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How to Live Stream Pre Recorded Video YouTube

Did you know LIVE Videos are a thing now!

From celebrities to your regular friends, everyone is doing live videos

Businesses owners and online marketers are catching up on the trend too. Every day you’ll see big brands like Coke, McDonalds, Amazon and more, going live and engaging with their audience.

But as a solopreneur marketer, with so much to juggle around, it can sometimes be difficult to ACTUALLY be live with your audience as much as you like

In this video I will be introducing you to a simple to use web based tool that will not only help you easily live stream on youtube and other social site, It will also help you go live with a pre-recorded video…. all that and much more coming up

Judging from the reviews of those using live reel it is hard not to think the the tool does what it claims

However, this does not mean it is necessarily a good option for you because it is honestly not for everyone. So you need to know what to expect from the live reel before getting it

Why go live on just one platform when you can go live on all of them, together and reach a broader audience using any video on your hard-drive as a LIVE video.

LIVEreel is the only software that lets you do this and more.

The truth is if you’re not using LIVE Videos today, you’re missing out!

Let me ask you this ….what’s the best way to get customers attention while they’re quickly scrolling away on their social media feed? ofcourse Live videos

People love live videos. The feel the sense of connection with LIVE videos and engage with them…liking, commenting, sharing, tagging, retweeting and favoriting!

PLUS most social networks with LIVE videos, instantly notify your audience base when you go live. That’s instant FREE targeted traffic to your videos that you can convert into leads and sales within minutes!

Live videos on youtube rank high on the search results which will just add to your free targeted traffic

But being a marketer, with so much to do, it’s some times not easy to ACTUALLY be live with your audience as much as you would like. Being live takes a lot of time, practice and you need to be good at presenting yourself well.

Plus there are all those other issues with live videos, especially when you want to share your screen or something other than yourself on the camera.

LIVEreel solves all that and more! with live reel you can Quickly and Easily Go Live on 15 different social networks

You can also Use your pre-recorded video to do live-casting on all the 15 social networks at once.

Simply choose a pre-recorded video, select all the social networks you wish to go live on and click Go-Live…that’s all you have to do!

Here is a demo video on how to live stream a pre recorded video on youtube using live reel

LIVEreel is a 100% whitehat live video distribution app and in no ways violates any TOS, making sure your accounts are fully safe.

With over 100s beta testers and 6 months in research and development, LIVEreel is a stable product that is here to stay for a long run

If you thing Live reel is a tool you will like to add in your marketing asernal then you will find the link to the official website with all these bonuses in the description box bellow this video.

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