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How to Make Motivational Quotes Video

You know We all need from time to time a little bit of motivation  especially  due to the hardship,  disappointment, or even in some cases depression that takes a toll on our lives as humans

Now Some people do handle such difficulties themselves, while others seek for help from others

The good thing is, you as a motivational video content creator, you can help others to believe in themselves and make a positive impact in their lives By simply creating motivational Quotes videos on YouTube.

What Are Quotes videos

Now a quote video is a video that focuses on text quote, usually inspirational or funny, that is placed on a beautiful background.

The background could be a solid background, an abstract design, or a video background Basically motivational Quotes videos is Turning Quotes into visual content that can be used to inspire your audience through a dynamic motivational video.

Now when it comes to making motivational Quotes video for YouTube the process is really simple

All you will need to make a complete monetizable Quote video on YouTube is

  • To first Find Quotes Free For Commercial Use
  • A voice over, background sound
  • and of course  An Image or motion video.
  • you can also add in graphics, animations and sound effects to make the video engaging

How to find Quotes Free For Commercial Use

Now when it comes to finding Quotes online for your video you can easily find quotes to use from Instagram, Pinterest or many of such social sites

but when you are looking for free quotes you can use commercially the story changes

And that’s simply because the only way to have free access to use a quote for commercial pop uses is through getting the rights of the quotes or using open source Quotes

The problem is many of the recent quotes of our time fall under the trade marked Quotes which means before you use them however you want, you will first need permission from the Trade mark holders or the owner

Most often that is not a viable track for anyone without money or connections

Which now leave us only with one option when it comes to using Quotes commercially

And that is with Open source, Open source is basically an intellectual material that has lost its copyright value and can be used however you want

You will be amazed at what you get in some of these open source websites if you actually use the right search engine to find the material

You can easily find open source or public domain websites, by just making simple search on Google for public domain Quotes free for commercial use

And you will get different Public domains or opensource that contain Quotes in different niches and topic that you can use however you want including commercially

Lets just go with the Golden Quotes website here

So in this Golden Quotes Public Domain website, you will get quotations of world famous authors, and artist that can be used without permission for any of your work again including commercial use.

As you can see here it basically says here is that, The quotes on this platform automatically fall on the public domain category and that is because the copyright of the quotes has expired

In basically in situation when the author has died for more than 70 years. This is the safest way to use quotes for commercial use.

In some countries this period is less than 70 years.

Now there are some few cases where the trade mark is till being used, in a case where someone bought it and is using it currently

In such a situation, you are not allowed to freely use it without proper permission from the respected body.

I will show you later in this video how to check if the quote is trade marked or not

For now you can use the Golden Quotes website to find Quotations of celebrities, politicians and artist that you can use to create YouTube videos or for commercial purpose

You will find famous quotes on different categories like inspirational quotes, Motivational Quotes, funny Quotes Love Quotes and so on

There are sub category of Quotes in this public domain, in addition to all that you have the Quotes of the day option too

If you click through to any of the quotes you can easily copy it together with the name of the person who first said that quote. is another option you can use to find public domain quotes

Brainy Quote provides an all-access pass to the world of quotations. their quotations database is the largest on the web, and getting bigger every day.

Whether it’s a great quote for a birthday card, love letter, research paper or just for fun, Brainy Quote makes it easy to find great quotes.

They have a treasure trove of historic, political, culturally relevant quotations available on their site,

Now if you want to be very sure that the Quote you are using in your video is free of any trademark or copyright

Here is what you want to do go to the united states patent and trademark office website

Click on the Trademark Electronic Search System, or TESS and you will be taken to a tool that will help show you if a quote or phrase has been trademarked

Now that you know how to find Quotes to use for your videos, lets now look at how you can edit and upload Quotes on YouTube and start making money with the videos

Next is Turning the Quotes that’s in Text format into a voice over or audio for your video

Changing the format from text to audio will help increase your video engagement which is what will help it grow on YouTube

So how do you turn your quotes in text format into a background voice over for your video?

Well you can do that in one of two ways, You can either record your voice while reading through the Quotes or use a human text to speech software

In this post we are going to be using the Murf, Ai Software to convert the text quotes in to a human sounding video voice over

The Murf, Ai Software will help you make studio quality voice overs in just minutes

You can use the murf Ai natural sounding human voices in your YouTube videos and still get the videos monetized

Watch the videos to see an example of a video that was made using the murf ai software and guest what? it is monetized

Now Its important to understand the deference between automated voices and Ai natural or human voices on YouTube

Again watch the video above to get the difference between Automated voices and Ai human voices because there is a clear difference

So If you go with the automated types, well don’t be surprise your video might not get monetized

Since Murf is one of many Ai software’s with human sounding voices, you can be sure using it will get your videos monetized

With murf you can Choose from over 110+ voices in 15 plus languages, You have the option of Adding video, music, or image

The ability of the AI voices to capture the right tone, backed with a powered grammar assistant

Here are some examples voice overs created using Murf (….(

You can  start off with murf for free and then upgrade, if you want to use more advance options

List of Ai Text to Speech Tools

Here is a list of Ai Text to Speech Ai tool you can check out for your self and see what is good for you in terms of the prices and quality of the voices

Now that we have all that out of the way, its time to look at how you can use this murf baby to convert your video script to a voice over

From here on I will recommend watch the video below

Video Script

So When you click on the open editor and login using your google account or Facebook account you will be take to an editor

Next is clicking on the create a new project plus button  and give your new project a name

So for the background video clip and text animation we will be using another tool, that will help us put the whole video we want to create together

but for now all we need from the murf ai software is the converted Quotes to a voice over

Which means what ever you use as your background image is irrelevant because we will change it, you just need the audio generated from the Ai tool

It’s time now to change the quotes you got from the Golden Quotes website to a human sounding voice over

To do that you want to first copy the Quote and head over back to the murf editor and paste it in the search like box

Just forget about what’s going on here below because the voice over is what we are interested in, at least in this case

Now here are some options that will help you get the right voice to use, the voice Pitch, Speed, Volume even Emphasis, and Pronunciation

To change the voice for your voice over for example, simply click the first option here and you will be presented with a good number of different voices to choose from

If you are using the free option of Murf, just click on the basic option here and you will be presented with free to use voices on the Murf editor

Of course you have the option also to switch from male to female voice overs

Then you want to click on this semi circle feature here to generate the text to a voice over.

Usually the first generated voice overs don’t sound right but with a little bit of editing you can get it right

You can do that by changing the pitch, you can change the pitch high or low, the same goes with the Volume speed

yeah You also have the option to add emphasis, pause and punctuations to make your voice over sound more natural and human like

Now when you are finished with your editing you can click the preview video hers and check if the video sounds and show like what you want your video to be like

If you are satisfied with what you see, click on the build video button here to generate the video

Next is using any open source website to get a copyright free image or video clip to use as your video background

Pexel or Pixabay are good examples of open sources websites that you can use

Just make a search for motivational background, select the videos option for example and you will be presented with these set of free copyright videos clips you can use to create your Quotes videos

simply click through the video clips you will like to use in your video, download and save it on your device

Now that you have an inspiring Quotes to use in your video, a human sounding voice that reads out the Quote as a voice over and a related background video clip

Its time to put everything together to create an engaging motivational Quotes video

How to Make Quotes videos with FlexClip Video Maker

So if you have been following the steps in this video playlist or series, you should have gone through the follow steps

You should know by now how to find commercial Quotes to use in your videos

You should have also turn the text quotes into a human sounding voice over for your video

You should have a background video or image to use as your video background

You might also add in some background sound and engaging graphics to make your videos engaging

If you haven’t watch that the here is your chance

Video Script 

So haven said that, in this video I am going to show you how to put together all these different parts together using the Flex Clip Video Maker

FlexClip is an online video editor that’s fit for users who are new to the game.

This video editing software lets you create spectacular videos in a flash. With hundreds of video templates, motion presets, and an extensive stock footage library, FlexClip editor is all about effortless creativity.

FlexClip video maker provides thousands of customizable video templates to help you make a video in minutes.

If you want to edit this video template for example, simply sign up with Flexclip, add your own media, and change the default text, colors, and styles as you need.

Lets now see how we can customize one of the flex clip templates using all the pieces of content we have been gathering in the Couse of this entire video playlist

Again you can check out the link to the list below this video, Now when you click on the customise butto next to the the template,

you will be asked on the next step which of these options you will like to go with

Option one is the Timeline Mode which gives you full control over music tracks and videos to maximize the editing capabilities.

And the second option Storyboard Mode which gives you the simplest way to create a stunning video in just a few minutes.

Now this all depend on you but my advise is to go with the first option which gives you full control over music tracks and videos to maximize the editing capabilities. I mean that says it all,

Since we already have a Text, Voice Over of the Quotes we to use as well as the background the first option is a no brainer

So I am going to go with the first option here,

Here is where the editing process really starts, don’t worry its very basic

As you can see on the left side here you have 3 different options you can use to import your content into the the Flexclip software

You can do that by either uploading you content from your computer devise, your phone or record the video screen your self

Here above you have the option to transfrom the bacgrown image or video to any of these options, you can filter using any of these options, adjust the Exposure,contrast, brightness and all these other features

Now lets start by uploading the background video we got from pexels or was it pixbay one of those

Actually I find this background video on flexclip much better so I will use that

But its important as a video creator to know about sites like pexels or pixabay because these site will becom handy especially if you create videos without showing your face

Next is uploading the voice over that we made using the Murf Ai software

Finally you want to edit or customize the Text by copying the Quots and pasting it in this text area

You can also adjust the size, change the Text color or any other text editing you willlike to do

You want to keep adding quotes to match the legth of the video you are creating

Now when you are all done click on the ….export button to download and save your created video on your device

Next is uploading it on youtube and start promoting it for more views watchtime and subscribers

So how do you optimize and start promoting your Quotes videos on YouTube