How to Monetize Text to Speech Videos on YouTube

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Now we all know that automation of YouTube channels have recently become very popular. You can actually easily create an entire video from scratch using just automation

Text to speech software, is the best option for individuals who don’t want to record their voice and don’t have the money to keep paying for a voice over

The only problem now is, YouTube has started tightening their rules on channels using text to speech as over voice in their videos.

Recently YouTube started demonetizing some channel videos that has a synthetic voice over.

The Big question now is, why does YouTube demonetize some channels with text to speech or synthetic voice over and doesn’t do that on others? Keep watching to find out why

Speechelo Text to Speech Software:

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How to Convert Text file into Video 2021[New AI]

We all know videos created from text files look something like this but did you know you can actually convert your text to a talking avatar?

My Avatar Exclusive Bonuses;

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In this video I am going to show you how to easily create avatars like this with just simple text.


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How to convert text file into video

Best Text to Speech Generator for YouTube Videos [Real Human voice Over]

Best Text to Speech Generator for YouTube Videos [Real Human voice Over]

If you’re watching this video, you’re most likely a video creator, or business owner, looking to create amazing voice overs for your videos,

After all, without a good voice over in a video, it can be difficult for the video to convert, get leads, or sales

When it comes to online business, you can’t create a good sales video, training video, or educational video, without a good voice over

The only problem is, not all everyone have amazing voices nor like listening to their voices.

In this video I am going to introduce you to a powerful text to speech software created by the blaster suite team, that creates human sounding voiceovers on demand

How to Automatically Transcribe your Video [Audio to Text]

How to Automatically Transcribe your Video [Audio to Text] Did you know that YouTube’s auto generated captions do not get indexed on the Google and youtube search engines?

However If you upload a custom caption yourself to any YouTube video,Google and youtube algorithms will easily index it for the simple reason that youtube themself think their auto generated captions doesn’t generate quality captions that is easy to read on video screens

That’s one of the main reasons why it is critical to add your own captions.

Now the Complex processing of audio in video or the language used in a video can cause the youtube auto generated captions to be incorrect.

Now it’s because of that reason According to a former YouTube product manager Bob Ellis, youtube doesn’t [index] the automatic captions but If you upload your own custom captions yourself to any YouTube video, youtube as well as other search engines will index it.

In this video I will show you How to easily and automatically transcribe your video audio to text and we are starting right now


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