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You probably must have heard of the phrase “friends without Benefits”, or is it the other way around?

Either way the site I am going to introduce you to, is definitely a site that is friendly and comes with some benefits.

As a youtube creator you must be tired of coming across different ways to get views to your videos especially if you are just starting out…Right?

You must have heard about optimizing your videos with your targeted keywords in your video title, descriptions and tags. In some cases the optimization works and in some nothing actually happens.

Now if very little or actually nothing happens to a video that you have put in a lot of time and effort to create and in some cases even money, you are not just going to let the video go without many people watching it right? So

How do you go about getting more views to such a video?

For a start we all know youtube rewords videos that generate views from external website, outside of the youtube platform…with either ranking it up on the search engines or suggesting it on other top ranking videos.

Well of course the reword will also depend on the video average view duration and the session watchtime on youtube.

If you are interested to learn more about all that with reference from the youtube Academy on that topic, watch this

Now my experience growing my channel is that as a beginner just starting out on youtube you have to put in the time and effort to promote your videos so that it gets some traction from youtube.

Trust me it gets easier as your channel grows…Now one of the ways to start getting easy traffic or views to your videos is by posting your video content on other platforms that have a good number of visitors a month

Examples of such platforms, are facebook, instagram, pinterest and so on….I have videos on all those platforms on this channel

Today we are going to be looking at a new platform to easily post video content for more view and the site is called webtalk on

Webtalk is a new social media platform with a monetary twist….On webtalk you can promote your videos as well as earn real cash for your account activity, popular posts, and your referrals to the platform

A new website you can use to promote your videos to get views and subscribers…. Its Free to use and available world wide but you can only join it by invitation at the moment,… I will drop an invitation link below this video if you are interested

You can sign up on webtalk by entering your first and last name, your email address and a password that you will not forget.  If you are using the chrome browser a popup will appear asking you to save your login. You can use that to save your login information so that it will make signing in the next time you want to post a new content very easy.

You can also sign up using Facebook and Linkedin, just follow the onscreen steps, verify your account and Complete your profile set up so your contacts can find you, so you can get discovered for more opportunities, as well as to be able to qualify to earn real cash rewards for your activity on on the platform.

After creating your account, you want to login and click on the three dots on the top right of the page, then you want to click on your account name and you will be taken to your profile account.

Now if you Click on the edit button here you will have the option to edit your profile image by clicking on the pencil like icon here. You can also add a Cover Image by clicking on the new image tap and a popup will appear with a feature to upload your cover image(Watch the video at the top to follow up)

If you don’t know how to create a cover image make sure to watch the video  below and it will show you tips on how to use canva to create cover images for your promotions.Basically you want to create a cover image with a Minimum image width of 1920px and a Maximum file size: 10MB

After creating your cover image, upload it and hit the done button to save your changes.

Next is adding any necessary information you did not add when registering by clicking on any of the pencil like icons next to each section

Now is the time you want to add your channel or website links, after you have your profile account completed its time to share a couple of your channel videos before before you start following other members because you want them to have something to watch when they visit your account

To make a post simply click on the webtalk logo image at the top to get to the home page feed

The home page feed is where you will find all the content posted by those you are following which means when you post your videos it will also appear on the homepage feed of those following you on this platform

Very similar to what facebook is doing…Now to create a new post scroll to the top of your home page feed here and you will see this posting feature that looks again similar to that of facebook.

You can post an image, video or any file saved on your device.

By the way you can post youtube videos as well as vimeo video links too…

Now after pasting in the link of the video you want to post webtalk will pull the video from youtube and then you can go head and start optimizing the post just like you do your videos on the youtube platform

You want to type in a little about the video This will help the search engines know what your video is about and that will help it rank higher the search results.

You can also add links to other related videos or to your landing page within the text area and after posting it the links will become life links, which means people can click on it to watch the other linked videos,or land on your landing page.

You can also decide who you want to share your post to by clicking on this public button and from the option that appear you can select whether to post it to all your contacts, professional contacts, personal contacts and so on.

When you are done with your settings click on the post button to publish your content to the over 570 thousand visitors on the webtalk platform.


The next step is to start following other like minded people on the platform, you don’t have to always do that but having a good number of followers from the start will help kick start your video views.

When others start watching your videos some will start liking commenting and sharing the post on other platform which will all lead to even more views to your videos.

Now to start finding like minded individuals to follow head over to the search bar and type in a related keyword in your targeted niche and webtalk will display a search result of accounts related to your search.

What you have to do next is to start going through these accounts checking out their profiles and following those you think will like watching your channel videos.

You can also start following the followers of some of the top creators on webtalk in your niche.

That’s simply because those are the people who  will be interested with the type of videos you will be sharing since they have already shown interest by following a similar niche content.

The truth is if you want this strategy to generate you more views and subscribers to your channel you will need to be consistently active on the webtalk platform posting, sharing,following and engaging on the platform especially if you are just starting out

Now if you are interested in generating more views to your videos you might want to check out my free traffic generation training videos

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