How to Get More Views on your First YouTube Video

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Marketers who use YouTube are often out and about online looking for ways to generate more views to their videos.

Although views is not the only metrics that determines the success of a video, generating a decent number of views for your videos is something that you should definitely try to achieve on youtube

After all, what’s the point of uploading a video, if nobody is going to watch it, right?

In this post we’ll be looking at some tactics that you can start using to generate more views for your YouTube videos

Create great video content

If you want your videos to get more views and greater search results, you must first and foremost create a great or valuable video content

The truth is If you can create a great or valuable video, generating more views to your videos will be a heck of a lot easier.

People will share your video content on social networks if it is a good video, so basically your viewers will end up helping you to do a lot of the promotional work for your video

Now Since I don’t know your business or the type of audience you want or are targeting on youtube – I can’t tell you exactly what you should be doing, in order to create a great video

But What I can tell you is this – great content is often content that provides value.

So providing value in your videos should be your guiding principle when it comes to getting more views to your video

If you want to learn how to provide value, you have to learn more about your audience – and, more specifically, what they like.

You can take a look at other YouTube videos in your niche that are getting more views and create a better videos that provide more value and deeper levels of insight

A simple little tip to use when trying to add value to a video is by going through the comments of the video to See if there’s anything that the audience felt was missing in the video, so you can add in your video

for example you can add value to this video by creating the same video with a checklist of the steps on how to get more views on your first youtube video ….you see how simple it can be to add value to a similar content and make it unique.

It shouldn’t be hard to create better videos, when using other videos as inspiration.

If you have done a good job with creating great content that meets people’s needs, you’ll find that more views to your video will be easier to come by.

Remember, YouTube is a media site that wants to improve their user experience.

And the best way that they can do that is by presenting their audience with content that is great.

If you end up creating a video content that provides value, it will get an increased number of comments, shares and likes which are also ther metics youtube uses to rank or suggest videos on their platform.

Next is Optimize your video

Optimizing your video will help the video appear when it should and where it should on youtube search and related video suggestions

If you want to optimize your video, there are four things that you must pay attention to, you have the video title, descriptions, tags and Thumbnail

If you’ve created your video around a particular keyword, you want to make sure that your video title clearly explains that your video covers the keyword in question.

So, if I created a video, based on the keyword ‘how to lose weight for example,’ my video title might be…something like “how to lose weight in the next 7 days

As you can see the the main targeted keyword how to lose weight is still within the video Title and the last part of the video title is just to entice viewers to click through

Now, let’s take a look at the description

Your aim, with the description, should be to just clearly describe what the video is about and what people will learn as a result of watching it.

Although video description are important, you shouldn’t get too stressed out about it.

here is a basic checklist for writing your video descriptions, first if you want to add links to your videos, you may want to put that at the top of the video description area

You want to include the keyword your video is targeting within the first few sentences of your description

You also want to add some related keywords within the description area and you are good to go.

What’s important is providing the story behind your video, what it covers and what people will learn as a result of watching.

If you want to do something that will improve user experience, consider providing ‘time stamps’ in your description, so that people can quickly get to interesting sections of a video.

Optimizing your video Tags

For the tags,you want to provide some keywords that relate to the topic of your video.

When tagging your videos try to use very closely related tags because if the tags are not closely related you’ll lose your target audience and dilute search results data.

Picking the right tags will help your video appear in the ‘suggested videos’ section, when someone is watching a related video.

Make sure to check out the video link that pops on the top right for a video on how to use the tubebuddy tool to find related tags for your videos

One of the simplest yet effective actionable tip to get more views to your video is by creating a custom thumbnails.

Think of your title and thumbnail as a sort of one-two punch to grab a viewer’s attention.

Now By default, YouTube takes screenshot from any given part in your video and uses it as the thumbnail.

Unfortunately, sometimes the screenshots that youtube recommends you use as your video thumbnail might be a blurry shot or a transition shot …..which ofcourse will not help your video get more views because it simply doesn#T LOOK GOOD

Creating thumbnails yourself not only makes your videos look more appealing at a glance but also signals a certain sense of professionalism.

Creating thumbnails don’t have to be rocket science, either. You can even create a template with a particular font and style to make it more consistent and on-brand.

This is made especially easy with the help of image creation tools such as Canva.

But creating custom THUMBNAILS is HARD and you have to be a designer or hire one in order to get people to CLICK…

That’s why tools like thumbnail blaster exists.

Thumbnail blaster is a web based software that will create Attention-Grabbing & CLICK Pulling Thumbnails For Any Video With LITERALLY 3 Clicks

If you can point and click…You’ll Be Able To Easily Create World Class, High Converting Thumbnails with thumbnail blaster

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