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How to Make Money on YouTube Shorts using Pre Made Templates 2022

Making shorts videos using pre made video templates is one of the easiest ways to start a YouTube shorts channel and I’ll go through everything step by step so you can get started making YouTube shorts videos straight after watching.

YouTube Shorts if you still do not know are videos that are just a minute or less long and its designed to be uploaded from a phone

Now If you’d like a little help to get started with YouTube Short videos, you might want to get started with professionally made video template to make things really easy for you

Of course by using the shorts templates, you will not have to show your face or record your voice in the videos if you choose

The videos you will be making, will be you own unique videos, that means you will not by using another persons video or copying and pasting as its now known on YouTube Nothing of that sort, these will be your videos

You will also have the option at the back of all that to monetize the videos, however you want

So in this video I am going to show you where to get over 5000 premade video templates like this that you can use to create shorts videos easily

I am also going to be showing you how to use the short videos you create to make money on YouTube



Check Out The Invideo App

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Video Transcript

So to get started you will need the invideo app which is free to use but the free version comes with a watermark

However, you can easily remove the watermark by upgrading to the paid version, You will find the link to the invideo app in the description box of this video

Now when you get to the invideo home page, you will see by default the premade template option is already selected because they are assuming many people get started with templates

Below here you will see the different video dimensions you can choose from

You have the landscape YouTube video size, the Instagram video size and the TikTok or youtube shorts video size

Since we want to make shorts videos using pre made templates, you want to select the 19 by 6 vertical option

The click here to see all the available templates, next is making a search using the main keyword of the niche you want to target

by the way, you can do this in any niche, in this example I will be going with the weight loss niche

here are some examples of weight loss niches on YouTube doing the same thing

So you want to type in the targeted keyword of the type of video you want to create. In this case like i said is weight loss

You want to make sure again that the youtube shorts vertical video dimension is selected here at the top

Below here are all premade shorts template on the weight loss niche ready for you to use for free and customize and upload on YouTube as shorts videos without worrying about any copyright claims

Then you can use the videos to drive traffic to affiliate offers which is what is going to make you real money with your YouTube shorts video fast

Now you want to hover your cursor over the templates to preview the video, In the case of this example I will go with this template

Click on it and on the next page click on the use this template

Now invideo will import the template you choose to their video editor

So, as you can see this is the template I selected to use as my template to create a shorts weight loss video

As you can see here below invideo has given you some option to use while editing your video

You can open scene timelines and edit them individually, you can add a voice over if you choose and finally here you have the option to add more scenes

Now just watch a short clip of this template and after that I will show you how to edit the template to make your videos engaging for your viewers

So take a look at the premade template, and as it plays you can see there is some pre writen text, Images and videos all of which can be easily changed

Now since you want to make money with the short video you are creating, here is what you want to do.

Go to clickbank, Clickbank is basically an affiliate program that brings together product creators and affiliates like you and I together

Here you can find products in different niches get your affiliate link and start promoting the link online, if any person click on that link and buy the product you will make some commission

We will get to that a little later in this video, Now most of the products uploaded on clickbank usually have a JV page

JV pages, are pages created packed with content about the product for anyone who likes to promote the product to use for free without any copyright claims

So if I select the health and fitness category then search for weight loss in the marketplace here and filter the result by gravity, clickbank will now display all the top selling weight loss products on their platform

As you can see these are the commissions you can make by just selling any one of these products

But what you should first look for is if the product has a jv page, You will easily see if a product has a v page by an additional link below the product so this product for example this product has a JV or affiliate page link below and so is this and this

Lets just check out this smoothie diet for example, Now when you get to the affiliate page, what you should be looking for is if there are prewritten Articles about the product

So in this example they product owner is showing us the different platforms where people easily buy this product and here below you can see youtube

He shows you the demography that is more interested in the product and here below as you can see he also added PRESELL ARTICLES that we can use

These are the links to the article, so if we get to this link you will see that its a perfectly written post on the TOP 5 Reasons More Women Are Using Green Smoothies To Lose Weight, Boost Energy, And Look Years Younger 

Not all products create a post like this some product will just compile the articles in word file, either way you are getting content to use for creating your shorts video for free

So what you want to do next is copy some portions of this post and use as text in your shorts video

You want to start off with the topic of the post, copy it and go back to the invideo app select the first scene

Then double click on the text, highlight it and paste in or type in your new text which in this case is the title of the smoothie post

Now you want to also start copying and pasting the different reason More Women Are Using Green Smoothies To Lose Weight, You can use each reason to as a scene in the video

If you want to change an image or video clip in a scene, simply click on any of the options here that you want

Then search for the image or video content here using the keyword of the type of content you are looking for

So in this case its weight loss and as you can see there are many videos you can use to add into your video scenes

As you can see most of these videos here are for upgraded accounts but if you uncheck these two options invideo will display video clips that are free to use

If you don’t find an image or video clip to use, you also have the option of uploading your own content using the upload option here

The music option will help you with a free background sound to use in your video

Now if you come to the end of the template and you want to add more scenes simply click the template here on the left side and hover your cursor on any and here below you will see where to click and add the scene

You can also just click on the duplicate scene option here to add a scene

After you finish editing all your scenes you want to make sure the last scene is a call to action

a call to action is a form of advertisement that tells your target audience what they should do next after watching your video

So it can be that your viewers should subscribe to your channel or click a specific link in you video description

In this case since we want to make money with the video, you want to make your last video with a call to action like Lose weight in just 6 weeks! for example

Then when you are all done click on the download and share button to download your newly created video

Next is uploading the video on YouTube and giving the video an attention crabbing title here with the hashtag shorts, that will help youtube know your video is a shorts video

In the description area here you want to again add your call to action and the link to the product you are promoting

Now is the time we go back to clickbank and to the product we started out with and click on the promote button net to the product to get the affiliate link of the product

When you click on the promote button this pop up will appear, this is what you will use to generate your affiliate link

To do that click on the generate link button here and your link will be generated

Next is shortening the affiliate link you just generated because sometime youtube looks at this long links as sparm on their platform

You can use the bitly link shortened or any other one to shorten your link before adding it on youtube

Then you want to give your video some tags and you are ready to post the video

Now its just a mater of giving your video some time to start generating views and clicks that will lead to sales and some affiliate commissions in your bank account

And that’s all it takes to start making money on YouTube shorts using pre-made templates…with all that I will wrap up this video,

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