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How to Get more Views on YouTube with Pinterest

When you think of Pinterest, do you think of videos? Videos started appearing on Pinterest as promoted pins and as pins from Youtube.

But there are many more ways to use Pinterest to post and promote your youtube videos.

Google is the most used search engine in the world, followed by Youtube as the second largest search engine, which Google owns.

Pinterest is also as powerful for discovering content online, with over 600 million visual searches every month.

So It makes sense to promote your content on Pinterest as another avenue of discovery.

There are three different methods for promoting youtube videos on Pinterest. I’m going to share them with you, as well as the pros and cons of the different methods so you can choose which one works best for you.

The first method is by using the pinterest button under the share tab below your videos after posting it on youtube

So after posting your video on youtube you want to click through and go to

Click on the share button below the video and from the pop up that apears look for the pinterest button and click on it.

That will now take you to this pinterest page where you have to properly set up your pin

Now, here is the limitations to this method.

Using the pinterest button will limit how you optimize your pin for high rankings on pinterest.

I have head some creators say pinterest pulls the video data although it doesn’t show it but we can’t know that can we?

So all you have to do next to complete your posting using the pinterest button is by selecting the borad you want to post your video on

if you like to learn how to do Keyword Research on Pinterest and use the keywords to create boards and optimize your pinterest account then make sure to check the video link that pops up on the top right of this video.

So if you have board already created on your account you can simply select one and save your video pin on

Another limitation to this method is the thumnail or pin image

Usually on pinterest the long and large image pins perform much better than the small youtube video thumbnail

However if you don’t have the time to create attractrive pin images you can just go with this method. I also use this method a lot beacuse of limited time.

Put as you can see when I have the time or on my most important videos or money making videos I use the large image pins because I can optimize it for high rankings both on pinterest and on Google which can earn up bring in organic views for a long time to come

But before we get into all that let me show you the second method which is uploading a teazer native video on pinterest

This is thesame strategy as one of the methods I showed you on promoting your videos on facebook.

In that video I showed you how you can get the first half of your video and upload it as a native video to promote the full video on youtube.

So, You want to create a video that is just 1 minutes long because that is the maximum pinterest allows on their platform as native videos for now.

Now here is a cool tip since the video thumbnail on pinterest are animated after posting the video you want to use either images and text that will attract your targeted audience on pinterest

Interested Viewers will click through for more which you can refare them to your main youtube video on youtube for more

Take for example Say you made a video on 10 best wireless headphones you can post a minute long clip from the video about one of the headphones and at the end add something link you don’t want to miss the next 9 wireless headphones

Click the link below to check it out something like that. You could use text and end your video with that.

The point is to always add a call to action

This method can be time consuming but can really pay off in terms of views to your video since all social sites now turn to promote native videos across their platforms.

Facebook does it with their facebook live videos twitter does it and so does pinterest.

If you haven’t noticed yet videos is taking over the net.

Now, how to upload your teazer video pin is another impportant part here since it has to do with optimization for search not only pinterest search but also Google search

So affter creating your video simply drag and drop it here and start optimizing it.

Check out the video link in the cards area for a video on How to do Keyword Research on Pinterest

So you want to give your video a title that includes your targeted keyword a description and on pinterest you can add some keywords here too

You have up to 500 charaters to use here so you want to make sure to take advantage of it because that will help you with your Google rankings

Now here is whats important pinterest also gives you a feature to add an external link if viewers what more of the teazer video

So here you can add the video link you want to promote and select the grup you want to post your video on and you are done.

The most popular way to promote any type of content on pinterest is the last method we are going to look at

I have already shown you an example of this method which involve using just images prefarably the long and large images

This type of images because they ocuppy a lot of space and if deigned well, they tern to stand out easily on pinterest

You can use canva to design your images, I also have a video link in the cards area that will show you how to create simple but attractive long pins on canva

Make sure to check it out if you are interested

After crating your images just like we did with the video drag and drop or simply upload it on pinterest, optimize it with a video title description and tags

again just like we did with the video method select your bord and post your pin.

This method of using custom made images is in my opinion the easiest and effective way of promote your videos on pinterest for free simply because you are uploading a native content an image, and optimizing the image for top ranking

Above all the image stands out among other image sizes on the platform

Now there are many different ways to get views to your videos from pinterest but if you are looking for free organic views and you are just starting out, these are the best ways to promote your videos on pinterest

Ofcourse pinterest is not the only platform you can use to promote your videos…which is why I have created a list of platforms you can use to promote your videos for free and get views

Click Here to check it out