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How to Post Youtube Videos on TikTok

Have you been thinking of using TikTok to promote your youtube videos, and channel as a whole?

If you have you been Wondering how to publish your youtube videos on TikTok?

In this post, we are going to be looking at all that and much more( watch the video below to follow the step by step process).

Did You Know TikTok has Now over 590 Million Monthly Active Users?

Now TikTok has experienced massive growth in the last 12 or so months with over 490 million monthly active users according to similar web.

This presents a great opportunity for video creators on youtube to get on TikTok and reach a brand-new channel audience.

If you are new to TikTok, let me just give you a short walkthrough of the interface.

When you open the TikTok app, you’ll will be Immediately taken to the For You feed,

Now the For You feed is like searching for a winning lottery number—you actually have no idea what you’re going to see when you open up the app. Usually Most TikTok users spend 75% of their time on the For You page

On TikTok For You feed, You’ll see a wide variety of content, some of which is tailored for you and it is basically TikTok testing their algorithm.

The feed will include popular content, brand-new content, and content that may soon go viral.

Next to the For You page is your Following Feed. Here, you’ll see only the content of TikTok accounts you’ve chosen to follow.

The Question now I guess is,

How do you go about posting your youtube videos on the tiktok platform?

Well there are only two major ways of linking from tiktok to your youtube channel.

I have already created a video on how to add clickable links to your tikto bio, you can find the video below, Other than that the only way to post your youtube videos on tiktok is by repurposing the video for tiktok consumption together with a call to action


To start repurposing your video for Tik Tok, you will need a tool like VEED


VEED is a simple online video editor that adds subtitles to your videos, you can use it to edits your video content and grows your audience online.

So how do you use Veed to repurpose your channel videos for Tiktok?

Well, you will first need to copy the link of the video you want to post on Tiktok and then head over to the…If you don’t have an account yet with veed, you want to go ahead and create one

Now After creating and logging in to your veed account you want to click on the New project button at the top and a popup will appear with the different features you can use to upload the video you want to edit for tiktok.

You want to paste in the link of the video  and hit the enter button on your keyboard for the veed editor to pull the video from youtube

After uploading your video the next step is adding a video subtitle, and you can do that by clicking on the subtitle tab on the left and from the popup that appears you can select any of the options.

In this case I will go with the auto subtitle feature, next is selecting the language you want the veed tool to detect and click on the start button

The subtitles feature on veed will help you turn any audio in the video to text subtitles and placing it across the timeline at the correct time codes.

When all the subtitle has been imported you will see it on the left side, You also have the option to edit it if you see any misspelling

If you click on the styles option you will see different text templates that you can use as your subtitle templates

You will also see the subtitle has been correctly placed according to the timecode….On the preview screen you will also see the subtitle of the video which you can reposition to where ever you see fit

Now With the free version of veed you can create up to 10 minutes long videos that’s up to 50MB in size

Now since tiktok allow only 60 seconds or a minute long videos, the first thing you will want to do is to cut or trim your video to a 1 minute long video

To do that simply go to the end of the video timeline here, hover your mouse and you will see this extreme feature appear. Simply click and drag it to a minute long video, you can also use the split feature here at the top to split and delete the unwanted areas of the video.

You also want to make sure the one minute potion of the video explains what the entire video is about

Take for example In the case of my channel videos, I usually let my channel viewers know what my video is all about in the very first few minute into the video which is why I  use just the first part my videos on tiktok

Now since the video ratio on tiktok is different from that of youtube, the next obvious step is changing the video ratio from a landscape video ratio that youtube has to the story video ratio on tiktok

To do that click on the setting option on the left side and from the option that appear select size

Here you have all the different video size ratios, you want to scroll down and look for the story or tiktok ratio size and click on it.

When you do that the ratio size of the preview template here changes. Now you want to adjust the video by clicking on any of these dots dragging the video to fit the new ratio if necessary

  • You can also change the background color of the video template if you want using the background color feature can also add some text in these blank areas here by clicking on the text option here and then on the plus button here.
  • That will bring up this text editor where you can type in say the title on the video, change the font and color if you see feet
  • You might also want to add a call to action below here like check out link in bio because that’s the only place you can link out of the platform like I already mentioned.
  • Make sure after editing your text, to always click and drag the text timeline to fit the length of your video…these will help keep the text on for the entire video.

Now the next two options  on the left are not very necessary but you can use them if you like…you can use the element option to add any of these elements to your video

  • You can add a Progress Bar, which is this bar that will show how far your video has been playing
  • You can also add Sound Waves,Emojis and shapes…you can use the square shape element here to cover your video towards the end so you can add a text call to action leading viewers to your channel link in the bio area of your account

The last tab here is the Draw option which will provide you with two different strokes that you can use to draw on your video.

Once you are happy with your edited video you can click on the export button to start the rendering process

After your edited video finish rendering you can go ahead and download it and upload it on your tiktok account

Now You have to note that Tiktok will shadowbans any video content that contains a links that will take people away from their platform.

The basic reason for taking your video down is because Tiktok wants you to stay on their platform…If you’re not on their app they’re not making money.

So the only way to promote your videos on tiktok effectively is by Repurposing the video as I have shown you in this video including call to action that lead viewers to the link added in your bio

Once you start posting to your account, be sure to review your TikTok analytics to find out what’s working and what’s not.

That said, Tik Tok is a great growth tool for YouTube. I’ve been trying it out for my channel by grabbing short clips from my videos include a couple CTAs.

I really do think it’s the best way to find engaged viewers too, people who go from your Tik Tok to your YouTube channel are likely to view your videos for more than a few seconds.

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