How to Make YouTube affiliate Videos that Get Views

Video is a great tool to pre-sell, keep your viewers engaged and definitely increases conversions.

Video makes many people have the confident in buying online, so without videos, you’re probably missing out on a reasonable number of extra money.

The question now is, what’s holding you back?

I will guess it’s simply the lack of knowledge to create your own affiliate videos, In the video below I will be showing how easy it is to create youtube affiliate videos that gets you views and sales even if you are just starting out and we are starting right now

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Creating an effective affiliate video doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. In fact, there are many free tools out there which can be used to create something powerful. But before we look at those, let’s see what type of video is best suited for affiliate marketing

The first type of affiliate video to create is Review Videos

If you’ve got a product sample, or you’ve used a particuler product yourself, then you can make a video reviewing that product.

You can do that by Showing the physical product in the video, that will helps viewers to better visualise the product, plus it adds validity to your review.

A review video could be as simple as filming yourself holding the product and talking about the benefits, or your personal experience using it.

That’s one of the great things about this type of video, they don’t have to appear professional looking, since it’s intended to be an amateur style review.

Promotional Videos are another type of affiliate videos you can create

Promotional video are more of an advert type video, where you can sell the benefits of the product in a creative way.

You will need to use powerful, and emotional words to connect with potential buyers and convince them this is the product they are looking for.

An inexpensive way to create this type of video is to use animation to deliver the message.

Videocribe is a good examples of tools you can use to create animated videos yourself.

Using a tool like video scribe will not take long for you to get a hang of it after that making videos will seem much easier…. and remember, it’s worth the time for all those extra cash you will be making later from the videos There is a tutorial video to help you learn how to use video scribe on this channel

General Topic Videos can also be used to make money from affiliate marketing.

You could create videos surrounding your interest or a topic within your niche. For example, if a new weight loss product happens to be trending, you could create a short news-based clip about it.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you could use the content summaria video tool whcih will help you convert text content you have written or copied from somewhere in to a video or may be re-create one of your blog articles in the form of a video, and record yourself reading it with your best voice and start connecting with your visitors.

If you choose not to use your voice or show your face content sumaria still have you covered.

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