How To Make Compilation Videos On YouTube Without Copyright

Have you ever wanted to use someone else´s video clip or audio clip in your own YouTube video but you´re worried that it could backfire?

In this video I´m going to show you how to make compilation video on YouTube without EVER worrying about copyright.

Now There are a few things you have to keep in mind when making your compilation videos on YouTube a success

haven said , its important to note that what I am going to show you is not a bulletproof method that you can set and forget.

The whole purpose is to always make every piece of your compilation video and audio content that you use in your compilation videos rightfully yours by simply transforming it into something new.

To be able to transform your compilation videos into something new you need to follow these 5 step process


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Video Script

So the first thing you have to keep in mind when making a compilation video on YouTube is to understand what copyright is on YouTube

Understanding copyright on YouTube is key for succeeding as a compilator on the platform.

Now although there are many YouTubers that have done a good job at explaining what fair use is, I still had to do my own research just to make sure.

you see Fair use law is a creation of lawyers and the courts, YouTube uses it just as a guideline for determining whether or not they take down a video or not.

Remember, YouTube is a company, not a court, its main objective is to not get sued, so it´s in your own best interest and theirs to comply with fair use.

So here´s what I learned when it comes to transforming or making your video compilation fall under the YouTube fair use guidelines

First you have to do your best to use short clips from the original copyrighted content

for this there are no hard-and-fast rules for how long the clip should be, haven said that the shorter the video clips the better,

the clips you take from the original work can be one second, two seconds, ten seconds, or even thirty seconds long, all that can still work, you just have to make sure you include the other tips I am going to show you

Secondly you have to transform the original work, so when trying to transform the original work, you want to add some comments on the original work by use your own audio clip, or using different tiny video clips from various sources.

The third thing I learned when tying to make your compilation fall under the YouTube fair use guideline is to go Out of context

so as long as you change a video clip original meaning and use it to your own advantage, whatever that maybe, you´ll be transforming it and therefore you shouldn´t be allowed to get any YouTube copyright claims

The fourth and last thing to do to make your compilation fall under the YouTube fair use guidelines is to give Attribution to the original content owner

now If you use these tips as your main guidelines and follow some of the techniques that I´m going to share with you in a second, then you´ll be protected from any copyright claims

So the fun of transforming a content starts from the point of finding the best copyrighted content to use as your base

when it comes to finding the best copyrighted content to use s your base content that you want to transform, its best to look for content that is not so popular or on platforms that not many people are using

You see when a video clip content has been used multiply times in other videos on YouTube even if its not copyrighted it becomes reuse content which will easily lead to a copyright claim

That’s because reuse content too on YouTube is not allowed, so its recommended to use videos clips that hasn’t been used by other creators

You can find such content on Archive websites like Prelinger Archive or on the YouTube alternative site vimeo

You can also find video clips to use on specific sites by typing the word site, followed by a colon then the website url and then hit space and type the keyword of the type of content you are looking for

Take for example you can type in site colon and tiktok dot com give a space and the the keyword dancing to get tiktok videos on dancing or ust go to the tiktok app and make a search for dancing videos

When you get the videos you want to look for videos with less than 10k views or reactions that way you will be confident not many people have used the video to make an impact on YouTube

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Now, I didn´t even mention YouTube Creative Common videos because I assumed that most of you are already pretty familiarized with that option, but just in case, for those that didn´t know.

YouTube is another very large source of free video clips that you can easily use.

Just by filtering out videos close to the search bar you can find videos in any sort of topic you like, and they´ll be 100% cost-free.

Here´s how, first you want to type in the keyword you are looking video for and then filter the results by clicking on creative common and tada YouTube will display videos that have copyright free content that you can use

The next tip on transforming the original content you want to use is by adding your “Own” Audio Clips

One of the most important step you should take when transforming an original copyrighted content is to edit the audio.

Usually You can get a copyright claim both for your audio as well as your video clip, so you want to make sure you edit both if you don´t want to have problems when you want to monetize your compilation videos

Now, to make your “own” audio clip from another person´s audio or simply use audio that you know is copyright free here´s what you can do.

First, take that audio clip of the original content and speed it up a bit, it doesn´t need to be that much, the point is to make it a little different from the original

Then, you can start adding your own recorded audio clips, maybe even using a song that is copyright free to use to create a mash-up.

The point is to create something new, different, unique in order to avoid any sort of claims later on.

If you don´t want to have any issue with your audio then I would suggest you use creative commons licensed material, there are great audio clips that are 100% free to use on youtube

Just head over to your channel creator studio page and on the right side here click on the audio library here and you will find music sounds and sound effects without any copyright claims that you can use

You can also search or filter the sounds by clicking here and selecting any of these sound types

Another easy way to transform the audio of any original clip, if you don’t want to record your own voice is by writing out what you want to say in the video and the use a human text to speech software like wellsaidlabs(

I recommend this service because the voice overs really do sound like human voices as oppose to the other software just listen to how one of the voice overs sound

Voice over here ( you will find the link to this software in the description box below this video)

Actually You can find that with audio there are much more options you can take advantage of to take your compilation videos to the next level.

Now that you have the content you want to use for your next video and you´ve selected the audio you know it can work with your type of content it´s time to start working on your video clips by doing some simply yet effective video editing

Effective video editing will include adding things like sound effects, Zooming into portions that require zooming into, and remember to always use short video clips from the original content

these are some effective editing things you can do to help make your videos unique hence transforming the video as required by the youtube fair use guidelines

Now to make sure your compilation video doesn’t have any copyright claims before publishing it, you have he option to schedule it when uploading it and leave it on schedule for an hour

during this time YouTube will let you know which portions of your uploaded video has a copyright claim.

if you receive a copyright claim on your video, the first thing you should do is to checkout what time stamp was the video copyrighted at, meaning the exact portion of your clip that is being claimed.

Next is to go back to your editing tool and correct that portion by following the tips I already shared with you in this video before reuploading it again on YouTube

Now the final thing I will like you to keep in mind when making your compilation videos for YouTube is How To Make Money With the Videos

Thats right, you´ve probably seen those compilation videos about sport fails, funny tiktok type of videos, and so on, and with the number of views those videos get

you could easily picture a clear image of how much money they are making.

But, for the sake of argument, here´s a good example of a compilation channel AdSense revenue

Obviously AdSense is one of the main sources of revenue on YouTube, but as a second monetization option you can always add affiliate marketing to make some additional passive income with your videos

you can easily grow a sizeable amount of money if done correctly just by adding Amazon associate program into the mix

Now to conclude once you´ve mastered the art of making these compilations videos, it will no longer take you much time.

you will easily start creating one video a day and with that exponentially grow over time.