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How to Put Affiliate Links on Youtube Videos

Did you know you can start making money on youtube even without reaching youtube’s monetization requirements of a 1000 subscribers?

Well …Yes, you can with youtube affiliate marketing.

When used correctly, your YouTube affiliate links can be a fantastic way to provide even more value to your video viewers as well as earn some extra affiliate commision on the side.

The Question now is how to use affiliate links on your YouTube videos?  Where on your youtube videos can you add affiliate links.

Now there are many ways to make money with your videos and one popular way to make money is to combine YouTube videos and affiliate marketing.

If you have an active channel on YouTube, and you like to upload regular videos about anything, you can turn your video views into constant side income for you. But first,

Why Should you Consider Affiliate Marketing on your YouTube Channel?

Well for a start, with Affiliate marketing, Small YouTube channels with less than a thousand subscribers can be able to monetize their channels

Small Channel Monetization

As you well know the most common and popular way of making money on a YouTube is with YouTube adsense…the youtube partner program

The only problem with making money with AdSense on YouTube is that YouTube allows only channels with a 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours which clearly eliminates small channels

But with affiliate marketing on YouTube, channels with less than a thousand subscribers can now monetize their videos.

Direct Partnerships with Relevant Brands

Another reason why you should consider Using affiliate marketing on your channel videos is that, it can open up direct partnerships with relevant brands in your channel niche

So depending on the type of videos you are creating, you can also start getting request from bigger brands to make videos about their products on your channel for a much higher payout

Now before we go into the different ways to add your affiliate links on your youtube videos and channel as a whole, I will first like to draw your attention to the types of links allowed on youtube.

What Type of links are Acceptable on YouTube

The thing is If you don’t get your linking right on YouTube, your channel can easily get a community strike which is something you want to avoid because three of those strike can lead to the termination of your channel.

The reason YouTube doesn’t like direct product affiliate links  (or product links from Affiliate networks) on their platform is because the links look Spammy, they are long, ugly and can not be differentiated with real spammy link.

That’s why YouTube encourages creators to use their own website links.

Having a website with your own domain name is the best way to go with affiliate marketing on youtube.

Even if you don’t have the money for a self hosted website you will easily make more money as a YouTube affiliate with any free website platform online like the free wordpress platform, the free wix platform or the free blogger blog platform.

Platforms like these will increase your chances of making more money with affiliate marketing.

YouTube actually prefers links from such free platforms than the links of products that affiliate networks offer, you also have the advantage of posting your videos as content on the websites which gives you more space to add affiliate banners or links and doing all that will lead to even more side income.

Now if you want to shoot straight and promote your affiliate offer without using a website, well you will still need to at least shorten the affiliate link before adding it to your video

For Amazon affiliate there is already a link shortener you can use to shorten the link of any product you choose to promote but most other affiliate programs don’t have the link shortened feature.

In that case you can use a link shortened like bitly or tinyurl. On bitly for example all you need to do is copy and paste your affiliate link and a shortened  version of the same link will be created.

YouTube prefers links from link shortened sites  than direct affiliate product links, even still there is no guarantee with shorten links.

Personally I use my website to redirects interested viewers to an affiliate product sales page. I use a redirect plugin called Click Voodoo for the redirect. I also sometimes link to a post that has affiliate links and banners on this site. Now that we have that all cleared up, let’s now look at,

The Different ways to Promote Affiliate links on your YouTube videos.

The first way of course is linking in your Video Descriptions

Video description are used to describe a video’s content, which helps improve search engine optimization (SEO), and direct traffic to other webpages online.

You can easily Link from your video description to a post or sign up page that offers more value on your video viewers.

Add Your Link in Full (https//)

You want however to make sure when adding your link to add it full with the https:// at the beginning of your link because if you don’t the link will not be clickable.

You also want to add your link after a couple of words in the beginning of your description, because that’s also to avoid being looked as a spammer on the platform.

Add an Affiliate Disclaimer

It’s important to note that you have to add an affiliate disclaimer in the description box because youtube requires channels promoting affiliate offers to be compliant to the FTC-mandated practice.

You are Free to copy the affiliate disclaimer below my channel videos, if you don’t know how to write one out for your channel videos

The next way to add clickable links on your YouTube videos is in

Linking in the Comments Area of your Video

Since links added in the comments area are clickable there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of that. YouTube creators are also allowed to pin comment to the top of the comments section for greater visibility.

You can add affiliate links to your comments and pinned posts. However, you should do so in a clear, non-spammy way. If your viewers are asking questions or wanting recommendations, you can add affiliate links to your replies as well.

Community Tab is Another Way of Adding Affiliate links

The community tab allows creators to post updates, create polls, share GIFs, and interact with subscribers and visitors.One other cool feature you might have noticed on the community tab is the ability to add clickable links

Which means It’s also an excellent place to add affiliate links. Here is an example of a post on my channel community tab promoting an affiliate link

Linking in the YouTube Cards of your Video

The Youtube Cards of course is another place to add clickable links

Cards and end screens direct viewers to specific videos, playlists, channels, websites, merchandise, and crowdfunding campaigns. You can add up to five cards and four end screen elements to any given video.

Affiliate marketing with cards is tricky because you can only promote your website(s) and sites approved by YouTube.Many youtube affiliates use cards to direct viewers to their sites, which often contain affiliate links and banners.

Secondly, YouTube supports many websites that have affiliate programs including sites like Shopify, Etsy, and so on. Therefore, it’s possible to add affiliate links from specific sites.

Linking in the About Page

The About page is another cool area you can sneak your affiliate link into.

Usually you can add up to 10 external links in your about page. Many creators add links to their sites and social media accounts.

You just have to be careful your Links are related to your channel, topics, and videos as a whole to increase clicks and conversions.

For instance, if you are creating videos on cooking for example, you want to direct your viewers to products and services that have something to do with cooking.

So as you can see there are a variety of ways to put affiliate links on youtube the question now is are you up to the challenge of giving it a try?

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