How to Promote Clickbank Products on Instagram With Videos

Instagram is often overlooked by affiliate marketers as a platform that has limited possibilities to link out of the platform but what shouldn’t be overlooked however, is the amount of targeted traffic that you can reach in a variety of niches on instagram

In the video below I am going to show you how to promote more than just one clickbank product on instagram as well as a cool trick that will enable you to add more than one link on instagram using videos and we are starting right now

To be able to make money on clickbank you first need to create an account on clickbank

How to find Products to Promote on Instagram using Clickbank

Clickbank is completely free to join and on clickbank you can start promoting any product without an approval from the product owner. Its for this reason Clickbank is a fantastic marketplace for beginner marketers.

Once you’re signed up and logged in, you want to head over to the marketplace by clicking the link on the top navigation bar.

The marketplace is where you will find deifferent product from dfferent categories to promote.

Clickbank has thausands of products or offers to choose from and promote, some are much more profitable than others.

after clicking on the marketplace tab above you will notice the categories section on the left hand side. This is where all the offers available on Clickbank are sorted into niches.

By clicking the small arrow on any niche, A dropdown menu will appear with sub niches. If you are thinking of promoting in a large niche then its useful to use sub categories to reduce competition.

For this example, i’m going to be using the Health and Fitness niche to show you the process.

Now To find a relevant product in the Health and fitness niche as an example you will need to use the categories section to find the right sub niche

In this case I will go with the Diets & Weight Loss sub category…..Now we need to find the best converting offer for our campaign.

Clickbank has a fantastic filtering process which allows you to sort products depending on their popularity, average sale price or gravity.

The gravity feature is unique to clickbank and is the best indicator as to which offers are converting the best.

So what is gravity? according to clickbank it’s the “Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by promoting the product during the past 12 weeks”.

Put simply, its an indication of how many affiliates are currently making money from that product. To find the product with best gravity score, click where it says ‘sort results by’ and select gravity.

Take a look at the first few offers with the highest gravity score. Anything over 50 shows good conversion. If an offer has a score of over 200, it may indicate too much competition for that offer and it’s best to avoid it.

In my example, I found the Flat Belly Fix as a perfect offer to promote. It has a healthy gravity score and an average sale of $$44. Click the title of the offer to view the landing page. This will give you a better indication of what the product is about.

If the product also has a jv page you might want to check it too. Jv pages are extra pages created by the product owner packed with promotional content for anyone who wants to promote the product.

Take this jv page for example you can use any of this images to post on instagram or get ideas from the images to create your own unique imges and post.

Now Once you are ready to go ahead and promote it, click the ‘promote’ button which will open up a popup for your unique hop link.

As you can see by promoting this product you can earn up to 75% commission on sales of this product. Clickbank’s high commission rates on all digital products is another reason why it’s one of the best marketplaces for affiliate marketing.

To get your unique hop link, enter your account nickname and click generate hop link. This is the link you will be sending your traffic to on Instagram.

Just before we get into setting up the Instagram together with the whole strategy lets first shorten your clickbank product link.

This long link doesn’t look attractive to post it any where so with Bitly you can easily shorten any long links

You can create a free account with bitly and use it for all your links fro free and the greate thing about bitly is it also give you starts on your links that have been clicked

After registering an account simple click on create paste in your clickbank link and hit create. now you want to copy it and save it on a note pad for later

Ok so it’s now time to head over to Instagram and create a profile.

You want to Fill out the sign up form to create an account if you don’t already have one creted. You need to add a profile image which needs to be relevant to the niche of your account.

Write a short description telling your followers exactly what your account is about and who your account is for, For example this account will be for peoaple who want a Flat belly fix

Now that you have a basic Instagram acount lets now see how to use it to start promoting our clickbank product

we all know inorder for people to buy through your clickbank affiliate link you need to first make the link available for viewers

Instagram allows linking out of the platform only in the bio section. That is in this description area.

The problem now is, you will hardly make any money promoting only one clickbank link in your bio.

If you have a website you could build a landing page with links banners and email caption to promote as many clickbank products in your chose niche as you wish and use just the link to that page on you instagram bio

Thats the recomended way of promoing clickbank products on instagram but what if you are just starting out and you don’t have a website

Here are two cool ways of promoting clickbank product on instagram without a website

If you don’t have a website that promotes more than one offer which you can use to link in your instagram bio you can also use Linktree.

Linktree is a simple platform where you can link offers in you Instagram Bio.

LinkTree helps Instagram users share many links with their followers in a very easy way.

So in a sense linktree acts like a landing page on a website that lings to many different web pages

I will drop the link to LinkTree below this video. Now the second way which is a hack is by using Instagram stories

Instagram stories often receive a large number of views which will increase as your account grows. They are also useful for driving traffic back to your clickbank offers

You probably know how the swipe up feature on instagram works right.

Well, I know swipe ups works only for those with 10,000 and above followers, but what I am talking about is not the traditional swipe up feature on instgram

Like I mention before this is a hack, which means you have to set it up for it to work.

Now I will not get into how its all set up in this video because I have a video on How to Add links to Instagram Story without Being Verified…..check out the link that the pops up on the top right of this video

Now Basically here is how it works after setting it up…. you will need to create an Instagram story image and very short video clip.

After uploading your video you will have the option to link to any website oor page in the description area just like on youtube.

Thats where you want to add your clickbank affiliate link or a link to your landing page

Now you also want to upload the images you created as a story and linking the image to the video below the image you can add something like swipe up to watch and post the image

Again anyone with an account on instagram can do this. I shared all the necesary steps to follow in that video

Now after posting the image this is how it will look on your feed, when people swipe up Instagram will redirect them to the video

Now if you have a strong call to action at the end of your video people will follow and click the link which will lead them to your clickbank offer or a landing page with clickbank offers

You can easily set as many of this stories as you which and start driving targeted buyers from instagram to your offers.

Another advantage of posting story post is that they stay at the top of the profile area which means any new visitor to your profile account will be expose to ane or two of your offers depending on how many you have set up

So there you have it go out now and start trying out this hack and don’t forget to pass by and share your expirience below this video and if you want more clickbank hacks like this make sure to check out my crash course on how to do youtube affiliate marketing the right way

And With all that I will call this a wrap, Hope this was another helpful video. If so hit the like button below share on your prefared social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video.

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