How to Make Money on YouTube with Rain Sounds 2021

How hard can it be to make a video like this and get it monetized on YouTube within 3 months

As you can see This video was made with just the sound of simply rain drop and a static image

In this video I am going to show you how to make easy videos like this without showing your face, or recording your voice

And yes if you are wondering, without any reuse or any copyright claims as well



Video Transcription

Meditation videos on YouTube have been tested over time and they are still proofing to be an easy way to make some side cash on YouTube

Here is an example of the type of meditation videos I am talking about just listern to this

These types of videos are easy to create because all you need is the sound and a looping image or a static one

That means you don’t have to warry about showing your face or record your voice in the video

Yeah you head that right, you don’t even have to show your face or record your voice, but the question now is where do you get the sounds and images to use when crating your videos?

now just a few years back you could easily create this types of videos by download any soothing free stock sound online, and add a looping video clip or an image to it using a video editor and that’s was it,

Now because of the nature of those types of videos, it didn’t take long for some creators to start automating the whole process by either reusing content or outsourcing the process

Of course YouTube has quickly coaught up with that and is now they are sanctioning channels that reupload or use reuse content on their platform

But if you can upload your own unique content there is nothing stopping you from making it with the meditation niche on YouTube

In this video I am going to walk you throw a channel that creates rain drop meditation videos, I am talking about a channel that was started just 3 months ago and its already monetized

We will be looking at how to find and where to get the sounds and images without worrying about reuse or copyright claims

And finally how to put all together, so your videos can start generating the views that will help Make you money in the long run

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Now When it comes to making meditation channels, what I have noticed is the channels that do well usually start off with a very targeted niche

I am talking about targeted niches like the the different sounds of the weather, waterfalls, water splashing on the shows and in this case rain drops

Even in the rain drop niche you can dig down to even subniches like rain drops on leaf’s, rain drops on roofs or on glass

The point is to upload a similar but unique sound, Of course as the channel grows you will have the option of uploading a variety of related videos

Lets look at the weather Kong channel for example, this is a channel that was created just a couple of months ago and its already monetized

And the simply reason for that is because many people still like to listen to this types of videos on YouTube.

As you can see these videos are generating thousands of views within a very short time which is an indication that there is still a high demand on YouTube for this types of videos

If you watch any of the videos again you will see that it contain nothing more than a simple rain drop sounds and a static image, so this channel doesn’t even use looping video footages as the case is with most of these types of videos

but where do you get images or looping video clips to use when creating your own meditation videos like this

Well its recommended to take your own images or record your own video clips to use but if you don’t have the means to do that for now you can start with sites like pixels or pixaby

These are open source platforms where you can download copyright images nd video clips for free

So you can head over to for example and make a search for rain drops

Below here you can select weather you want to use a static image of a looping video

To download any of these simply click on it and then on the download button, now because this is an open source platform, the videos are uploaded by many different people around the world with the permission to use however you want

So because its an open source you can be rest assured your video will not get any copyright claims

Now Another thing you will need when creating your video will be the sound.

Again because many creators where automating these types of video with royalty free sound they are being punished now by YouTube for reuse content and copyright

So where can you get sound that will be copyright free on YouTube, make sure to click the like button and keep watching if you will like to learn the recommended way of making meditation videos like this

Now when you look again at the weather kong channel videos, because its just a static image and the sound of rain drops which is typical of meditation videos like this, you can quickly rush to the conclusion that the video is the same as the meditation videos made a couple of years back right?

But that’s not really the case because creator like the creator of the weather kong channel do actually record the videos they upload on their channels

So they don’t use any free stock sound because that’s what will easily result to reuse content or copyright claims

now don’t get me wrong you can use free stock sounds and get away with it on YouTube without any copyright claims if you edit the sounds to make them your own

But if you don’t have the technical know how to remix sounds the next easiest way is to record your own sounds

I mean we are talking about recording the sound of rain here guys, how hard can that be.

Of course I know to be able to record high quality sounds you will need to have some complicated or expensive tools but YouTube has leveled fields

The basic audio recorder that is inbuild in most smart phone now a days will do a quality job for recording your YouTube meditation sounds

So when next the rain is falling where ever you are, don’t forget to pull out your phone, find a good position, stabilize the phone and hit record using your phones audio recording app

If you don’t have a recording app on your phone which I drought very much you can still go to Google plus and make a search for sound recorder and as you can see there are quite a good number of them to choose from

Now rain sounds is not the only types of soothing sounds that make people go to sleep or for meditation.t

The steady flow of a running stream can help many people wind down after the end of a long day.

whirring fan or the hum of an air conditioner when recorded well can also be use as a soothing sound,

you have ocean waves, you see For many people, the rhythmic crashing of water onto sand and rock can be meditative

You can also use Woods and wilderness sounds if that’s what you have access to

You can even use human voices, …Remember falling asleep as a kid to the sound of adult voices floating in from another room? Or the comfort of being read to while you drift off? For some people, the sounds of human voices remain a soothing sleep sound throughout their lives.

So as long as its a soothing sound you can give it a try and see how your viewers respond to it.

And with all that I will wrap up this video, I hope it did help if so, make sure to hit the like button below share the video on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button if you will like to be updated on YouTube automation tips