How to Get a Free Domain Name for your Website 2019

Not everyone starts off online with a budget for the necessary things needed for running a website. In this post I am going to show you how to get a Free domain name for your website

But first we are going to start with what a domain name is, some of its importance and suggested ways to get a create domain name

How to Get a Free Domain Name for your Website

What is a Domain Name?

A domain is a user-friendly naming system that allows people to easily navigate web servers and web pages.

Rather than making people type in an IP address whenever they want to access a certain web page (like, websites are instead assigned easy-to-remember character strings, called domain names.

The Importance of a Domain Name

A domain name adds credibility to your online business.

Having your own domain name makes your company look professional.

If you decide to publish your content through a free or shared Website service like weebly or tumblr, you’ll end up with a URL such as

This generic address does not inspire confidence in a customer like a Tubemechanics.ML domain name does.

And since many people don’t yet trust the Internet and e-commerce, you’ll want to do what you can to prove that your online business deserves your customers money

A domain name adds mobility to your Internet presence.

Owning your own domain name lets you take that name with you if you transfer Web hosts or switch to your own in-house server.

If you’re not willing to pay the money to register an appropriate domain name, then keep watching as I am going to show you how to get one.

Suggested Ways to Get a Create Domain Name

There are two main ways to create a domain name. You can decide to go with a brand based domain name or a keyword based domain name.

Examples of brand names will be Twitter, Facebook,Coca Cola,Tube Mechanics or (Your Name)

Keyword domain on the other hand gives you an idea of what the website is about. for example , etc.

Keyword based domains are great for ranking and traffic generation and with time can become a brand name.

Tips to help you Create a Great Domain Name

Here are 4 main simple to follow tips that will help you come up with a create domain name.

  • Make it short as possible
  • Easy to remember names
  • Get a dot com domain name
  • Don’t include hyphens and numbers

How to Get a Free Domain Name for your Website 2019

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