There’s a certain stigma about affiliate marketing that has led people to believe they can’t do it without a website. Which has also led to the question, Can you make money with affiliate marketing, without a website?

Well the simple answer to that is yes you can let me explain

Although many marketers have proven that a website or blog is the most sure and secure way to succeed at affiliate marketing, you actually can start off as an affiliate marketer without a website

The simple reason for that is because the key to affiliate marketing is knowing how to send people who have a problem on a specific topic to a product that will help them solve their problem.

As long as you know how to get people to click on your affiliate links and make a purchase on a sales page, you’re good to go.

In this post I am going to walk you through different ways to get started with affiliate marketing without a website


Now if you’re interested in doing affiliate marketing but a bit hesitant because you don’t have a website or blog, well I’ve got some good news for you. you can

Just Keep in mind, though, that the best way to succeed is through a combination of platforms, including a website and blog.

Consider the following methods I am going to show you as great ways to get started without a website


Now I have mentioned this several times in other videos on this channel that YouTube is the best way to get started as an affiliate without a website

When a YouTuber points to a box on the screen asking you to click on a link, or when they tell you to use a specific code on a website to get a discount.

Actually pretty much any unboxing or “reveal” videos are all affiliate marketing videos right there.

Now Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t need to be a YouTube star with thousands of followers to be able to do affiliate marketing on the platform.

As long as the videos you create and post on YouTube are informative, useful, and creative, you should have no trouble making money as an affiliate

Actually that’s how I got started too. After failing trying to run a website because of the monthly fees that was adding without me making a single sale as an affiliate I was forced to start out without a website and YouTube was my solution

Now I have a website where I promote affiliate offers and build an email list all thanks to YouTube.

With all that being said, Google love videos, which is why they have their own section on the search engine, As you can also see on most searches that you make on google there is often a YouTube video at the top of the search result

Which means affiliate marketing with YouTube can still be extremely profitable. Now the problem on YouTube is that you need to create content that is related to whatever you are promoting.

Now Creating content usually is easily said than done, to create a YouTube video for example you need to research the topic of your video, create and film the video content, edit it before optimizing it for posting on YouTube

As if that was not time consuming enough, you have to promote the video on other platforms after it goes live on YouTube.

Now what if there is a tool that can helps you create the content and embed your affiliate links all over the content?

Well, actually you will be surprised at what is out there online, Raiid for example is a new software created to help affiliate marketers just starting out to start making money with affiliate marketing without a website



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