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How to Get Free Traffic from Instagram [Free Traffic Source loophole]

You know that Expecting to make money online without traffic is like expecting a plant to grow without being watered…

It doesn’t matter if you are selling your own product, or selling other peoples product as an Affiliate Marketer ….. Either way YOU NEED TONS OF TRAFFIC, PERIOD!

In the video below I am going to show you a couple of tips to help you tap into a free traffic source of over 1 Billion visitors a month…Yeah you that’s right 1 Billion visitors a month


Now I know Maybe you’ve tried out instagram before or you are currently struggling with it, either way just hear me out for a moment  because you might just learn how to start generating free traffic from instagram for free even if you are just starting out today

Understanding how to drive traffic from Instagram can be one of the best marketing tactics for your business or brand.

Instagram has up to 10X higher engagement than Facebook…According to similarweb its the home of over 1 Billion active users.

Instagram is packed full of useful tools and features to grow your business and with the right strategies, it can be your fastest ticket to more traffic,clicks and conversions

First Strategic ways to driving traffic from Instagram

Lets start with some strategic ways to driving traffic from Instagram for free, and towards the end of this post I will show you a new way to Automate the process for even more free traffic to your affiliate offers

The link in the profile area on instagram is super easy to find and readily clickable, making it one of the most valuable traffic-drivers on your Instagram profile.

And the good news is, you can make your link in your bio work even harder for your business and brand!

With by Later, you can turn your whole Instagram feed into a clickable landing page, that updates with every new post you share. is free and there is no trials or credit card required.

Check out an example of how USA today uses on their instagram account:

As a publisher, USA Today shares multiple posts on Instagram each day

By using, they are able to direct their followers to their latest news story, article or blog post all from the link in their Instagram bio!

All they have to do is add a call-to-action on each post:

That ONE CLICK on your link can be your new customer, your new blog reader, your new collaborator.

You can also use to Connect Your Instagram to Shopify by tagging products

This is a great way to drive more traffic from your link in bio plus the fact that you can easily track every page view and click your landing page receives.

Second Strategic ways to driving traffic from Instagram

The second way to drive traffic from Instagram is by adding clickable links to your IGTV Video Descriptions

Yeah Did you know that you can add links to IGTV video descriptions?

Unlike Instagram feed posts, IGTV posts can contain clickable links — making it really easy for viewers to click through to buy your products or services!

IGTV allows Instagram users to create channels where they can upload videos between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long.

Checkout this beauty Instagram account for example (@trinnylondon) the owner shares quick makeover videos on her IGTV channel,

As you can see these are just 1 minute to 5 minute long videos she is making using her mobile phone on the fly

Even if being on camera isn’t your thing, there are still lots of ways to kick-start an IGTV strategy that drives traffic and sales. 

Now for all these to work you will need to be consistent in posting on instagram, just like on any traffic generation site

It may sound simple, but being consistent is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your links

You need to be consistent with your posting pattern and even your call-to-actions, committing to consistency will help your audience know exactly what to expect.

And before long, they’ll be well-trained to go and check out your link in your bio or click the links within your videos

With the right tools and strategy, Instagram can be a huge traffic driver for your business or brand.

Start experimenting today with some of these tips and tricks — you’ll soon be able to engage with your audience, and discover new ways to convert your Instagram followers in to shoppers and loyal fans.

Now these instagram traffic method is what some traffic experts on instagram are doing manually but with tools like tailwind or instaboss you can automate it to get even more free traffic and fast

Tailwind is more inclined for those who are using Instagram to market their product and who have the budget to pay for the monthly fee

but if you are just starting out looking for traffic to your affiliate offers then Instaboss will do just find

  • Instaboss is an Instagram cloudbass app and video training that helps drive razor targeted free traffic, followers and engagement from instagram
  • With Instaboss you can easily use their trend finding tool to post viral content that is trending in real time
  • You can use it to create viral image and video post, done for you templates