How to Get 4K Quality Football Highlight CLIPS Without any copyright claims 2022

Where do YouTube football (soccer) channels get their clips from

Is there any website that has 4k quality football highlights for the different European leagues?

So after posting this video on
how to upload football highlight videos on YouTube without getting any copyright claims :

One of the main Questions asked by many, was where to get quality Football highlight clips

If you have been wondering how some YouTubers keep uploading football highlights without getting any copyright claims and where to get quality football highlight clips to create your highlights

In this video I will Quickly go over some of the tips shared in the first video but still I will recommend you watch that video because I really went in grate details on how to upload football highlight on YouTube

After that we will look at some of the new ways of creating football highlight videos on YouTube without any copyright claim and finally Where to get quality football highlight video clips to download and use for your own highlight videos

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Video Transcript


So the biggest problem most creators face is how to edit their highlight videos so that it falls under the fair use guidelines

Make sure to watch the first part of this video to understand why you have to make your videos fall under Fiar Use, I when in great details on that in that video

You have to fully understand the gridline and know how to apply them, if you want to start uploading football videos that can be monetized on YouTube

Its only by following those guidelines that you will be able to transform the videos you use to create your own unique video

So, how do you transform a football match video clip into a football highlight video without any copyright issues

to do that you can decide to do one of the following types of football highlight videos

You can go with Football highlight commentaries

Here is an example of a commentary football highlight channel on YouTube where you and may be some of your friends who are interested in football sit together and give your own opinions

You can also add short clips or images of the match you are talking about

The second way of transforming your highlight videos is by doing a football highlight reaction video where you are filming only those watching the match to see their reaction

This can also be just a group of friends in a room or in a bar watching the football match together

The next way to make football highlight videos is by making a compilation of different matches

This types of videos are usually created along the YouTube fair use guidelines, which means there is no guaranty that the videos will not get a copyright claim but they are much more save from copyright than the videos trying to upload a whole match

Take this channel videos for example, this is a football highlight channel where the creator uploads videos on individual players

These types of videos easily beat the copyright claims because they are considered fair use and why is that

This is a compilation of Cristiano Ronaldo …Scoring in EVERY Minute of the Game(

the compilations are of course different matches in which Ronald scored in the first minute and by the very fact that they are a combination of small portions of video clips that tells a story, the video will be considered fair use

You can even make a compilation comparing two individual players, I mean you can easily niche this think down in many different angles

I will personally recommend you creating this type of football highlight videos than the fool match highlight videos

The only problem most creators face when creating this types of football compilation videos is where to get the full match video clips to use for their compilation

Don’t worry I will be showing you where to get that later in this video but for now lets look at the last type of video which is what most creators get copyright claims with

I am talking about these types of football highlight videos of recent matches that shows the goals scored highlight move that made the crowds go hoooo

These are the types of football highlight videos that get the most views, but are almost impossible to upload on YouTube without receiving a copyright claim

Now although there are some tips that can help you get pass the copyright claim when creating these types of videos there is no guarantee that later on the video will still be slapped with a copyright claim

Which is why I don’t recommend these types of highlight video, if you are just starting out, instead I will recommend the first 3 option we Just talked about

However, if you insist on creating this kind of full highlight matches then here are some tips you might want to keep in mind when creating your videos

You want to make sure the video clips you are cutting out of the original football match video is short

You want to make your highlight videos Just on the Goals scored, or bad tackles during the match or just on free kicks for example

That will limit the portion of video clip you are taking out from the original full match video

You can mix it up with still images about the match or even the different reaction of people watching a specific move

One cool trick is to take the same football match video clip say from a Russian broadcaster or an Arabic broadcaster, remove the audio commentary of the portion you want to use and then strip the audio commentary from English broadcaster, and replacing it with the Russian or Arabic audio,

and that often is enough to get the video by. Not always though, but more often than not.

Now when ever you want to upload your highlight videos on YouTube and you are not sure if it will get a copyright claim, you want to first schedule the post just to give YouTube sometime to finish doing its copyright checks

And if your video has any copyright claims YouTube will immediately let you know and they will even show you the area or areas in your video that has been detected to have copyright

That’s an opportunity for you to go back to your video editor and correct or completely change that area so your video will be free of any copyright claims

And then reupload the video again on YouTube, and that can take a while depending from where you got your original football match video

If you are using videos downloaded from copyrighted content like from the official football club websites, it will be much difficult to get pass the copyright claims than from some Arabic, or Russian sites that are not copyrighted

Which is why I have scanned the web these passed few months looking for sites that you can use to download 4k quality football highlight clips as well as sites that have features that will make you make your videos unique…Hence being able get pass the copyright claims

Some off these sites are paid sites and some of them are free

The first link here is the GaLaTaMaN HD Football website which I also mentioned in the previous video

galatamanhdfb is just a blog that curates football matches that can be downloaded from filefox and Mixload

These are all file hosting provider which offer online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools.

Which simply means you have to be a premium member on any of these file hosting platform to be able to download the videos

There is also that also curates football matches video files from the streamlare file hosting platform (

Now you will easily find free full football matches to download on

To do that scroll a little down to the Latest football shows section and click on More shows here on the left

And then start going through this list of categories and chose any you are interested in or want to use to create your highlight video

After clicking through to any of the categories you will be taken to the video link page

On the video links page depending on the matche you might be given up to 3 different types of video links that you can use to download the video( is another free site but with this site you will need a third party tool like a screen recorder to record the matches before re-editing it

The videos are easy to get to but no additional feature to download the videos which is why you have to screen record it using tools like the one I am using in this video called screen-cast-omatic

So there are many platforms like this and as you can see from this check list I have put together a few of them including additional information that will help you easy create your football highlight videos with ease

You will find the link to download your own copy of this page in the description box below this video so you can easily click to the different links with ease

Now if you still have questions on this topic feel free to drop them down in the comments area and I will do my best to help ou with it and with all that I will wrap up this video