How to Make Money on YouTube #Shorts [Text to Shorts Videos]

YouTube shorts is still in its beta state but there are many creators already making money from it..

Shorts videos are really easy to make because for a start they are very short videos and you can make them without necessarily showing your face or recording your voice in them

If you have been looking for ways to make money on YouTube with out ever showing your face or even creating the video clips your self then text to shorts videos will be the way to go

By making and posting these short videos on YouTube, you will also be build a channel on YouTube that will start paying you hundreds of dollars every day or thousands yearly

To add on that, you can also promote products in your shorts video to make additional commissions as an affiliate

The only problem now is how to put all that together, In this video I am going to show you what software you can use to easily create your Text to shorts videos for free

I will walk you through the entire process of using the software to convert a text like this article post to a shorts video

I will show you, different places to get the Text for your videos without worrying about any copyright claims

We will be also be looking at some of the profitable niches that will help you easily start making money on YouTube with your shorts videos

Now if you keep watching till the end, I will also show you how to use your Text to shorts videos to duple down and make more money on YouTube

Video Script

But before we get into all that, if this is your first time to this channel and you are interested in making money on YouTube without ever showing your face on camera, you might want to check out my YouTube automation playlist that pops up on the top right of this video and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and lets get down to business

Now text to shorts videos if you still do not know are basically YouTube shorts videos that contains just text and some background music

So this is an example of a Text to shorts video, Now to start making a video Like this you will need a software like Invideo

You can use invideo to create videos of different sizes as you can see here, Invideo also have a ton of images videos clips and copyright free sounds that you can use to create your video

And the best part about the tool is that, its Free, if you will like to get Everything offered in the free plan pus additional options like not having the invideo watermark on your video after creating it,10 additional iStock media per month and all these other option then you can go for the business plan

You will find the link to the invideo app below this video and if you decide to use the business plan, the code beside the link will help cut this price to almost half

That means instead of paying 15 dollars you will be paying just ….

Now that you know what software you can use, lets now look at a profitable niche for your shorts video

To find out what niches are doing well on YouTube shorts, you want to make a search for your targeted keyword and then give it a gab and add a plus sign and then Hashtag shorts

So as you can see I use dogs here as my keyword, and if you look at the videos displayed you will see that they are getting lots of views within a short time and we all know that the more views your video gets the more money you will make

Another good example of a profitable shorts video niche is weight loss or make money online as you can see the shorts videos in these niche are all generating tons of views

So now that you know some of the most profitable niches to start with, How then do you use the invideo app to create a Text to shorts video?

Well for a start head over to the invideo Home page and at the top here you will find 3 template options to use

You have the option to use Pre-made Templates, text to video templates or just start from scratch using the blank template

Since we want to create a text to shorts video, you want to go with the second option here which is text to video

Next is selecting your video Dimension, and again there are 3 options, the wide, square and vertical sizes

You can use the wide option to create the normal landscape videos you find on YouTube, the square option can be used to create Instagram videos and of Couse you can use the vertical option to create TikTok or YouTube shorts videos….So i will go with the vertical option

Click on any of these text to video templates and then on the use this template blue button

Now the invideo app will give you three options to add your text into the editor

You have the option to copy and paste the text you want to use there and as you can see this is the recommended option

Another option is to add your text using the link to the text online, that means if its a blog post like this all you have to doo is copy the link and add it here

The last option is to upload the text directly from your device, in this case I am going to use the copy and paste option here

But first where do you get the text needed for your vidoes without any copyright claims?…

Make sure to give this video a like, if you will like me to show you where you can get copyrighted free text to use

The most common way creators use is Google, simply make a search for the type of content you need on Google and select any article to use

List articles, that is articles that is made up of a list, is usually the best to use because since shorts videos are only minute long, you can just use only the listed topics to make each scene in your video

Take for example if I search for say dog training tips on Google you will see that there are some list post here, lets go with this (which is titled the 10 Dog Training Tips for First Time Pet Owners

Now what you want to do next is copy the title of the post and paste it in the invideo app where it says Add Headline

By the way its always best to tweak the original title a bit, the idea here is to give your video a title that is searchable but still enticing your viewers to click on it

For the story area here, you can just copy the list topics and add them here,

So in this case I will go back to the post and copy the first dog training tip, head over back to the invideo app and paste it here at the top

Now copying just the short tips like this will help eliminate any possibility of copyright claims from this blog owner

Another way is by using a plr articles, So you can go to any PLR website like the ID PLR website or the weekly rights website, these are all plr website where you can get free articles on your chosen niche for free without any copyright restrictions

Now in cases where you add a short sentence to explains your tips, It is best to always type out your sentences in short phrases or just split the tips

you want to also make sure you have the Autosuggest images/videos, checked before clicking on the next button below to be taken to the editing page

Here is where the real editing begins, As you can see invideo has gone and split the text I add into scenes

Each scene containing an image or video clip, the text I added, and each of the elements can be edited individually

So you want to go through the scenes and see if you want to do any changes to your text.

You can preview each and every scene or the whole video. Click on the play button on each scene or preview all at the top.

To edit your text click on the edit here and you will be take to this text editor, double click on the text and and now you can change the text

You can use the toolbar at the top if you want to bold, highlight the text and all that

If you wish to shorten the scene, you can do that by dragging and moving this timeline bar to the left .

When you are ready hit Save located at the top right-hand corner, and it will bring you back to all the scenes.

Sometimes if your text is too long you will get this red message here saying “Text is too long Split suggested”

to split the text simply come here where the text is, put your cursor where you want the split and hit the enter button on your computer

the text will be split into another short phrase and the red warning will be gone

alternatively you can duplicate the scene and split the text between the two scenes.

Now you want to Go through each and every scene and do the changes required;

You want to change or add images, change text or shorten the scene

If you donĀ“t like the auto-suggested images or video clips, you can click on the video or image tap here on the left-hand toolbar, and replace the image.

You can use the search bar here to look for more images or videos depending on which you want to add in your video.

Another easy way to add media to your scenes is by highlighting the keyword in that particular scene and select either to search for video or images containing the keyword

Now to get the free Media on this app simply uncheck these two paid options and you will see free video clips or images that relates to what you are searching revealed

For the video clips you can preview them by just hovering your mouse over any and if you want to use any in your shorts video simply drag and drop it in this media holder here and this pop up will appear

Again you can shorten the video content by dragging it to the left

Now since the Image or video clip is in the center of the video template you can position the Tips at the top and a sentence that explains the tip at the bottom

If you wish to shorten the scene, you can do that by dragging and moving this timeline bar to the left and when you are finished click on the done button below

Alternatively, you can use the Upload button here to import your own images or short video clips… Then drag and drop to replace what’s in the scene.

You can add more than one image to each scene, depending on the length.

To Change the audio that comes with the template you choose, you can click on the music option here on the left and select any of these music categories and finally select any of the sounds by hovering your cursor over the select music and then clicking on the plus sign next to it

When you have updated all the scenes and you have watched the preview and you think its good, you can now download the video.

The free version of invideo only allows you to download the 720p video size however This size is OKAY to upload to YouTube Shorts.

Next, hit Export and wait for the video to download.

After downloading your video you want to now head over to YouTube and upload it just like you will do any regular video

On the editing page you want to add the video Title plus and this is very important Hashtag Shorts because that’s what YouTube needs to categorize your video a shorts video

That’s basically all you need to know to start getting your text to shorts videos on YouTube, and again the more shorts videos you upload the more views you will get which will also translate to making money on YouTube

now if you are interestedĀ  in doubling down on the amount of money you can make with this video, you will need to find a product that relates to the content of the video

Get your affiliate link of the product and paste it here below in the description area

Make sure to check out the link to the videos on how to find top selling products on click bank and Amazon in the description box below this video

So lets say I was looking for a product to promote for my dog train shorts video on clickbank

The Brain Training For Dogs is a good product I would go with, the gravity score is high and the payout per sales is not bad

To get the affiliate lin of this product simply click on the promote button and on the pop up that appears you can use it to generate the link

Again make sure to check out the video links below on how to use the links…so after pasting your product link in the shorts description area all you have to do next is follow he necessary unscreen steps to post your shorts video to the public

With the number of views that shorts videos generate, there is a high chance that it will not take long before you make your first sales

And that’s all you have to do to start making money on YouTube with text to shorts videos

I hope this was helpful, if so hit the like button below share on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video