How to Make Money on Pinterest with Amazon

How to Make Money on Pinterest with Amazon

Depending on your niche, and your level of commitment There are two ways anyone can make money on Pinterest with Amazon

When you visit any social platform online like Facebook,Instagram or Pinterest as an affiliate marketer there is only one thing you are looking on the platform and that is “TRAFFIC” .

For you as an affiliate to make money you need traffic and Pinterest has plenty.

In this post I am going to walk you through two different strategy you can use to make money on pinterest with Amazon as an affiliate marketer even if you are just starting out today.

The screen shot below will show you the amount of free traffic I get monthly from just one of my Pinterest account. Over 600 views, well that is very low when compared with the influencer on the platform.

But actually I am happy with it because its traffic I generated passively from the videos I post from my youtube channel.

How to Make Money on Pinterest

I did not noticed I was even getting views from pinterest because I hardly visited the site.

All I did was, after posting my videos on youtube, I will go to the share button below the video and pin it on this account on pinterest.

I did not optimize the post, Just one click every time I posted a new video and overtime now I am benefiting from the passive traffic generated.

Here is what some influencers are getting

pinterest viewers

Recently I head instagram was

Now recently I head over the new that pinterest was prepares for an initial public offering (IPO) expected in April.

That got me thinking…So all these noise i have been hearing about pinterest is actually working .

So I got down to down to work and started checking my accounts. That’s how I discovered I was getting traffic from pinterest without knowing.

It wasn’t long after that as I kept doing more research that I came across affiliates making money on the platform using Amazon.

That got me interested and I decided to put up a few campaigns of my own.

Let me now walk you through what I did so you can get yours set up today.

Sign Up with Amazon Associate

You will first need to have an Amazon Associate account because we will be using Amazon as our affiliate network.

Which means we are going to be promoting Amazon products. If you don’t have an Amazon associate link here is how to get an account easily.

Amazon require you to have your own website/blog before accepting you as their affiliate. However, there are plenty of affiliate programs you can use to make money on pinterest.

But since we are dealing with Amazon in this post You will need to sign-up with them. The terms and conditions on Amazon apply, so read them carefully when signing up.

After signing up, you’ll receive unique links to place inside your Pinterest Pins. Now if a follower clicks on the link, you’ll be compensated for any orders that individual places on Amazon.

The most important way to make sure your Pins are showing up in your audience’s search results is by creating captions that are carefully crafted to include your key search terms.

How to Use Pinterest to Find Relevant Keywords

Keywords should be the foundation for your Pinterest marketing strategy. That’s how the viewers as well as the search engines will find your pins.

Did you know that Pinterest is actually one of the world’s largest search engines next to Google and Youtube?

Many people search on Pinterest for anything and everything and many prefer going to Pinterest over going to Google to find their answers.

But, how do you find keywords to place in your Pinterest descriptions?

Let’s assume we are going to create a pinterest account on cooking. What I have been doing to build my pinterest affiliate campaigns is this.

I usually start off by making a keyword research using the pinterest keyword tool hidden in the ads area.

How to Use Pinterest Ads to Find Keywords

Similar to researching keywords on Adwords or Facebook Ads, you can use Pinterest Promoted Pins Ad platform to discover popular keywords and long tail phrases.

Since I will assume you already have a verified Business account on Pinterest (find how to do that here), you have access to the Ad creation tool.

You will find a link to “Ads” on your toolbar to the left of your search box.Click on it and then on create ads from the drop down options

Select a campaign goal and create a name and target time and cost for your campaign.

You don’t need to follow through with the ad, once you have completed your research you can stop it there or delete it later.

On the next step you will see the “Keywords ” box. Enter a keyword and you will start seeing suggested phrases listed under the search box.

You will also receive suggestions of long tail phrases with related keywords and high monthly searches. click to add selected suggested keywords to your list.

I usually select 5 to 10 of such long tail keywords. The idea here is to create pinterest boards around each of the selected keywords.

How to create Pinterest Boards that will make you money with Amazon

Unlike Instagram posts, Pins on pinterest are organized in Boards.
Boards are extremely important and you cannot save Pins without a Board.

Basically, your Pinterest profile is made up of Boards. The Boards should be based on a themes or categories. It will not make sense to create random Boards.

What I do is, I use the selected keywords that I got from the pinterest keyword tool to build my account boards.

So for example following the example in the image above on Cooking, you can create a board on, cleanfoodcrush recipes, cooking and recipes, fideo recipe cooking.

To start creating your first board, simply navigate to your profile by clicking your name and/or profile picture on the top-right hand corner of Pinterest.

Under the board tab, click on the plus sign on the left to start creating your board.

On the pop up that appears enter in the name of your board. Now when naming your board, make sure it contains one of your targeted keywords.

So in the case of our example, on the first board I will name it something like “cleanfoodcrush recipes”.

Now after creating your board usually pinterest will display other pins that are related and ranking well on the platform.

At this point I usually just repin the first top 10 pins related to the board I just created.

Now the reason for doing is to further optimize the new board with related phrase.

The pins you repin in your boards come with other related long tail keywords. Having more related content within the new board will make the search engines immediately start understanding what the board is all about.

Every possibility to make things easy for the search engine will only go a long way to help your pins rank high on pinterest as well as the other search engines.

How to Create a Pinterest Pin Viewers Will Flock To

Every time you pin something on Pinterest, your aim should be to get as many people as you can to see your pins. This increased exposure will lead to more repins, likes, comments and clicks, which can help increase the number of traffic to your promotion. 

To create your first pin, you will need an image. You can either design you pinterest post using any image editing tool of your choice. Canva seems to be the most popular image editing tool most people on pinterest use.

I am just going to show you how I use the images of the product I promote from Amazon to create my pins since that what we are dealing with in this post.

What I normally do when I want to add an Amazon promotions in my board I go to Amazon make a search using the main keyword of the board.

Select from among the search result products that are close related to the board with high Amazon review rates.

The review rates is an indication that the product convert. You always have to check if a product is converting before promoting it as an affiliate.

After selecting my product I download and save the image in my drive. Now if you don’t like the image you can design your own image (recommended approach)

Then you want to get the link to the product before heading back to Pinterest to start optimizing your promotion pin (You know the pin that will make you money).

YOu can find the Amazon affiliate link for any selected product on amazon above on the page.


Optimizing your Pinterest Pin for Higher rankings and views

By clicking on the “Create Pin” from your Pinterest profile page, it will bring you to a pin-creation form similar to the image shown below.

Make money with Amazon

The first thing you’ll do is upload an image to represent your pin.

At this point I simply upload the product images downloaded from Amazon or one designed by you.

With your image successfully uploaded, it’s time to optimize your pin with appropriate text and keywords.

How to use second Pinterest keyword tool

To optimize a pin you will need to have keywords that are related to the keyword you are targeting in your board.

Here is were the Pinterest search bar comes into play. Type in your board targeted keyword in the search bar and take not of all the suggested phrase pinterest offers.

To upload an image file from a folder on your computer, simply click the gray box and select the image file from the window that appears on your screen. You can also drag the image file itself directly into this gray box.

Here is an example of suggested phrases using the keyword I am targeting for the first board created(cleanfoodcrush recipes)

pinterestkeyword suggestions

After collecting the suggested keyword phrases I usually use one in my Pin Title and the rest in the description.

So for the Title for example I will use the Product Title and the add a bar (|), then one of the suggested phrase.

I also use a piece of content from the product page( product description or reviews) as my description together with the rest of the suggested phrases.

The next thing to add is the link. Simply copy and paste in your affiliate link for the product, choose your newly created board and your done.

When visitors click on the image after posting, it will take them directly to the product page on Amazon.

Does Amazon Allow Their Affiliate Links On Pinterest? 

Does Amazon Allow Their Affiliate Links On Pinterest

There has been arguments between affiliate marketers for long about whether Amazon allow their links on Pinterest.

Pinterest on the other hand also doesn’t accept affiliate links.

Now, I have come across many Amazon affiliates using their affiliate links directly from Pinterest to Amazon.

If that’s not enough to convince you to use Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest here is a post from Amazon itself about Pinterest.

Amazon doesn’t want you to open an account with them solely to promote affiliate links on Pinterest!

Furthermore, you need to also add into your “Site List”, along with your blog(s).

How about Pinterest? Do they allow affiliate links?

In the past, Pinterest removed Affiliate Links from its platform because spammers were abusing them.

Now that Pinterest’s spam detection system is more sophisticated, Affiliate Links are back just not redirect links.

Here is a post from Pinterest all about that here.

I hope that will all help to clarify all of your doubts on this question.

Now if you are to scared of losing your amazon affiliate account because you are linking directly from Pinterest here is what to do.

Simply use some text or write a short text about the product on your website, a video content abt the product will also work well.

You can also add the image of the product together with your amazon affiliate link on the page as a call to action. Link to the page from Pinterest so visitor will first visit the post on your website before clicking to Amazon to make the purchase.

This way converts better that the first or direct linking because it presell visitors.

If you are not using a website because you don’t have the money to pay for domain name and hosting make sure to check this out.

How To Create a Website with Free Domain & Hosting To Grow Your Online Business

How to make money on pinterest with amazone

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