who visits YouTube.

When it comes to unlisted videos, they won’t show up on YouTube and search results, but those who have the link can see it.

However when you share a private video, only you and the users you choose can see it. Once you’ve set the video to private you’ll be able to send the video’s private URL to your contacts or any one you want to watch the video.

So when those you send the link to, receive it, they’ll be able to sign into their YouTube account and watch the video.

If you have already uploaded your video as public, but you want to change it to private

Simply click on Visibility  and then select the Private option, click on done below and then on save at the top to save your settings.

Now Here’s how to find and send a private video link to anyone you want to share the video with

Click to the edit page of the Uploaded Video you want to send privately. Then Click on the visibility tap on the right below the video and under the private option you will see a share privately blue link click on that … can only see this option if the video is set on private

Now when you click on the share privately option, you will be taken to a page where you can enter the email address of the people you want to share the video with then save and go back to YouTube Studio.

Now it’s important to note here that those you have invited to watch the your private video must have an active Google Account to view the video.

If the person you invited to watch the video has multiple Google accounts, he/she must be signed in to the account that you used to invite them to watch the video that is the email address you added here when inviting them

You have to also note that if any person you invited to watch the video turn around and tries to share the video with friends, it will not work only the video uploader can share a private video on YouTube

So That’s it! You’ve now learned how to share a private video with your contacts on YouTube

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