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How to Setup Instant Replies Responses on Facebook Page

Due to the fact that you can’t be engaged on your facebook account all the time, facebook has this instant reply feature that will help you when you are offline to response to anyone who contacts or initiates contact with you

In the video below we are going to be looking at how to set up the instant reply feature on facebook so you can instantly communicate with any one even when you are offline.

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Let’s just say someone sends you a message to your facebook inbox and you are taking some time offline, ….How then can you send an instant message, at least to let the person understand you got their message and will respond as soon as you are online.

That’s where in-stand responses comes into play.

Now I want you to understand instant messages are different from the facebook message bots that create instant chatting which is another aspect you might consider setting up because it’s much powerful in generating traffic and sales to whatever you are promoting on facebook

we’ll look at that in a minute…but first

How do you set up a basic facebook instant replies response on your business page?

Well first you want to open up the facebook page you will like to set up your instant message on and then click on the inbox option on the top

Next is clicking on the the automated responses tab below ,and activate instant reply.

Now to start setting your instant message click on edit after stitching the instant reply on and start editing your instant message

You can even personalize your massage by adding the first name of the person receiving the message

You can add personalization by clicking on the add personalization feature below the message box

Then you will have the option of using their first, last or full names…you also have the option of adding their facebook page link

It’s always good to personalize your message because that leads to more click through rate since the recipient will not quickly think it’s just a bot.

After editing your message if you want to preview it click on the preview button at the top and the preview message will be sent to you inbox.

Now you can hit the save button to save your settings and that’s it when it comes to setting up an instant reply on facebook pages

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