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How to Make Money Without doing Anything

Making money takes hard work, but not everyone likes putting in the hard work

Luckily, there are some ways to make money with little to no effort, or without doing anything,

In the video below I am going to walk you through a basic tool, you can start using today to make extra cash without doing much.

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If you can put up a little bit of work upfront, then you can start earning passive income using this strategy for a long time to come

Now Of ALL the ways to generate income online, there’s no EASIER, FASTER or PASSIVE way to do it than to legally use other people’s stuff

If you look at the current trend of most of the popular websites on the web, they all are using content curation as a part of their content strategy or solely as a content strategy.

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is a technique of extracting, organizing and bringing useful content created by others in one place

The best thing about content curation is anyone can do it, and you don’t have to be perfect from day one, as with practice you would know which kind of content is more appropriate for sharing and which will work better

Content curation could be done on any platform but if you want it to work for you as a money-making system, you should do it on your self-hosted WordPress blog.

Now in order to make money curating content you will need the following

First you will need a platform that will help improve social media sharing

For a content curation site, all you need is a simple design, big social-sharing buttons, clean navigation and social-subscription.

one Major source of traffic for content curation website is Social-media traffic, so you should ensure that your blog design helps your readers to share content easily, and subscribe to your social channel.

Secondly You will need to consistently post new curated content on your blog.

As a curator, your role is to discover best of the best stuff on the internet curate them and post them.

If you do it correctly, you will also be getting a ton of organic traffic from your content ranking on search sites like Google

Now don’t let that role of discovering the best content, curating and posting it discourage you because I will be showing you how to do it without lifting a finger after setting it up.

The third thing you need to do to make money with this strategy is ofcourse monetizing your content

Now most of the common blog monetisation like adding banners, hyper linking directly to affiliate offers can also be applied on your curated-content blog.

But to make it work the best for you, You can also use it to build a targeted mailing list, and later on make money from eMail marketing.

You can add some AdSense ads and make money that way, But the big question is how do you make money with the content curation strategy without lifting a finger?

Well, that’s where TubeTraffic Machine comes into play.

TubeTraffic Machine is a 3-in-1 autopilot software that takes the hard, time-consuming tasks of curating content and monetizing it for you

It’s an extremely powerful WordPress plugin that will build you a viral “money site” like this in minutes filled with content and videos directly from Youtube on complete autopilot

within the site there are reserved ads placeholders that you can add your affiliate banners or promotions on.

When you click through to any of the autobuild pages you will also find other ads place holders within the auto generated content.

Curating content online when done right can be very profitable and the best part is you can do it using softwares without doing much after setting it up

Within the videos also there is an ads placeholder you can add if you choose. …giving you many opportunities to expose your affiliate offers

Hence increasing your chances of making money without doing shit.

You can pick up a cheap domain name for say a dollar or 2 and a basic hosting account for $5 and set up tube traffic machine to turn it into a money making site.

  • After creating your wordpress site you will first want to install the tube traffic machine software in seconds
  • Add a build in theme package and start customizing it as you wish by changing the theme layout, color, and logo,
  • You can also set your page ads with you affiliate images HTML codes or Google ads Codes
  • You can connect with youtube to automatically search for and drow in fresh viral videos from youtube to post on your website pages
  • The other buttons is to connect to the social accounts for instant sharing of your content.

With the tubetraffic Machine software  you can create eye catching ads that will show up when people are watching the videos on your site.

So Instead of sharing content you like on social-media sites, you can curate them at one place to let others see and discover it anytime.

This fun stuff will not only help you to create your own “Best stuff to read” place, but will also help you to make money out of it without doing anything

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