How to Make Money On YouTube with AI Software Quickly 2022

Did you know you can actually create a video from the point of writing the video script, recording the voice over and putting all together without you doing anything your self or breaking any sweet doing so

Yeah that’s right there are Ai software’s that will help you create video script in any topic and niche, turn the text to human sounding voices and then create a text to video that you can upload on YouTube and start making money from the videos

Here are examples of channels that are using some sort of ai software to create their videos and are now making money from them

Now if you ask YouTube creators what the hardest past of being a youtuber is, I guarantee you most will say writing their video scripts, recording them and putting all together to create an engaging video

Which is why there are some smart coders coming up every day with some smart Ai software to serve those needs

Here is a rundown of what we will be covering in this video

  • I will be showing 4 different ai software that will take you step by step to creating an engaging YouTube videos that will easily generate you AdSense cash and even affiliate commissions
  • I will also be showing you demo videos on how to use each of the ai software to achieve your Goal
  • And if you keep watching till the end of this video, I will show you a bonus software that you can use to double down on the amount of money you can make with each video you upload

Artificial intelligence makes it fast & easy to create content for your YouTube Channel, blog, social media, website, and more! Rated 5/5 stars in 1,000+ reviews

Text to Speech Ai Software




Video Script

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When it comes to making videos, video script is obviously the first step to think about before you start shooting your video:

You must turn your thoughts into a well-written script that will allow you to perfectly execute and communicate your ideas to the viewers.

But the problem is that most often we all turn to spend time looking at a blank page not knowing what to type in

That’s where the new Future of Writing video scripts come into play

with This Ai tool you can now scale content 5x more

Ai Software for Writing Video Script (Jarvis)

This tool makes it fast & easy to create content for your video script, social media, website, and more!

Just check out this short demo video clip on how Jarvis work

Watch video above

You will find the link to the Jarvis software in the description box below this video And by the way you don’t want to miss Breaking through the language barriers using the software

The second Ai software you can use to make your video is of Couse the text to speech software

Now if you don’t think text to speech videos don’t get monetized on YouTube, let me start by clearing out that doubt

I recently made and posted a whole video tutorial on how to make Reddit story videos in which I should you examples of reddit channels like this making money using just text to speech software

Listen to one of the videos on this channel for example

Audio video

Now with a tool like Speechelo you can create sounds that are better than what you just head

Here is an example of some of the human sounding voices on Speechelo


Now I will assume you have your video script using the Jarvis app and you have turned the script into a voice over using a text to speech software like speechelo, all that is left is putting all t create your video

Make sure to hit that like button if you will like me to show you how to find and use already created video clips and images that relates to your recorded text to speech voice over, without ever worrying about any copyright claims

The third Ai software that will help you put every thing together will be the invideo app.

I decided to use the invideo app because it also really make things easy when it comes to adding related images and video clips to match the voice over plus you can get started with the app today for free,

With this app all you have to do is select the Text to video option here,

Then your videos size which in this case is the landscape video size and invideo will display matching templates here below

next is selecting any of he templates here and the click on the use this template button

Here is where you want to copy and paste in the video script that was generated with the jarvis Ai software

For this I have already posted a video on this channel on how to make text to shorts videos using the invideo app so I will not go IN details again in this video

Again you will find the link to that video in the description box below this video

So check the Auto-Suggest Images or Videos option here and click on the nex button below

Invideo will now split the text you just add into video scenes that contains an image, or a video clip together with the video script text

Now all you have to do is re-edit any of the scenes as you see fit, so you can add video clips that relates to each scenes by just searching for the main keyword or phrase in the scene

So for example if I highlight this word and search for it, invideo will display all related media on that which can use to create my video

adding any choosen media is by simply dragging and dropping it is the media holder here

You can also edit the text by clicking on the edit button here and on the pop up that appears you will find all the necessary Text editing features like fonts, text color and so on

Now after you finish editing your Text to video, next is adding your voice over, Do you Still remember the text to speech Ai software, yeah this is where you will need to add the voice over you created with the text to speech software

And to do that here on invideo, you will need the advance editor, so click on the advance editing option here to be taken to the editor

Here is where you can upload your video voice over, after uploading it you will see it appear here below just click on it to be added to the video timeline

Here you can adjust the voice over audio to match the text and scenes you created with the standard invideo editor

Click on the download and share button here on the top right to download your video

Now that you have your videos created all that is left is uploading it on youtube, optimizing it and finally posting it

When it comes to the bonus I promised of doubling down on the amount of money you can make using Ai software


Its a web application compatible with both Mac, PC, and Mobile that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to not see results.

That’s because Storm does all the heavy lifting for you, every step of the way…

So whether you’re as green as grass newbie or an experienced marketer who isn’t seeing the results they want online, this will work out for you.

Just check out how to use the strom web app to easily create a WordPress website without paying for domain name or hosting

A side you can use to promote even more product to make even more money with your videos

just check this out…..

Again you will fine all the links to the Ai software mentioned in this video the description box below this video and with all that I will wrap up this video

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